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Summers here but if you’re dreading shedding all those layers of clothes you’ve been hiding under for such a long time, then we’ve got some tips to help you greet the sun with confidence.


Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body - but did you know that it can also change your mood too and make you feel generally happier, especially if you are suffering with teenage mood swings. So get your trainers on and go for a walk, better still invite a group of friends round and have a dance-off in the back garden. About 30 minutes a day is recommended to keep you in tip top condition.


Too often the summer months find us eating junk food such as chips, ice creams and pizza, none of which are good for our complexion or our waistlines. If you can, drink a glass of water before each meal, this should stop you from snacking and eating too many sugary or greasy foods. As you are likely to be outdoors a lot more during the summer months try eating a good breakfast high in protein and fibre this will leave you feeling fuller for longer. If the weather is so hot it leaves you with no appetite at all try eating 3-4 small meals per day or have a small bag of nuts or a piece of fruit in your bag to keep your energy levels up. Melons are great for quenching your thirst and one of your five a day.


Zzzzzzzz. Get plenty of sleep, this is a super models secret weapon and a good night’s sleep will leave your skin looking clearer and you energised to take on the next day’s fun filled activities.


If you’re going to be in and out of the pool on holiday, why not change your hair products to an all in one shampoo and conditioner, and because you may sweat more make sure you pay particular attention to your under arms and groin area when bathing, using an antiperspirant to help prevent sweating during the day.


We all like a tan, but be smart about it; there is nothing worse than sunburn. So start with a high factor at first and never go below an SPF 15.


If you and your family are going to be away from home or your hotel on day trips, don’t despair, just by taking a few well-chosen products with you in your bag, no matter where you go you’ll be prepared. Some of my favourite items are pant liners, a handy pack of wipes, sunscreen, a hairbrush and a clear lip gloss for a touch of glamour.


Finally, whether your figure is an apple, athletic, hourglass or pear shape there will be swimwear available to suit you, so take your time when choosing your summer wardrobe, it’s not all about high fashion, feeling cool and comfortable is equally important and remember to accessorise with bangles, hair slides and necklaces too.


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I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks and have resently started my period. If it is regular, I will get in while on holiday. I don't have enough protection and I hate wearing pads as they feel like nappys. It's really awkward when I try talk to my mum about it. What should I do? Xx

To Clara S

Your mum really won't mind... in fact she'll be pleased that you're growing up in to a beautiful, confident young woman. Just remember, she was a girl.


Hi Help, just try to eat healthily and exercise more. If you are struggling and feel that you are seriously overweight, speak to your parents or a school nurse.

Clara S

Since last summer I have started puberty, I will be having to get changed in front of my mum and am feeling very shy as my body has changed a lot this year, I now have boobs and pubic hair and she will see. Clara 10.


wow this website is soooo helpful....

little pug

Well...WELCOME TO LITTLE LETS GRACE! I'm glad you like this website because I LOVE this website and I wish to use it for all my teenage meeds


In response to HELP: If you want to lose weight, then I reccomend jogging round the block once or twice (depending on your level of fitness and how big your neighborhood is! ) and do a light workout when you feel like it. An excellent way to get fit is trampolining so if you have a trampoline do 10 - 15 minutes of jumping a day. Dance is another great way to excercise if you don't like other sports. Hope this helps. XXXX


If you have a question about periods, changes to your body or how you're feeling and can’t find the answer on here, ask Vicki for some advice. Just type in your question and press submit.


If Vicki can help you, she'll post an answer in the ‘Your questions answered’ page, so don't forget to keep checking it
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