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Growing up


When you're growing up you might make decisions without thinking of the impact it has on others and you might react badly when your parents question your actions. This is what can lead to falling out with them. Don’t worry, this is normal and puberty is hard for parents too.


As the journey from childhood to adulthood might start and end between the ages of 12 - 25 (adolescence), the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on may continue into your twenties causing frustration to you and your parents.


This is normal and as you get older you may start to consider others and see things from their point of view. You may feel more able to take responsibility for your actions and there'll be times when you feel comfortable saying sorry to those around you and admitting mistakes have happened.


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I started noticing I was trying really sweaty when I was nine and my mum bought me some deodorant and I started getting boobs. When I was ten I got my first proper bra and I got hair down their. Now im 11 and I have got hair under my arms and I have had discharge for 2 years


Is everyone here British? Cuz you all say “mum” and I’m american.


I started getting pubes wen I was 10 n I showed my older sis and mom. A few days later I was at a sleep over at my best friends house and I showed my friend.

rose x

I guess I was a bit later than you people lol :) I only started to notice puberty stuff when I was about 11 1/2. I got discharge and my boobs started growing and I got pubic hair. I didn’t notice it though because I didn’t really care though. But then when I was 12 it got worse dun dun dun!!! Lol😂 I started to just grow a lot and now I’m 12 1/3 and I just got some spots and I think I’m about to start my period 😱😂 Lol sorry this was so long but good luck to everyone and don’t be scared what’s happening to you because it happens to everyone xxx


I was 9 and it was a bit of a shock for me, was in the shower, when I noticed it—I was sprouting hair down there. I yelled "mum" she didn’t come immediately, I called her again “What is it?” She came into the bathroom. “Look,”What’s happening to me? What do I do?” She looked and then smiled and said "it's pubic hair, you're becoming a woman" I had never seen pubic hair before. Of course I had seen my mother naked but i didn't know that she shaved so I didn't even known pubic hair existed. Please talk to girls so these things do not come as a complete shock.


I have just started getting hair down there. 😱 I will be 10 in august, I don't have boobs yet and I don't know if or how I should tell my mum. I also want to ask her if I can get a bra😵. My bf already wears one and she carries pads in her school bag and she gave me 2. I want to tell my mum but I don't know how to start.


Me and my mum are looking at this website tonight as i was looking at one her her pads and she saw me and asked me if I knew what it was for she let me try a pad on but it was very big. She is going to get me the starter pack tomorrow so i have some of my own. She also asked if i want to get a bra😁 I am 9 and should be learning about puberty at school soon but it is a lot better mum telling me first.


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