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2/25/2020 4:06:36 AM

why would a girl not quite 5 get breast buds?

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2/24/2020 11:50:33 PM

What makes boys get errections

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2/24/2020 11:50:15 PM

Do u answer every question

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2/24/2020 11:15:27 PM

hey vicki, im in year 11 and i have exams soon but all of the time i feel so stressed and anxious like i think of school and i want to cry, its the first thing i think of when i wake up and i just really want to do well but i feel like im not. please help me deal with this stress and anxiety i feel its really stressing me out :(

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My blog How to beat exam stress may be helpful to you  with this.



2/24/2020 10:20:22 PM

Hey vicki. I live in the uk and my boyfriend and I are both 17 were sexually active but his birthday is coming up in a couple of days would that then make our relationship illegal

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2/24/2020 9:38:34 PM

Me and my boyfriend, (15) have agreed to wait until were 16 to have sex but its really difficult for us as we want to touch each other still but not have sex but were not really sure what to do and how to do it as weve never done many sexual things but were always turned on after we make out & things, could you tell me some ways we could get more touchy if thats the word just because we want to be more physical before we have sex because its so difficult to hold back & its making us just want to do it now instead of waiting, sorry if that made no sense haha thank you xx

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2/24/2020 7:54:48 PM

Can you list common ways to masturbate

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2/24/2020 7:26:24 PM

Is it ok to take nudes, just for me, not to show anyone

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2/24/2020 7:19:59 PM

Hi Vicky! For about 3 years, I have been using hair removal cream under my arms (about every week). Its really good and it makes the area feel really smooth. However in the last few months Ive noticed that my underarms are getting darker and darker (I have white skin and brown hair) and that even when all the hair is off, it still looks as if it is there! Is there any way I could prevent this or make it lighter. Thanks

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2/24/2020 7:19:50 PM

Is it better to shave pubic hair in the bath or shower? Does it make a difference? I prefer showers but would it make a difference if i were to shave in the bath? Thanks

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