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This week lots of 11 year olds will be starting their new school, you may have your new uniform, school bag, pencil cases and notebooks, but are you prepared! Check out our top 5 tips to make your first few weeks go without a hitch.

  • Do you really need to take your phone into school? Surely the people you want to text or chat to on social media are in school with you! Mobiles can be a distraction and you’re going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks moving from class to class, you don’t want your phone to be one more thing to worry about losing or breaking, so leave it at home or in a locker if you have them in school.
  • Your first day can be very daunting and you will want to feel comfortable, so wear your new school shoes around the house for a few days and make sure your uniform fits you correctly, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable because your blazer, skirt or trousers are so big you have to keep pulling them up.
  • Don’t make the school canteen your junk food haven, teenagers actually need more calories as they enter puberty, so don’t be tempted to eat stodgy foods such as chips, chocolate and crisps. Instead check out the menu and select a lunch that includes carbohydrates, protein and vegetables to keep your energy levels high for the afternoon ahead.
  • Get to know your teachers, chat to them, we’re not saying be a teacher’s pet, but certainly speaking to them will remove any fears you have about your class and dispel any rumours you may have heard from older students.
  • Finally, entering a new school can be exhausting, there is so much to do and remember to carry around with you as you go from class to class, such as PE Kits, pencil cases and books for each lesson. You will be given a timetable, which may take a while to get used to. So don’t be surprised if when you get home you feel super tired and find you do your homework, eat your evening meal and then find its time for bed. You will get used to your new routine and in a few weeks will be able to incorporate some relaxation time into your day too.


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Re: Scared

I know it’s daunting. Believe me. I left a huge primary to go to a much smaller secondary far away. I was the only one and was so scared. However- being the only one from my primary at my secondary turned out to be a godsend. It allowed me to completely be in charge of my experience- I could change, be different, be the person I wanted to be. That didn’t mean changing myself completely, but if I wanted to be more confident, I could be. I could fling myself into new activities, make strong friends without damaging previous friendships. If someone from my old school had come with me, sure it would have made the start easier, who knows it might have made everything easier, but I know for a fact I would not have had the deep, strong friendships I have now, because I wouldn’t wanted to have hurt that person’s feelings. I still have friends from primary, and I am extremely grateful that my relationships with them have stayed the same. I’m in yr 9 now and honestly am much happier than I ever was. Yr 7 is tough. I won’t say it isn’t. You’re finding yourself. But work though it- you’ll be glad you did. You go girl x

Cherry ??

Just be yourself 😄. Try to pack your bags the night before and make sure you have all of your equipment. There's nothing worse than not having a glue stick on your first day! In the canteen be careful how much you spend because a lot of it can be overpriced. Try to sellotape your timetable or photocopy it before it gets screwed up. The number 1 thing is don't worry schools really help you settle in and there are hundreds of people in the same position as you! Good luck, you'll have lots of fun!


In 8 weeks i'm going to high school but all my friends are going to a different school!! Give me advice! Please!

Meet me there 246994

OMG I am in the last year of primary school and I am happy and sad about finding this article because I want to see it next year

Clo Clo



Hi- does anyone have any tips. I am starting high school (yr9) on September and I also have anxiety. I am so so terrified as I don't know what to expect and I have heard it is really strict. Also. My first school was really bad in terms of helping and giving me the support I needed and I was depressed but then I went to middle school and my teacher was so so so so so good with me and so was the SENco teacher and I had a nurture 1 to 1 each week. Although I like my new form tutor the school hasn't given me any extra transition ( which I really need) and there is a SENco teacher that I have met once but I don't really like that much and I won't have a key worker like I had before. I am really terrified please does anyone have any tips xx

E-G Cherrytree

Just enjoy it- I am now a year 8 and I love school ( I know I am wierd) but just try your hardest and don't worry. E-G Cherrytreexxx


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