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PMS - What is it?

#PMS, #puberty

PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome, which sounds pretty serious doesn't it?! However, it's just the term used to describe the hormone changes that happen to some woman a week or two before their period.

So how
do I
know if
I’ve got

#PMS, #puberty

If you've been menstruating for a while you may notice the following signs up to TWO weeks before your period:

  • Irritable (that's more than normal btw!)
  • Weepy and crying at something you wouldn't normally.
  • Breakout of spots.
  • Feeling bloated.
  • Pains in your tummy.
  • Back aches.
  • Muscles and joints pains.

If you’ve got all these symptoms, don’t worry you don’t need to call the doctor. It’s perfectly normal for some of us to experience and there isn’t anything wrong with you.


Are there
any tips to
help PMS?

#PMS, #puberty

    Get out and about

  • If you're feeling out of sorts, you might not feel like moving anywhere. But, exercise is a great way to improve your mood. Stretching and breathing helps you relax and can also help you get a better night’s sleep.

    Watch what you eat

  • It's true, what you put inside you has a huge impact on how you feel. So a good way to stop you feeling bloated is to eat smaller portions more frequently.
  • Did you know that if you reduce the amount of salt in your diet it might make you feel less bloated and sluggish as well?
  • Why not also increase the amount of calcium-rich foods you eat, plus eat more of the green stuff to help improve your mood and ease any PMS symptoms.


  • If you feel achy, ask an adult for pain killers to help take away muscle cramps. Just remember that any kind of medication you take should only be taken under adult supervision.


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Omg I’m psming I’m 11 what do I do please help I need advice

ani :)

god i think i am on pms

im scared

Bamb:im 9 o and i think im psming to but it could just be a stage of puberty


I think I’m pmsing I’m 9! Any advice u


I am not sure but I am nearly 11 and think I might be Pmsing but I have just read the article sooooo yeah but I am happy and laughing one minute but am crying about something tiny the next


My little sister is pmsing, she only eight but already having terrible mood swings, One minute she is all happy joking about then next minute she biting everyones head off and being stroppy. My mum said it's just a little surge of hormones and to ignore her. I hate to think what she will be like when she is on her period.


I'm 12 and my periods are so heavy, i pms like crazy


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