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8/21/2019 3:11:08 PM

What size bra for measurements 29,281/2,27

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Please follow the instructions on my Measuring and the perfect fit blog and come back to me with your measurements so I can calculate a bra sizing for you.


8/21/2019 12:22:11 PM

what is my bra size if my under is 29 and my bust is 31?

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8/21/2019 12:21:29 PM

what is my bra size if my under is 29 and bust is 31?

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8/21/2019 11:52:34 AM

What is my bra size if my bust is 30 and my band is 26

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8/21/2019 11:50:32 AM

I really want my period I have all the signs of puberty and loads of discharge Im 11 yrs old

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8/21/2019 9:04:52 AM

I think you might have done my size wrong because a couple of months ago when I asked you said I was a 32C and yesterday you said I was an 32A. Can you do it again please because I think you may have mixed up the measurements. UNDER=73cm MIDDLE=87cm TOP=84cm Thank you

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8/21/2019 5:21:56 AM

Hi, I'm 14 years old and I got my period for the first time about a year ago. I never used tampons until my period last week because i had to go swimming. I used two tampons that day because i went to the beach in the morning and the pool at night. Both times i used them I felt a little discomfort and when I took them out it hurt. The next day, my period stopped. My period only lasted 5 days instead of the usual 7. I also saw a bit of brown discharge. I would like to know why this could be. I also came across something online that if you forget that you have a tampon in you see brown discharge and now im paranoid that I forgot to take one out even though im pretty sure I only used those two tampons and I know I removed two tampons. Thank you.

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8/20/2019 11:50:36 PM

Top 32 cm Bust 43 cm Under 34 cm Whats my bra size x

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8/20/2019 9:35:52 PM

LTA122 My flow is quite heavy

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8/20/2019 9:35:31 PM

Im going on holiday next week and for the last 3 days I should be on my period. How many pads/ tampons should I take as I will be swimming a lot during the day

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Why not take one pack of regular tampons for when you are in the water, two packs of day pads and one pack of night pads. Our Lil-Lets teens range would be ideal.