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When is the right time
to use a tampon?

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When your first period arrives it’s most likely you will use pads. Then, as you get older your thoughts may turn to tampons; especially in the summer months when we are more active, in the pool or want to wear the latest summer fashions. Now, some girls are quite happy to use tampons for their very first period and never feel the need to use a pad. But for most, the perfect time to switch to tampons is when you are more familiar with your monthly cycle and period flow.

Why tampons?

  • They're perfect if you love being active and going swimming.
  • They’re so small you can hold one in our hand or put it in your pocket when you need to visit the loo.
  • Because tampons are worn inside your body you are less likely to experience odour.
  • No matter how heavy your period flow is, there’s a tampon that'll be right for you.

What are tampons?

Tampons are made from a cotton like material that is compressed into a small cylinder shape that is worn inside your vagina to absorb menstrual fluid. There are two different types of tampon, known as applicator and non-applicator types. This gives you a choice about how you insert them.

Lil-lets SmartFit Teen Tampons

Did you know that Lil-Lets Teens tampons are shorter and narrower than other tampon brands making them ideal for girls new to internal sanitary protection? They come in a two absorbencies; Regular and Super too. With our non-applicator tampon you can guide it into place using your fingers. Our applicator tampons come with a tube that you use instead of your fingers. The tubes have been designed to push the tampon into place for you. You can find out more about inserting and removing a tampon in the ‘How To’ Videos on our website. We're all different and that's true about your period too and if you feel ready to move on from the our teens range, you may find our adult tampons are a good choice, again they come in two formats; applicator and non-applicator with a whopping six absorbencies to suit even the heaviest of flows.

Lil-lets SmartFit Tampons

Remember that just like anything new, using tampons can take a little practice and it’s perfectly ok to feel a little anxious about using them, so why not have a chat to your mum or friends and see what they think!


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Reply to leopretty

Hey. I used tampons a lot and I really recommend the lil lets teen range for girls because they are smaller and fit into the vagina passage. They come with and without applicators and they are great for girls. I’ve worn them swimming and feel super comfortable and you can but them in many shops- I’ve bought mine from Sainsbury’s but I also know that you can get them on amazon and a couple of other supermarkets and health shops like boots and Superdrug etc . Hope this helps xx

belzthe brit

i was 10 when i had my first period and wore a bra and ever since i have tried and tried to use tampons they make me feel anxious and really scared i have only put it half in and feel like there is something in the way i have failed 25 times and keep on trying. I am a ultra heavy and when i swim on my period i feel like i am going to pass out so i just dont. If anyone is reading my cry for help please send some sort of meassage back in my name thank you for reading.


My daughter has just started her period and bit unsure what to get her

Mikey Andrews

So, I was 12 or 13 (13 I think). We were on spring break which was about a week. Only one day into break I woke up not feeling well at all, but I just shrugged it of blaming it on my many medical conditions. I went down stairs and told my grandma that I was not feeling well. she gave me some Tylenol and just like me shrugged it off because it was normal for me. (but she of course was worried, Shes always caring) I continued my day still feeling really bad but still did my morning like normal. I grabbed my phone and went to have breakfast and my day went like normal. than in the evening I went up stairs to use the restroom. when I pulled down my panties I noticed that there was this brown sticky stuff in them. i got scared but just took them off and put on a new pair. went down stairs thinking about it but soon it just went away from my mind. I didn't tell anyone though. fast forward to the next morning I felt really bad, but today was a break day for us so that meant no work. "Great" I thought. So, I told my grandma that I was still feeling bad. she gave me some Tylenol and told me to go up stairs to my room and rest. I still felt weird down there but ignored it. I went up stairs and got my computer, phone, favorite blanket, and my teddy bear and put my head on my pillow and just watched my computer. about an hour later the kids went outside to play with the people across the street. I just could not wait anymore I went to the restroom, looked at my panties and to my horror there was a lot of that brown sticky stuff. I stared at it for like 5 minutes than I snapped out of it. my heart was pounding, my brain going a thousand different ways, I was freaking out. i sat on the toilet and did the classic wrap the toilet paper around my panties trick ( Lol ) i went out of the bathroom and went back to my bed still not telling anyone. I got on my computer so quick and the first thing i looked up was "why is brown stuff coming out of my vagina?" ( Lol ) and the first thing that came up is brown discharge. I click it and it says my period is coming/started. But here I am stubborn me refusing to accept that looking up anything I can trying to find any answer I can just not that my period is happening. As this was happening I kept running to the restroom and looking at the discharge for some reason I have no idea why. I didn't and don't want to grow up. having a period means growing up and I just DID NOT want that to happen. I am searching everywhere what this stuff is any answer I would accept just not that my period period started. after 5 hours looking things up ( and not one time did I find any other answer but that my period was starting) I needed to use the restroom fearing what will be in my underwear i went to the restroom. Still brown stuff in my underwear but I used to the restroom. when I got up, wiped, and pulled up my pants but when I looked at the toilet paper THERE WAS BLOOD. like A LOT on the paper. than i looked in the toilet there was Blood. than that is when I finally accepted what was happening. but I never said that I liked it because in my mind I was saying "fudge" just in a more inappropriate way. So finally I told my grandma. She was a little upset that i never told her but she was VERY supportive she let me know that she never wants me to be afraid to tell her things. than she went down stairs got me a pad and yeah i went back up stairs i had my new panties and pad on and i just sat there for another 2 hours and yeah that's when i started my first period. now i want to just clear up a few things.... I did know what a period was than i just never thought that's what happened. i have never been someone who was exited about her period unlike the girls at my school lol thanks for reading i just thought this would be fun to tell sorry its so long lol


Im scared to use a tampon


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