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4/17/2021 4:47:24 PM

Bra size for daughter. Top of bust 74cm. Fuller part of breast 75cm. Underneath breast 69cm.

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4/17/2021 4:29:27 PM

Under bust is 32cm The fullest part is 34cm What size would i need

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36AA is your bra size, however for a more accurate cup size, send over the three measurements shown below.


4/17/2021 12:34:42 PM

Im scared the string will snap on a tampon. Is it likely to happen very often?

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4/17/2021 11:13:11 AM

How do I find out my bra size

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Place a tape measure around your body in the three places shown on the diagram below and then in cms or inches, send these over to me for a guide to your bra size.


4/17/2021 11:08:23 AM

Can you calculate for first bra size? Underneath is 28cm and around bust is 31cm what cup size shall we choose

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4/17/2021 8:38:23 AM

Im 12 my mum got her period at 13 and my sister at 11 were going out today and I can't tell if this is cramps or I need the toilet I had it yesterday for about 5 minutes but now its been an hour and it aches so is this my first period or something else thankyou btw I had discharge for 2 years and I haven't had spotting

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We do not always get our periods at the same time as family members, however if you have been experiencing discharge for such a long time, it may be that your first period is not too far away, hence the cramps. My tip would be to keep some pads or liners with you when out and about so you are prepared. Our starter pack would be ideal.


4/17/2021 8:35:48 AM

Hi Vicki, I get loads of vagina discharge and I cant find any liners that are comfortable and that fit me. Do you have any recommendations?

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Why not try one of our liners products, we have our teens liners which are shorter and narrower than other brands so great for girls, or our essentials liners.


4/17/2021 8:23:17 AM

Bra size for my teen girl Top of bust - 96cm Fuller part of bust - 98cm Under busy - 87cm Thank you very much

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4/17/2021 6:59:56 AM

Is a 42 day menstrual cycle normal? That's mine but i've heard it's supposed to be 28 days and now i'm scared something is wrong with me.

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4/17/2021 6:56:36 AM

i heard a story one time that a girl got 5 tampons stuck inside her... cuz she forgot that she already had one in so she kept putting another. is this possible for 5 tampons to be put up there???

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