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Is your phone
your new best friend?

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Technology is great and there’s no doubt about it mobile phones are fun and keep us connected to friends and what’s going on in the world. But, have you ever stopped to think about just how much time you spend on your phone each day and what impact this may have on you and those around you?

  • Did you know that using your phone late at night can actually delay a good night’s sleep! As can the constant beeping or vibrating of texts coming in. So, why not charge your phone downstairs so you can get some beauty sleep?

  • If you are one of the many students that take your phone into school, you will already know how distracting it can be in lesson time with the temptation to look at your messages, listen to music or visit social networking sites. This will ultimately cause issues with concentration and your school work will suffer. So, consider leaving your phone in your locker or switched off during school time. After all, the people you want to chat with the most are more than likely in your class anyway.

  • Could your phone be adding extra pounds to your figure? Studies have shown that people who use mobile phones, PC’s and other electrical devices can miss out on precious physical outdoor activities which are vital if you want to be a healthy weight. So yes, use your phone but only to call your friends to organise time at your local swimming pool, ice skating rink or bike ride in your local park.

  • Research has shown that texting can actually lead to physical health problems such as cramps or tendinitis; this condition can cause pain and throbbing to the wrist and thumb if repeated texting is something you do on a daily basis.

  • OMG my BFF makes me ROFL ? -Yes mobiles have a secret language all of their own and it’s fun to share messages with your friends that you know your parents will not understand. But don’t be tempted to introduce this text speak into your written work. The English language is beautiful and the more you use it, the more interesting you will be to others when it’s time to have a face to face conversation.

  • On a more serious note, the anonymity of texting has seen an increase in cyber bullying with hurtful and malicious things being said that would never be uttered if these people found themselves face to face with the person in question. So, before you text anyone consider two things: 1. Am I being clear? Could someone get the wrong impression and be offended? 2. How would I feel if someone sent me this text?

  • Very often you reach for your phone to play games, text friends or log into social media sites out of boredom. But there are other options…

  • When you're ready to go into the water, simply insert a new tampon and you're good to go. Place the string in the centre of your swimwear so it’s not visible, just as you would normally.

    • Get creative – read through magazines and make a board of your favourite fashions, colours, music, pets, etc.. and share your ideas with others.

    • Get cooking – whether it’s yummy chocolate cupcakes to share with friends or being creative with a family meal. Getting messy in the kitchen is always great fun.

Finally, no one is saying you should stop using your phone altogether but just ask yourself how bad would it be if you were incognito for an hour or two a day? The world won’t stop if you do not immediately respond to a text and how cool would it be to say to your friends that you simply didn’t have the time to text or chat because you were too busy living your life!


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Geiler Stecher 69

Why ???

Strawberry 3

I used to feel so left out as I didn't get a phone till year 9 ( I am year 10 now ) because all my friends had one. Now I do have a phone and my parents only got me one as they are overprotective about me walking to school by myself. I still get left out though cos I am not allowed any social media and now all my friends have Instagram and one just got it so now it is only me without it and she just talks so loudly in front of me about how good it is and also they all group chat without me.

To: @SAD

Hey. I know how it feels how everyone to have a device and be left out. I felt like a baby with over protective parents. Turns out that once you get one it is less interesting that people say. You stay up staring at it and then can’t get to bed or you are texting on a group chat and someone says something bad about you because they did not know you were on it. I feel you. But you have got to trust your parents/guardians. Now, I have an iPhone SE and I am very thankful. Still, I try to limit my time on it. Sorry I sound so bossy! This is just my opinion. :) - Catie


It's the first time I read this blog and I literally love it ! This is the best girl blog so far , the design and the most important the TOPICS . For example this one , it attracts my attention because I've been using my phone 24/7 an I have some head troubles. I've avoided my phone for two days, but I have already head troubles I think I need to avoid it more ;

Ballet ????

I am right niw fighting against becoming addicted so this should help me a lot


I have no phone and am 12 years old i feel excluded from things because i do not have one.:(


I`m in year 7 and I still don`t have a phone, if it ever comes up in conversation people often ask how I survive without one and if I am ever on my own. But the thing is that I easily survive and I walk home from school on my own and still go out places without my parents. Just shows how easy life still is without a stupid phone.


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