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Six top tips for dealing with period pain

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For the first few days of your period, and sometimes up to a week before, you may get uncomfortable tummy pains. This is called period pain or period cramps and you get it in your lower back, abdomen and groin area.

Most girls experience this at some point in their lives and it can be very different for everyone. It can make you feel miserable, not to mention a little moody(!) so here are a few tips to help you feel better.

Get out and about – any kind of movement can actually make you feel good.

If that doesn’t float your boat, run yourself a warm bath as this can help your body relax and ease the pain.

A hot water bottle can do the trick too.

Constipation (pain when releasing waste food) can make period pain worse, so make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid this happening.

Drink plenty of water too as this helps keep your body hydrated.

If it’s really bad, ask an adult for pain killers as this may take away most of the pain. Just remember that any kind of medication you take should only be taken under adult supervision


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So this is the description of how my cramps feel: So for meh it feels like someone's stabbing me to death on my stomach and i feel like murdering someone o-o. Don't worry its not that bad for everyone

Reply to Really57

Basically it's like if you got hit in the stomach with a ball- it's a bit like you're winded but with extra pain. Hope this helps


I just got my period when I was abroad and you can buy roll on pain relief an it really works. If you're having trouble just ask your mum auntie/whoever


Omg vicki my v has been sore and it started bleeding a tiny bit I don’t know if it’s my period or it’s really bad I’m literally crying right now


I get really painful cramps but whenever we grow up they allow us to have our children and it’s a part of growing up so it’s worth it in the end. Thanks fo the advice.


I think periods are a way of life and it gives us the ability to have kids of our own which is amazing x


Reply to PURPLE GIRL If you have your period and you are having pain, just have a hot water bottle but if your parents don't believe you then that is there problem that they are choosing not to help you Xx if you speak to your mum and tell her how you feel about this, I promise you it will be fine ♥️


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