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Top 10 Boob and Bra Q&A’s

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Here at Lil-Lets I receive hundreds of questions every week and thought I would share with you my Top 10 frequently asked Boob and Bra queries.

When am I going to get mine?

Breast development can start from the age of 7 -15 with the average being around 9-13, so don’t worry if your friends start developing or wearing bras before you, we are all different and it’s not a competition!

Why have my breasts stopped growing?

Breasts often grow in spurts and it is quite common for them to remain in the same stage of development for a couple of months to a couple of years. It will have no impact on your final size, you just have to be patient.

Do breasts stop growing once your period has arrived?

No, breasts can continue to grow for a number of years after the arrival of your first period?

How can I make my breasts grow bigger?

Because you carry the same genes as your parents, your final breast size will most likely be very similar to family members, such as mothers, sisters, grandparents or aunts on either side of your family. As breasts contain a large proportion of fatty tissue, your overall body weight will also impact on your breast size?

Will massaging my breasts make them bigger?

In a word ‘No’.

Is there anything I can do to make my breasts bigger or smaller?

Despite rumours you may have heard about eating or drinking certain foods there really is nothing you can do to change your overall breast size. It is therefore a good idea to love your breasts just the way they are. And for any of you who think big is best, take a look at Suzanne Jackson’s video for Let’s Talk on Body Changes.

Let's Talk Body Changes

Once they have grown will they stay this size forever?

At certain times your breasts will change in shape, for example during pregnancy, when the breasts often become fuller. Some forms of contraception can also change the size of the breasts.

Why do boys think that big breasts are best?

Not all boys feel this way, but unfortunately the media (magazines, newspapers, movies or TV) have in the past and to some extent still do, like to show fuller breasts as something all females should own to be more attractive to males. Of course we know this is not the case, but for young and impressionable boys who view these images and want to fit in, they often believe this is then the way they should feel about breasts too, even if they actually don’t care what size someone’s breasts are!

Do you have to wear a bra?

This is a personal choice, bras don’t aid in the growth or development of your breasts but they may make you feel more comfortable if you are active, as they can prevent the breast from jiggling around. They will also help conceal the breasts making them less visible through your outer clothing if this is something you are unhappy for others to see.

When getting measured for a bra, do you have to be naked?

Most store assistants are more than comfortable for you to keep your clothes on when finding the right bra size just for you and some can see just by looking at you what your size may be. Once they have found several choices for you to try on, they may want to see you in it, checking the under band and cups sit correctly and are the correct fit. Don’t worry this will be done in private and assistants are very discreet as they know this is a daunting shopping trip for many teens.

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I got my first bra in year six I agree to another user saying the M&S angle range if bras are amazing they really are they protect you breasts when your sensetive they are discrete, comfy and cute!

I’d Rather Not Say

Asking ur mom for a bra (padded, unpadded) is a huge struggle for a lot of girls. I actually started wearing unpadded bras in 3rd grade. It took a lot of courage to ask but I finally realized that my mom and most moms will probably agree to getting bras. Remember that your mom went thru this awkward stage and I bet they would be happy to support u. The worst that will happen is that ur mom says no but if she says that, ask when your a little older.


How do I ask my mum for a bra?


I started wearing bras in year 6 and everybody said stuff because i was flat but it doesn't matter what size are boobs are because comfort matters more than anything else i know talking to your family can be hard but bras a really comfy and m and s angel range have some really pretty wired and non-wired bras.

Reply to CMD123

It would probably be best to we're a sports bra when doing sports because it will give you the right type of support


Thank u this site is very helpful my daughter is going through some of this and she is 10 almost 11

Dancer 251007

This was helpful


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