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Lil-Lets Teen Period Starter Kits

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Whether it’s your school or sports bag, suitcase or bedroom drawer, it’s great to be prepared for that special time in your life when your first period arrives.

Here at Lil-Lets we understand that this can happen anytime……and anywhere.

Don’t be caught out and keep our Lil-Lets teens starter kit with you when away from home, it’s so pretty nobody but you will know what’s inside, ideal for keeping those inquisitive boys from finding your period supply stash too.

Our teens period starter kits now also have a newly updated Becoming a Teen booklet with some great tips and advice on puberty and periods.

Available in most larger branches of Boots the Chemist and Superdrug, it’s a must have for those of you patiently waiting for your period to arrive.

Check out our animated video here:

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Glam Girl

My mum bought me this pack a couple of years ago just before going into year5. Over that summer holiday I started to develop a bust as well as pubes. This is a "must have" item for 9-10yr olds to start carrying in their school bags. Xxx


My little sister will be starting year 5 in september so I bought her this starter kit to keep in her bag just in case. I use Lil- Lets so she knows there are extra pads and panty liners in the bathroom if she needs them.


I was so worried about starting my period because I have been getting all the signs of puberty but since purchasing this item it has really helped me . Thx lil-lets


Just after turning 10 I excitedly told my mum I was getting pubes then BAM! a couple of days later I came home from school and this starter pack was on my bed.


My mum gave me this starter pack for my 9th birthday. I'm 13 now, I started my periods when I was 10. I found the different things great to try out and see what I liked. The liners were the first things I used but they are a bit small now, from ages 9-11 yrs old they fit fine but I have moved onto the bigger ones. Who knew you could grow out of period supplies lol. My mum was a bit unsure of me using Tampons at a young age but as soon as she made sure I knew how to use them she was ok with it. I mainly use the Applicator Tampons now.

Animal crazy

Hi I have the starter kit but I on,y have 3 normal tampons and not a super one Also the night towels are purple but I am sure it’s the same kit ??


I'm not ready to have my period im nervous


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