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Halloween Inspired Looks

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With the nights’ drawing in, the clocks going back, Halloween is just around the corner. We at Becoming a Teen have chosen some Halloween inspired looks to get you suitably prepared for trick or treating or that special Halloween party.

It’s all about the base!

Getting your base colour is important for that ghoulish look. Moisturise your skin first and then use a foundation a little lighter than your normal brand. If you want to add in some areas to make your face appear hollow, mix in a little brown, grey or black eyeshadow with your foundation and use to highlight these areas. Top tip - Mix on the back of your hand before applying and if you have one, use a make-up sponge to blend.

The eyes have it!

Your eye make-up can make or break a Halloween look because this is generally where most people look first. Yes, black is a natural choice, but to be a demon fairy, or mythical creature, go for purples, pinks and greens with a bit of sparkle, these will work just as well.

Whatever you do…don’t smile!

If you fancy the ‘sewn-up’ mouth make-up trend, then prep with foundation as before and avoid using any lip balm as this will only make your artistic creation disappear before the party has begun. Take a black and grey eyeliner pencil, the felt tip kind is perfect and inexpensive in Primark or Poundland…and get creating. When increasing the length of your mouth, go no further than a couple of inches, taking the line too far will ruin this look.

Four hands are better than two!

We’ve all seen the make-up tutorials on Youtube, it’s great when someone can apply their own make-up perfectly, but this takes practice and skill, so team up with friends and do each other’s face make-up instead.

To ensure you don’t look a fright once the make-up is off checkout our blogs.


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