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Tell Us Your First Kiss Story…


Lots of us dread our first kiss…some of us can’t wait and practice on the back of our hands. What was your first kiss like? We’d love to hear your story to help other girls feel less anxious or pressured into something that should be a very special moment.

See our blog entitled First Kiss for some tips on what to expect.


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My first kiss was with my crush at his and his twin sisters Birthday Sleepover when we played spin the bottle and we had to kiss (yeah I know I was really dumb to play the game but it got my my first kiss with the boy I crush on and he crushed on me ) now my friends make fun of me and him I don't mind it hah

Pink babe

I was in year 6 and it was our last day and we all played spin the bottle at the park I kissed about 5 boys haha but I feel like that wasn't a real first kiss so I am a bit excited for the real deal when we are not playing spin the bottle xxx


So........ there's this guy who I have a massive crush and he's in a different form to me and I don't know how to make him notice me. This is coming from and 11 nearly 12 year old girl who has zero confidence. The only way I could tell him that I like him is through Instagram, but I don't think he even knows who I am. He is sooooooooo hot and ius really tall for saying he's in year 7 ( I'm in year 7 too). Please give me some advice- should I tell him over Instagram or not?? Thanks Phoebe xx💗💗


my first kiss was dreadful! but now i look back and laugh at that moment, it was with a boy i had just met, i had a little to drink and then it just happened! but his friends came and started shouting his name in encouragement! so embarassing.


All of your stories are so exciting!! I was so so worried about still not having my first kiss at 15, I’d only just recently started my period so I felt really immature but I didn’t need to, a first kiss isn’t something that needs to be rushed. I was at a party and me and the boy had been talking for a few weeks and we had said how we’d liked eachother. I was upstairs in the bedroom and he came up and the rest of the people had gone. He leaned in and it just happened like that and was quickly over, I loved it and we kissed quite a few more times in the night, he made me so happy yet it turned out he tried to do this with all my friends... but I’m happy now and I don’t see him anymore. I don’t let it bother me.


So... my first kiss happened when i was 13. Me and a load of others were just hanging boarding at our school (mixture of boys and girls). Everyone was the most'popular' kids in our school. My crush was with the boys and is REALLY into football. He started playing football and was outskilling everyone. The thing is , all the girls in our year liked him and so did i. Whenever anyone would ask whos your cush i would say no one because i was so embarrased. Also if some girls in our year found out, they would go tell him. Anyway, it was a really hot summer day and i was boiling. Someone suggested we should go to the pool. Everyone agreed and started heading over to the pool. I had left ,my jumper over on the fields and i went guys im just gonna go get my jumper. By coincedance, the boy (Justin) had also left his jumper. We walked over to the field and the conversation started turning awkward. He suddenly said ' Jess do you like me?' I froze. As i sturred he said 'Jess I really like you ' i replied saying, ' Me too' he leaned in and stroked my hair. Just as we were about to kiss, my friend (so annoying !) shouted 'HEY JESS ARE YOU READY I AM WAITING FOR YOU' i called back i was coming and she could go on ahead, luvkily we were slightly hidden by trees so she didnt see Justin. We laughed akwardly and carried on walking to the field . As we wemt past the estate shed, he said 'OMG Jess come here' he ran behin dthe shed and disappeared from my view. I ran after him. And as soon as i was round the shed, he pulled my in and kissed me. It was more of a peck but then i went back in with another peck and things went full on. We were proper snogging and i loved every minute of it. On the way back , we were holding hands and he cuddled me. In the end we didnt go swimming, we were just kissing and hugging on the grass where no one could see us. Even though i was scared, i shouldnt have been. I loved it all and always want to kiss him. I thought we were a bit full on for our first kiss but if you feel they are the right one, go for it. It was his first time as well and we were the same age. 3months strong 💪 💗


I had my first kiss when i was 13. It was was with a boy called B** To be honest, i wasn't brave enough so we didn't kiss for long! and here i am at 13 and I'm still nervous! To be honest it is natural, and i loved it and kissed him more and more :)


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