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I haven’t started
my period yet


Don’t worry. The average age for a girl to start her period is 13. But in reality, it is common for girls to start anywhere between the ages of 8 and 18.
As there’s no way of predicting when it'll start, it’s a good idea to keep some pads in your bag when you’re out and about. Lil-Lets Teens day pads are nice and slim and come in discreet packaging so no one will know you've got any in your bag.

what happens
when it
does arrive?


When it does arrive for the first time, for some girls they notice either a tiny bit of blood in their underwear or on some toilet paper. Although it may be an awkward conversation, you need to have the chat with your nearest and dearest (like your mum or sister) so they make sure you have products for this period and the next one.


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I first noticed discharge in year 6, then it was slightly worse in year 7, year 8 there was practically nothing and now I’m in year 9 it’s really heavy discharge. I have pubic hair and breasts, I’m 13 and my two best friends have started already. I think it might come soon because I have a the signs and pretty much all the PMS signs. I’m only 4’11” and I weigh 32kg. I’ve noticed my discharge has some brown in it every so often. When do you think it will come?


I had some blood in my underwear a few days ago and I’m not sure if It was my first period the next day I just had discharge is this my period?

bored over waiting

yall it's ok. almost all of my mates have their period but me. If you want it bad and cant wait just literally take ur mind off it and remember that your body will do what it needs to when it's ready. ❤💛💚💙💜


Why have I not started my period I am 13 and all my mates have


My mum got it at age12. I am 11, but i want it bad. Twin sister got hers a only the age of 10. She is so lucky!


Hey girls who are wondering when they will get your period. I just got mine a week ago. I'm 13 and about to turn 14. Trust me i really wanted mine because all of my friends had it. I know its annoying when people say that ur lucky you dont have it, but its true. Its annoying. The time you get it is unpredictable sometimes. Its best to just be prepared. It doesnt matter when you get or how old you are, it just matters that you take care of yourselves during your time of the month. also telling ur mom might sound scary but its actually not because she understands what u are going through. -kam


Can someone PLEASE predict me? I'm 13 turning 14 in September, my pubic hair is just starting to get thick, I've got peach fuzz under my arms and the lumps under my breasts are about 2.5 quarters wide. I've been having discharge for about 3 months now and have been getting headaches and the occasional bloated feeling. I've been looking all over the internet for something to hint at when I will get my first period but have found nothing. I don't have or wear pantiliners or pads and want to ask my Mom but I'm afraid she will tell me I don't need them yet. Pleeeease help me.


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