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9/20/2018 8:09:38 PM

I finished my 7 day period a week ago and today I have has come orange and a very slight bit of pink discharge does that mean my period again

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9/20/2018 4:03:19 PM

I think I have ADD/ADHD, i first suspected this when a friend with Asperger's and ADHD said to me that I do a lot of things she does, her dad also agreed with her. I started doing research about the different types and the symptoms and I also asked some of my friends if they thought that I displayed a lot of symptoms and they agreed. I started to notice the symptoms that I first thought were normal things and I told my mum. She laughed and said I don't, even before I tried to tell her the symptoms I was having. I asked if she would make me a doctors appointment so I can get a referral to CAHMS and she said no. I really want to be diagnosed and I don't know how I can convince her. Please help

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9/20/2018 1:04:22 PM

Im kind of upset and really quite p***** off about an incident that happened yesterday. I had just eaten my dinner(I had an early dinner because I was going to an evening club later and once I finished eating I left the house and started to walk to the bus stop. I was just standing there scrolling through my phone home screen and just looking at the apps I had downloaded when I saw one of the girls from my street(Im not actually 100% sure which girl it was(theyre sisters) because I think they both have blonde hair now but the girl was with about 2/3 other people, and at this point I held my phone up to my face because Ive had quite a lot of history with both girls and I wanted to try and avoid any drama in the hope that they wouldnt see me. Then the girl spotted me and said: Why are you recording me? Stop recording me in what I would describe as a quite a subtle threatening tone of voice. I was kind of shell shocked at this point because I hadnt opened my phone camera all day and I had absolutely no intention of filming her at all, I was literally just minding my own business, and then they walked up the side of the girls house and as they walked up, one of the boys she was with said dont, shes not worth it-After that, I was quite upset and i genuinely just felt like walking back home but then I decided that I would still go to my evening club as its something I enjoy-Im trying really hard not to be cross or upset over the incident and try and move on from what happened but yea

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9/20/2018 9:54:30 AM

So for the past couple of months I have had streaks of blood in my discharge what could this be?

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This is your first period so be sure to ask your mum for some pads and see what happens over the coming weeks and months.  You may like to consider using products from the Lil-Lets teens range which has been designed especially for the smaller bodies of young girls.  You could also read through my Periods blogs to develop a better understanding of what you can expect.




9/20/2018 9:39:33 AM

this'll probably be an essay but and i just need some advice/to rant to someone so thought this would be my best bet. i know you're probably really busy and i won't get exactly the response i want but at this point any advice is good for me. thanks in advance :) i have so many problems and i feel bad complaining about them because i know people are going through so much worse and i'll probably get hated for it, but here goes. to start, ever since the school year started, every single day, i just want to die. yeah sure, there are a few moments in the school day with my friends where i'm genuinely happy, but majority of my day i spend feeling down and depressed (i don't know if i have depression, because i haven't been diagnosed with it and i don't have it as bad as some people). i got a test result today and it turns out i got the worst in my class...and yes, it was pretty bad (everybody else got 75%+ and i got less than 60%) and i feel really stupid. i don't like to, but i find myself faking emotions and pretending everything is ok towards my friends and people in school just so things aren't awkward and so i don't get weird looks or things like that, but yesterday i didn't have the energy and i wasn't in the mood to fake it so i didn't, and not one of my friends asked me if i was ok or anything like that, but they never do so i'm not surprised. i also think i have social anxiety. i always worry about what people think of me, or why that person is looking at me, or speaking up in class because i might get laughed at or i'll be wrong (and a lot more). i've tried talking to my parents about it and my mum just bought me a book on 'teen anxiety' and left it at that. i mean, i appreciate the thought but it didn't help me. i've signed up to websites to talk to people about it and its not getting any better. what would u recommend?? do i even have anxiety or am i just 'experiencing what every teen experiences'? do u have any advice? again, any advice is accepted.

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9/20/2018 7:20:17 AM

Hi there, I messaged on Monday about a painful lump in my armpit, this one has now pretty much disappeared but I have another one in the other armpit now. Could it be my lymph nodes responding to a cold Ive got at the moment? Over the past week I could feel myself getting ill and Im pretty stuffed up and in general a bit feverish

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9/19/2018 10:19:35 PM

Hello Vickie advice needed ASAP I live with my grandparents and she demanded I go on a form of birth control however I thought it would be awkward going to the doctors with her so I went by myself a few months ago and didnt tell her she still doesnt know and Im too shy to tell her shes not understanding and shouts about everything she will be angry if I tell her because she wants to be there n know everything that goes on Im scared to tell her because she might react really badly. She has an appointment booked for tommorrow and the doctor might tell her Im already on it what do I do I know its best to be honest but Im embarrassed to tell her thanks

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9/19/2018 9:37:00 PM

If a foreign object still remained in the vagina would I be able to feel it with my fingers It happened 10 years ago so I cant remember if I removed it but when I insert fingers theres nothing inside.

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9/19/2018 8:50:02 PM

Hi, a few days ago a boy in the year above me started snap chatting me so I was friendly and have been messaging back but he sends kisses and stuff wants to talk more and in person which Id happily be his friend, but I dont want anything more atm, what do I do/say? Also its really awkward in school when I see him coz I just smile as Idk what to say?

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9/19/2018 8:40:48 PM

Its VMW756 again and Ive decided to keep it as a two as thats what he thinks its going to be anyway and going as a group might just take us backwards but Im worried hes going to bail and end up not coming because I dont think he actually likes me I think he just feels bad for me because Ik the difference from the past when he has said to me first that he likes me and I just feel like Im the one always messaging him first and starting conversations or asking questions and Ive waited before to see if hell message ,e first but if I do that I dont speak to him at all. So Im kind of worried as I dont want to seem pushy or needy but I dont want him to feel forced Id rather he say if he didnt like me. Also my best friend and him have been friends for ages but recently Ive noticed she keeps saying oh hes rlly fit and stuff and then one of my other friends has told me that she said this guy and her have a thing however the guy Im supposed to be going out with on Saturday does speak to a lot of girls and naturally is quite flirty as is she so I think she might be thinking its more than it is but its kind of upsetting as she knows me and him have had a thing for about 2 years and when I asked her if she liked him she said no. Idk what to do if she is also Im worried because on snapchat me and the guy used to have the yellow heart meaning I was his number1 best friend and he was mine but a few days ago that disappeared meaning hes speaking to someone else and now my best friend has an emoji which means my number 1 best friend (the guy) is also hers and more is that his ex girlfriend keeps saying theyre back together but he doesnt think they are but shes telling everyone they are so I have no idea whats happening but I dont like it

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