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Lil-Lets Teen Period Starter Kits

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Whether it’s your school or sports bag, suitcase or bedroom drawer, it’s great to be prepared for that special time in your life when your first period arrives.

Here at Lil-Lets we understand that this can happen anytime……and anywhere.

Don’t be caught out and keep our Lil-Lets teens starter kit with you when away from home, it’s so pretty nobody but you will know what’s inside, ideal for keeping those inquisitive boys from finding your period supply stash too.

Our teens period starter kits now also have a newly updated Becoming a Teen booklet with some great tips and advice on puberty and periods.

Available in most larger branches of Boots the Chemist and Superdrug, it’s a must have for those of you patiently waiting for your period to arrive.

Check out our animated video here:

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I'm not ready to have my period im nervous


Can you ship to another contry?


I have this pack in my puberty kit my sister made for me.


Update from Wednesday. I went round and showed her mum the pack I got and as she was leaving, her mum gave me a bag to give to her daughter as she was in her bedroom. I went up to see her and the bag had a couple of bras and a puberty book in it, We looked through the book together and talked about how her body is changing and went through how to use all the things in the pack as she was worried about periods the most and she tried the bra on. We had a really great girls night.


I sometimes babysit the girl up the road who is 9. we are quite close and she will talk to me about things she's worried about etc. anyway she has started asking me questions about puberty and is worried about periods. I had a chat with her mum and she is ok with me talking to her so I bought her this pack today and I should be seeing her Wednesday night to go through it all together.

Teen Rookie

These are really helpful and they include everything we need! The booklet is educational but interesting at the same time!


I am 13 and my period started a few days ago, my mum had bought me this pack and it’s really good. I especially like the bag because if you need to take it anywhere nobody will know :)


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