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Summer should be an exciting time — filled with trips to the pool and the beach, or even a holiday, but for some girls, the worry of finding the right swimsuit for their new body shape is a daunting task. Luckily, Vicki is experienced in helping teen girls who are concerned about what to wear in the pool. Whether you’re an hourglass, pear, apple or athletic, there will be a swimsuit that is simply perfect for your shape — you just need to find it!
Vicki shares some of her top tips for teen swimwear, so that you can make the most of your shape when dressing down to your swimwear. Ask her for help, or simply use her tips as a swimwear shape guide, and you’ll find the perfect swimsuit in no time.

Sammy loves to be in the pool and is a keen member of the track team, her body is toned with fabulous broad shoulders but she feels lacks curves in all the right places.

Vicki says... soften the top half of your body with gentle padding and girly prints. And show off your toned lower half by adding trimmings to the waist, such as belts or a sculptured edge to your swimsuit or bikini bottoms.

Gemma, loves her curves but feels a little self-conscious when it comes to supporting her ample breasts.

Vicki says... if you have a fuller bust try a halter neck style to support your bust. A standard bikini with under wires and thicker straps may help too. Avoid colours on the top and shoestring straps but be bold on the bottom, to draw the attention away from your bust for a more balanced look.

Jade loves hanging around with her friends but they are a lot taller than her and more developed, she’s worried she may look childish when they are hanging by the pool.

Vicki says... go for busy patterned bikinis that will not only elongate your body but make your bust appear fuller too!

Mia, is a little wider at the hips and loves the way her body looks in her favourite jeans but is worried she will look bottom heavy in swimwear.

Vicki says... just like Jennifer Lopez you are an amazing pear shape, try wearing hipster bikini bottoms and go for a slightly padded top, or if you prefer, look out for a top that has a pattern or details at the cleavage. Avoid busy patterns and bold stripes on your bottom half that shout ‘Look at Me’!

Ellie…wishes she didn’t tower over her friends and could blend in more.

Vicki says... love your catwalk shape Ellie and go for stunning one piece swimsuits with cut-outs at the waist for a curvier look. Enhance the bust with ruffles or gathering and you can get away with stringy straps too. Avoid sport bottoms and bandeau tops though at these will make you look boyish.

Abbi, plans to get fit in the summer but needs a little bit of advice on how to disguise a rounder tummy area.

Vicki says... during puberty a girls’ tummy naturally becomes more rounded and womanly and high waisted bikini bottoms along with belted swimsuits will suit you best. Choosing a swimsuit that is contoured with a lighter band of colour in the centre panel will also help create the look of a slimmer tummy area.

Don’t forget, to be a serious poolside poser you need to bring on the bling, so be bold with sunhats, bangles, hair bands and colourful necklaces, to complete your look.

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Finally, whatever your body shape or swimwear of choice, don’t forget the most important part of your summer outfit....SUNSCREEN! Put this on at least 20 minutes before you go outside so it has time to start the job of protecting your skin and keeping you safe, while you have fun and make your way to the beach or pool.

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