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When know that I got my first period was when I wake up. It actually doesn't surprise me and I didn't tell anyone,why? I think it private eventhough it common and natural but if you to tell anyone then it fine because it might help you feel more confident but for me I perfer to keep it to myself,


When I started I was at my friend's house and we were watching movies. I went to the toilet and it was just there! I was really scared because I was really embarrassed to tell her. I told my mum when I got home and it honestly isn't that bad at all.

Kitty xx

Its not as scary as you think I got mine on my first day of holidays and was not prepared at all! I even went swimming without a tampon on my first day. I only realised I had it when I got changed into my swimming costume!


My first period was funny. I dreamed I got it and I had wanted it really badly so I Was like COME ON and I went to the toilet and actually did get it. I was too scared to tell my mum in person so I texted her. It's nothing to be scared about. TELL SOMEONE CLOSE. They can buy products for you xxxxx


Hey x

HarryPotterLove xx

I started my period last week and it was so light I hardly even noticed it! It only lasted around a day as well 😂 My mum went out and bought me some pads and the starter pack without me even asking If you are nervous about starting don't be it's fine! Just try to enjoy it and take out the positives! Love you all xxx


I have found that if you think your period has stopped DONT stop wearing your pads or tampons wear them for at least another 2 days because your period could come back! !!


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