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on your period


Just because it’s your time of the month, doesn’t mean you have to cancel what you like doing.

Tampons allow you to go swimming and give you the confidence to carry on with all your normal activities such as going to your dance class, school trip, sleep overs and exercise too, so you’ve got no excuses to sit out!


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I am 11 and have started my period. Just a few weeks ago, I had lots of discharge which made me feel wet and uncomfortable. You can wear liners as soon as you start getting discharge, and there is not correct age for it. The same applies for pads, but I wouldn't find a reason to wear pads if you're not on your period yet. Just be careful not to wear tampons before at least your second or third period, since taking out tampons dry can be really painful.


Hi ’Lazycow’, why not ask your mum for a tampon as you need to do swimming at school? Your mum should understand how you feel especially if she already uses tampons, if she says no respect her wishes but ask her to write you a note so that you don’t have to swim. Alternatively you could speak to another female family member and ask them to use tampons if you are ready or just for advice if you don’t feel ready! Good luck xx


so i have school swimming starting tomorrow and my first period has come today.. idk why it had to be TODAY but im really scared and i don t know how to tell my mum!!! help pleaseeee!


Just got the lil lets teen long ones to go to dance#love them!!!xxx


Tank you this is very helpful as I swimm 4 times a week at the moment for a club this has helped me to know things for when I start my period

Cherry cake

I always thought that if I did excessive on my period that my. Pad or tampon would come loose


In reply to Nervous girl, no one is too young to use any sanitary products, including tampons, menstrual cups, pads and liners. I am twelve as well and have not started my period yet (although all my friends have) and I sometimes use liners to help with my discharge. By the way, discharge is nothing to worry about; it is simply your vagina cleaning itself.


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