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How do I deal with these
feelings I have for someone?

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Your head might be whirling with all these new feelings you have for someone. But what do you do!?

Here are some tips for getting to know someone better.

Don't look away! It may give him the wrong impression and he may think you're not interested. Boys are not mind readers, so when you see him in the corridor or classroom, smile and say “Hi”.

Ignore your friends if they don't think he's cute. It's good they don't like him too. But don't be put off. Good friends should support your choice no matter what.

Rather than asking someone on a date, why not invite a group of friends to go somewhere? This takes the pressure off it being a date and gives you a chance to get to know each other better while having a laugh with your friends too.

If you find they don’t feel the same way about you, don’t worry. Everyone is attracted to others for different reasons and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, it just means you're not suited.

One last thing, no boy is worth losing a friend over, so if you find yourself attracted to your friend’s boyfriend, step away. NOW.


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Millie Moo

I loved someone but they didn’t love me back but I didn’t mind. But I have a crush on someone else but they might be related to me soon!


So I have this crush on this guy. Though I've never told anyone,everyone thinks we look "cute". Random people from my class would somehow get us into the same group,shove me towards him,he to make hold hands and all that stuff. Both me and him just turn red and smile sheepishly every time and turn away. I don't know if he likes me.....a little help plzz


so i like this guy, yeah? he likes football and fortnite, i like music and art, but we both have a bit in common. and he touched my arm yesterday, told me not to do something because i felt ill and pushed me in my wheelchair. my friend made a rumor that we like eachother. i like him, but he gets butt-hurt when someone says that he likes me. we have a really good friendship, but how do i tell him?! im scared his friends will go off of me too! when i made a joke, him and his friends laughed, but then they said it wasnt that funny, my crush got really butt-hurt over it! what do i do?! and is this a sign that he likes me, and he's protecting me?!


Hey, I have crushes on two people, one boy and one girl, how do I cope with two crushes of different genders? I like them both a lot

Reply to teen girl

Your onley young give yourself a chance to be a kid before you have to deal with love if you want but if the fealings really strong let them know hope this helped☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


I have a crush on a boy in my class he's hilarious and he sits right behind me and I don't know how to tell him? WHAT DO I DO??????????


Help!!! I like my friends older brother. He is only older then me by 1 year. It’s awkward I don’t know how to tell my friend😰


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