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How does my
body change
during puberty?

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‘Puberty’ can arrive as early as 8 for some girls, which can be really confusing as you might wonder what's happening to you and why.

Well, these changes occur when chemicals in your body called hormones cause changes to your physical, emotional and sexual development.

There are lots of changes you may start noticing:

  • Hair in places that you’re not used to (under your arms and between your legs)
  • Your breasts start to become fuller
  • Your body may develop curves
  • You may sweat more
  • The skin on your face may get a bit oilier, which can lead to spots or black heads
  • Your hair may also become greasier
  • You may start to notice a change to your moods; one minute happy the next sad
  • AND you'll get your first period!



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Not so easy to spot as the physical changes, but your emotions may be on a rollercoaster too. You might:

  • Find you’re happy one minute then burst into tears the next.
  • Be extra sensitive to comments made by your family.
  • Be anxious about how you look or self-conscious about how you behave in front of others.
  • Argue with your parents a lot.
  • Start to see others as more than just friends.


Your flow
from one day
to the next

How do I deal with this?


If this sounds familiar then make sure you're being nice to yourself! If you’re feeling self-conscious, it’s perfectly normal. Don’t beat yourself up about it and maybe chat to your friends and family about your feelings so they can support you and understand.


Boys are going
through the
same thing

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They’ll be going through big changes too, such as growing chest hair and gaining a more muscular physique. Their voices change too and sometimes quite noticeably. They can find it quite embarrassing going from high pitched one minute to quite deep the next!


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My mum gave me the starting puberty conversation when I was 9. She asked if I had any hair growing 👇there yet and told me about boobs and explained periods. She gave me the "What's Happening to.Me" book, my friends and I would look through it in my room laughing at the pictures and words and talking about who had started yet lol.


Thank you


My little sister (9) is just starting puberty and so if course she is curious about her changes. Her class has not had any sex ed yet (which I think is bad) and her periods could start at anytime so I've been giving her "The Big Sister Talk" lol.


i have breast buds, bit of discharge, pubic hair, under arm hair and leg hair.However no period.


This really helped thx💙💙❤💙


I was 9 when I started getting pubic hair, I think I was the first of my friends to get it, most were getting pubes at 10 or 11. I remember I was excited and felt grown up I thought boobs would immediately follow. Nope. lol Thanks a lot puberty, for giving me false hope!😩 I'm 13 now, my little sister is 9 and she is now getting pubic hair, not a lot but it is noticeable.

J Jay

I've had a covering of light colour fuzz down there for ages and now it's getting darker. At first I thought it was just me hoping but my mum says it’s not my imagination, she can see it’s darker and a lot more hair now.


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