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Weight Gain In Teens

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Are you someone who never seems to gain weight and find yourself teased by others for your childlike physique? Or maybe despite your best efforts you can no longer fit into your favourite pair of jeans? If this is you then read on……..

Am I normal?

What is normal…just look around you! It can be tempting to compare your body shape with friends or siblings and then start to feel unhappy about how you look. But we are all so very different and a healthy weight can vary from person to person, often depending on height, age, family genes and where they are in their journey through puberty.

How much weight can I expect to gain during puberty?

From the age of 10 – 14 it is not unusual for girls to gain up to 30lbs in weight. This sounds like a lot but remember that you will start to become taller and any increase in weight will be distributed around your body as you develop.

Why do I have rolls of fat around my tummy?

Some teens and pre-teens often see a change to their mid-section and for some this will be quite normal and followed by a giant increase in height. Remember too that many girls will notice a curvier look to their body as the hips widen and the tummy becomes rounder – rounder does not mean you are overweight.

Is being heavier a sign I am unfit?

No, not at all. Genetics can play a big part in how tall we are and what our overall shape will be. Therefore someone who is structurally larger than their slim friend but exercises more often could be fitter.

I don’t need to exercise I’m already thin!

Don’t assume that because you are naturally slim that you can sit on the sofa all day or watch others exercise while you sit a class out. Slim people who don’t exercise are just as likely to be unfit and experience poor health because of this.

Even though I am older than my friends I still look like a little girl?

Just like a period can arrive at different times for each of us, so can the arrival of puberty. So it’s very common for friends to differ in height, weight and shape as their journey through puberty will be unique for each of them.

Why if I am always hungry, am I losing weight?

During puberty the amount of calories your body needs increases, with many teenagers requiring up to 2,000 calories a day. So it is very common to feel hungrier and raid the fridge as soon as you get home from school, only to feel hungry half an hour later. So watch what you eat, and stock up on carbs and protein. Such as nuts, fruit, cereals and avoid sugary treats. Check out my blog entitled Eating Your Way To A Better You.

Finally, some girls worry so much about the way they look they are tempted to diet or do some very dangerous things to change it. But the truth is that food is important for our overall health, as is exercise. So don’t be tempted to try crash diets or read online stories related to losing or gaining weight.


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I'm 13 and I'm 15 kg(118 Ibs) and I used to worry about it alll the time. I even skipped meals and tried my best to literally starve myself. When I noticed nothing was changing, i realised what I was doing was really silly. We all have a unique look and weight and we must be thankful for it, because we are all unique and thats what makes us special :)


This issue has been really impacting my mental health that its causing me to eat different and do more just to please 1 of my family member's. Before I didn't really weigh myself so much because I know I am a 14 yrs old girl still going through changes and body is coping with everything going on. These words that person is saying has really taken a toll on me. They keep criticising and not realising they effort of how hard I am trying to change. One person says I am average weight and the other one is saying different ways to tell me I am fat . Right now I weigh around 159 pounds. But they way I am trying to make myself lose it isn't working. Instead I am losing weight in my face. I am asking help because I want to know is there better way to lose weight and cope with my mental health.Any advice


Yeh it's helpful😊


So…I’ve been gaining weight recently. I’m 15 years old…normally for me to gain weight takes at least a week but then it’s easy for me to loose it. Before when I looked in the mirror, I had a little tummy but skinny. Now when I just looked, my tummy grew half the size of before. I’ve been very grumpy lately Example: My papa looked at me a certain way and I said “WhaT” but he just made a face and wasn’t even looking at me. What is even going on? Is it bc of hormones, am I just lazy or is it like stress and all that?


I'm 17 1/2 and still wondering can I still lose weight once I get older??

Fat person

I’ve been eating junk I rlly need to cut it down

I'm underweight ~A

I'm weigh 47kg and i'm 14 i look like a liittle kid and i try to gain weight but it's so hard and all i want to be is someone that has curves and at least has a but boobs and legs and arms. I look like a stick. I try so hard to gain weight but i just can't and nobody understands how it feels to be underweight. Girls if your reading this stop shaming others and girll if you really want something try try and try again and you will get there. I should be telling myself that


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