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Tell Us Your First Kiss Story…


Lots of us dread our first kiss…some of us can’t wait and practice on the back of our hands. What was your first kiss like? We’d love to hear your story to help other girls feel less anxious or pressured into something that should be a very special moment.

See our blog entitled First Kiss for some tips on what to expect.


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My first kiss was when I went to the cinemas as a “joke date” with this boy called Alex. It was a “joke date” because Alex’s friend kept saying we liked each other and made us go on date, so I said “ yes but not as a proper date”. Anyway , about 45 mins into the film Alex does the “the move” where he yawns and puts his arm behind me and over my far shoulder. Then he takes his ther hand and rests it on mine. He doesn’t move it until the movies ends. We catch the bus home and just before I go inside he puts his hand on my cheek and kiss me. To this day we haven’t told Alex’s friend because we don’t want to admit he was right.

rose x

I’ve never had my first kiss or gone out with a boy 😂 I’m in Year 8 and I don’t like any of the boys in my year also I’m unpopular and still look about 10 so idk when it will happen but I’m hoping it’ll be when I’m 13 maybe a bit taller. And all these stories are so cute I’m envious you guys xx


I was 13 when I had first kiss and it was with my first proper boyfriend. My first small kiss was in front of most of a year group, at breaktime because everyone was waiting for it to happen. Looking back , that was quite embarrassing but funny. The bell for the end of break went and remember just seeing him close his eyes before we kissed 😂 . Then the same day, it was in a park. My first proper kiss 😊


im home schooled any ideas..


I was 12 years old. I moved to Italy and went to a new school. About 2 month later a boy named "Emmet" join our class. I had zero feelings for him. I was forced to give Emmet a tour of the school, we talked and I learned a lot about him. My mother made me join Judo, and I had no idea he did it. So in judo they pair you up by age and height. I was mostly stuck with him. When ever he pinned me to the ground it was like he was going to kiss me, he was only 4 inches from my lips. I always felt uncomfortable because I did not like him and it would be my first kiss. So I always turned my face to the left so I would not have to look in his eyes. Our parent met and they are like best friends. We hung out almost every day after school. We would first go to his moms, then at a café to eat then judo or park. He was my best friend by then. And then at our 6th grade graduation he told my his feelings towards me. It was so cute. We were going to the pool 3-5 times a week. every day we were there he said "staring contest" I said "ok" He would always move his lips closer to mine and I would step back until I retched to wall I always trapped myself in. After a couple of month I confessed my feelings to him when he was on a trip. When he came back I got my self trapped again and he just would wont stop staring at my then my lips. He put his warm hand on my face and pulled his face towards mine, and we kissed. It lasted 12 seconds. One thing I love bout him is he is so confident, and honest.


I had my first kiss today and it came so naturally, everyone said it did but I didn’t believe them and I doubted myself. I promise when the times right and you know it and the person your with knows it everything will be okay.

please read

My first kiss was when I was 14. A boy slid into my DMs asking if I recognized him from school. I didn't, but after stalking his social medias I saw what he looked like and when we passed each other at school we waved to each other. After a few weeks of this we actually started talking and one day when we were walking he held my hand. It was subtle, he just started off touching my palm with his finger but then we ended up holding hands. His palms were very warm and but not sweaty. It was pleasant. When we were walking out of school together a few days later (we had gotten into a habit of holding hands even though we weren't a thing), I turned to say goodbye to him and he turned his head and kissed me. It was short and just with our lips but it was nice. We kind of looked at each other for a while then just smiled and walked our separate ways. He asked me out the next time we saw each other. We dated for a while after that but it didn't work out but it was a good experience :)


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