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We’d love to hear all about the first time you used a tampon, to help other girls who are considering using tampons for the first time your experience.


  • What made you decide to use a tampon?
  • Who you discussed using tampons with, friends/mum.
  • Did you use non-applicator or applicator tampons and why?
  • How was your first time?
  • How do you feel about using tampons now?


I was the last of my friendship group to get my period and the last to use tampons too. The Summer was here and I felt self-conscious wearing pads, I felt it was time to make the move to tampons.

My friends all used non-applicator tampons, but all we had in our bathroom were cardboard applicator ones. So, my first experience was using an applicator tampon, but try as I might I couldn’t release the tampon and ended up leaving the cardboard inside too.

Then when back in school my bestie gave me a Lil-Let regular tampon and said I may find it easier to use my finger to get the tampon into place.

It took a little practice but by the second month I was an expert and felt so much more confident and secure from leakages.

Lil-Lets have been my product of choice ever since.


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I went to boots and bought tampax pearl regular tampons (I have a heavy flow but i only wanted something for the gym which is an hour) so i was thinking im gonna do this so i opened the box and just mentally couldn’t do it so I didn’t the next day I bought some lil lets teens regular applicator tampons and did it it wasn’t bad i just didn’t put mine up on a slant so it was a bit uncomfortable so i took it out within 5 minutes but will definitely try again next month

Ihaveacoldheart ??

So, it was the day after my first ever period, and I had dance because it was a Saturday ( bad luck I know, my flow starts on Friday) and I hate pads, they are annoying. So because I had dance and decided that I was going to buy myself some tampons. Lilets no applicator ones. ( i did this on my own) I went to boots and the lady was nice, she didn’t say much and personally I don’t think she cared. So I got to the dance toilets and I was like ok, I can do this. I masturbate so I kinda understand my body and stuff. I pushed it in but I don’t think I pushed it in high enough so it was a bit uncomfortable but I didn’t really understand. So yeah! I still use tampons and I think it’s a lot better. None of my friends want to try them but that’s ok. Moral of the story, push the tampon in until you can’t feel it, and don’t be scared 🖤

Hi it’s me

I first tried one on holiday because I didn’t want to miss out on swimming, it was easy enough but I used a normal adult one but all of my friends suggested lil-let’s teens ones so that’s what I’m gonna use next month I like how you don’t get a visual reminder that you are on your period because that was one of the things that I hated! Xx


the first time i put it in it popped out


I was 11 years old and it was the summer before 6th grade. I was in the car and i found out i was invited to go to a water park with my friend. I got home and when i used the bathroom i was terrified. Luckily, i was never afraid of tampons and i watched a youtube video on how they worked and i found it really easy


The first time I used a tampon was when my friends had a pool party and there was a slip in slide and I didn’t want to miss it cause of my period so my mum and I decided That it would be best to use a tampon all my mum had was a super tampon with an applicator that was so big so I try too put it in but I didn’t know how so I didn’t just put the the top of the tampon in I just push so it went in half way and it was so sore and uncomfortable 😣 I spent the hole time worry the string would be visible when I got home I took it out straight away which really hurt I decided I would never use a tampon again but I recently have been looking here and realized I should try again 👍🏻🏊🏻‍♀️

????????? NF

The first time I used a tampon I was only 11 and my friends were having a end of year party and there was a slip and slide and paddling pool and I was on my period my mum and I decided that in would be best to use a tampon but all my Mum had was a super plastic applicator Tampon when I tried to put it in I just push it in so it only went in half way it was really sore and I didn’t like it I decided I didn’t want to use them any more but recently I decided I’ll try again 🎉🤞🏼


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