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I haven’t started
my period yet


Don’t worry. The average age for a girl to start her period is 13. But in reality, it is common for girls to start anywhere between the ages of 8 and 18.
As there’s no way of predicting when it'll start, it’s a good idea to keep some pads in your bag when you’re out and about. Lil-Lets Teens day pads are nice and slim and come in discreet packaging so no one will know you've got any in your bag.

what happens
when it
does arrive?


When it does arrive for the first time, for some girls they notice either a tiny bit of blood in their underwear or on some toilet paper. Although it may be an awkward conversation, you need to have the chat with your nearest and dearest (like your mum or sister) so they make sure you have products for this period and the next one.


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So sad

I've been waiting for about 3 years and I still haven't started. It's really depressing because I'm 14.5 and practically everyone else in my year has started.


hi I'm 13 and none of my friends has started their Period yet I kinda just want to get it over and done with but at the same time, I don't want to be the first one to start. I've had discharge for about a year now but I've never had cramps? I that just me? XXx + spangles my friend's sister didn't have her period until she was 14 so don't worry Xx


I’ve just turned 14 and i haven’t started yet, i’m getting really worried as most people have started already and i’m not underdeveloped or anything. I started puberty at around 7 or 8. Should i be worried or go to the doctor?


One of my friends makes fun of me for not starting my period and for being 'flat'! We're only 13, but since other friends started theirs already I am the odd one out. It really upsets me because I know I'm genetically quite premature and likely to never have big boobs, ext. Is that bad? I hate my body for being so childlike. They know it upsets me, but they won't stop because they're naturally bitchy and mean. They're so manipulative, they make me feel bad all the time but I still want to be friends. I don't know why... Will nobody like me because I'm flat? Should I get better friends? I can't, because to hang out with the ones I like I have to hang out with them. I HATE MYSELF! What should I do?


My little sis is 10, no period yet, i had the "chat" about discharge and periods with her when she turned 9, just to prepare her, I also gave her some panty liners and told her she will noticed she needs them more often at a certain time of the month, its like her body is preparing for her period and the discharge is heavier around the same time every month and she also gets cramps at this time.


I’m a late bloomer, I'm 13. But my 9 year old sister started when puberty when she was 8. She already has bigger breasts and full pubic hair, Compared to me, I started my puberty at 12, and my breasts have only now just started so I’m still pretty flat and only a little fuzz down there and now she has started wearing pantyliners so it looks like she will start her period before me.


Hey Vikki is their a certain weight to start ur period


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