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So what
are periods?


Periods are a really positive sign that your body is working correctly and that you’re growing into a young woman.

However, it’s also a really confusing time for some, so we’re here to help you understand what’s happening to you and provide you with some helpful tips and advice.




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For most, no more than two and a half tablespoons or an egg cup full of blood is released every month.

It’s called ‘a period’ because it’s a period of time in your life when something else happens that would not normally do so.

Menstrual blood isn’t the same as the blood you’ve seen if you’ve cut yourself. Menstrual fluid lines the walls of your womb and is called endometrium. It is a mixture of blood, tissue cells and natural secretions from the vagina and cervix and is not harmful in any way.

Menstrual fluid is not always red in colour. It can vary from very light brown to dark (almost black) red and this is perfectly normal. Some girls notice this lighter colour throughout their period, whilst others experience this lighter colour only on the last couple of days.


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Reply to Tony b

We women, have a uterus when we, decide we want to have a baby the uterus will hold the baby. A period is when your body takes a bit of lining and bleeds it out, the egg that would of been a baby comes out in a few days after the uterus lining.


i literally don ever feel anything on my periods. except for the first time i had it i had a terrible migraine but besides that ive never felt anything so dont be scared to get ur period becauseit doesnt hurt everyone


I hAve just started my period and my discharget was brown. I was really worried because I didn't know what it was. This has helped reassure me! Thanks x


I had no idea what a period was but this has help me so much.

Aunt Flo

Reply to Lil lets lover its fine. Ask your friends or your mum for pads and make a fun shopping trip out of it, or (don't recommend this) go by yourself and very secretively buy a packet. I wouldn't do this because Periods are NOTHING to hide xx


Hello person reading through these comments. As I am writing this I am on my period and I just want to tell you that periods aren't all that bad. I know, I know. They aren't exactly fun but you can still get out and about and enjoy yourself! You could spend some time with your carer and that will help take your mind of it. My period is really heavy but I'm still doing stuff. I recommend if you have cramps then you can get a hot water bottle and snuggle in your bed. Flopsie :-)

Lil let's lover

Help! I think I might have my period and I don't know what to do!


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