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I haven’t started
my period yet


Don’t worry. The average age for a girl to start her period is 13. But in reality, it is common for girls to start anywhere between the ages of 8 and 18.
As there’s no way of predicting when it'll start, it’s a good idea to keep some pads in your bag when you’re out and about. Lil-Lets Teens day pads are nice and slim and come in discreet packaging so no one will know you've got any in your bag.

what happens
when it
does arrive?


When it does arrive for the first time, for some girls they notice either a tiny bit of blood in their underwear or on some toilet paper. Although it may be an awkward conversation, you need to have the chat with your nearest and dearest (like your mum or sister) so they make sure you have products for this period and the next one.


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Hi can someone predict me 🙏 I'm 11 turning 12 the 13th of September and 5'3 feet tall I entered puberty around 2 1/2 years ago I've had discharge since the 20th of this February it's an egg white consistency My pubic hair is thick, black and curly My armpit hair is brown and curly Though my leg and arm hair are mostly blond but brown My breasts are round at the bottom and have been developing for 2years and my areola are around 3cm wide I've had cramps, headaches, bowel issues, vomiting and breast tenderness in the pass two weeks So judge as you please!!!☺ And also Stage 4 (.)(.) I've been moody and swearing💢 No spotting And thankfully no acne yet NO SLEEP 5-6 HOURS and fast food cravings 24/7 Good luck💖💞


Im ten. im kind of wondering when it will come because it can start rely early or really late - ???


I'm 13 and still haven't gotten mine. My mom's was a little later on, but I've have discharge for about 6 months, and my breasts have been growing for almost two years. I have thick, black curly hair down there, but nothing. Not a hint of cramps or any spotting. Can you estimate when it will happen?


I'm 11 and no period yet. My boobs are growing and my mum said it could be anytime as I have a lot of pubic hair and she said I should start wear a pantyliner just incase. I just want to start, some of my friends have started already.


not started but really want to. is that weird?


This article really helped me!!!


Thanks this really helped, I was getting worried there was something wrong with me xx the 💙


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