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Whether you’re revising for your 11 plus, mocks, GCSEs, CSEs or A levels, finding the time to study and revise can be a struggle and make you feel stressed. Here are some failsafe tips that will help you feel relaxed about your studies.

  • Believe in yourself. You’ve been working hard all year so stop being afraid – you can do this!
  • Manage your study time. Give a little more time to subjects you struggle with.
  • Taking time out from revising is almost as important as the time you put into studying. Keeping busy by doing things you like such as sport, crafts or spending time with the family will help lift your mood and leave you feeling refreshed when it’s time to start swotting again.
  • Designate an area for studying. Lying on your bed or on the sofa in front of the TV will not only damage your posture, but will hinder concentration too so find a comfy table and chair you can work on.
  • Diet is vital to any good revision program so eat well. Yes sugary treats will make you feel great and give you a quick high, but this quickly wears off leaving you feeling flat and lacking in energy. So if you can, snack on fruit, oat bars and nuts.
  • Worrying about achieving good grades or not letting your parents down can lead to sleepless nights for many teenagers, which can leave you feeling tired and low in energy. Set yourself a definite time to go to bed and stick to it no matter what. Resist swotting up immediately before bed and if you can, allow yourself at least an hour to wind down (that means no electrical gadgets like iPhones). Treating yourself to a warm bath or drinking a small glass of warm milk may also help.
  • Don’t rely on cheating to get you the marks you want. It will leave you feeling bad and in later life the information you should have learned could be important. So be honest with yourself and avoid breaking the rules.
  • It’s ok to fail. If you do not get the grades you had hoped for, it really isn’t the end of the world or a sign that you should give up. Lots of people fail from time to time and there is no shame in resitting exams if at first you don’t succeed… in fact it shows strength of character.


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SAT's are OK

If you are about to do your SAT's do not worry they do not effect you it is a way to test the school teachers and so they know what level you are at.


I’m taking my eleven plus in September but am worried on what results I’ll get because that test has control of my education!


Help! I have my SATS coming upon 2 weeks and I am petrified. What tips do you have?😬


My period came a week early and it's on the week were I have 4 exams :( I'm really worried I'll get terrible cramp and can't do anything about it as I'd usually have to stay of or have a few tic tacs to calm me down with the pain and I won't able to do that in an exam.




Little miss llama: we have to write in black ink at our school


I find these vlogs very helpful.The are supportaive yet not critizizing.Keep up the good work Lil Lets


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