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12/6/2019 12:15:36 AM

when do you start peuberty

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12/5/2019 11:50:42 PM

How do I shave my vagina and the hair around it like on my upper thighs by my vagina I cant use hair removal cream (I am 15 and I shave my legs and underarms already ) thanks x

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12/5/2019 10:35:51 PM

How do you know if a guy is in denial? I've been talking to this guy who's in one of my lessons. We share in depth views on life and end up having petty or philosophical debates just sharing a classroom together. He invited me to sit with him and his friends, so I did. But his table is really big so out of class I rarely talk to him. He always. (Always) compliments me on my achievements and perspectives. Anyway, I don't know if he has a crush on me, or if we are simply friends? Yesterday we worked on homework together and he said he'd send me the work we'd done. So I offered my phone number, (as there was no other means of contacting me.) He got teased by the other guys there... then left the room hurriedly without it. Anyhow, today I hadn't seen him and was in another building than we usually hang out in. He burst through the door and asked me if we could exchange contact details. Once we had, he simply marched out again! I don't even know how he knew where I was in the first place. I am a bit confused about him atm.. and my friends suggested he might be in denial. I wondered what you think about this? X

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12/5/2019 10:27:27 PM

I feel really crazy as I dont want to look older- I still want my body to still look the same shape as it did when I was like 10. However in general I hate my body as I look like exactly like that- Ive not got big hips I dont have boobs and Im 5. But I also dont like the way my hips poke they arent like a curve its like a corner but at the same time I have very small hips. I dont really know, Im just confused, and I dont really know what my question is I just wanted to say that. Im 16 Thx from April

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12/5/2019 7:29:31 PM

Hi I am 10 years old and I have started my period what are the use of panty liners

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Pant liners are great for discharge and very light periods. For a normal to heavier flow you should wear a pad. See the blog below for more advice on the differences between these two products.


12/5/2019 7:26:40 PM

hi vicki i have very strict parents and im not allowed to do a lot of things my dad has anger issues so anything i say can get him angry my mom is never there for me the only one who really is, is my grandma she is 60 years old she knows all about this and she tells me to ignore it i do and it never works me and my grandma have thought about me living with her but my parents said not what should i do

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12/5/2019 5:49:03 PM

Hi vicki I have been on here a couple of weeks ago about an orangey liquid coming out of my privates but it was the only occasion that has happened and now I have a really dark reddish brown liquid come out two days in a row. it sticks together when it dries in my liner is this my period as i have stopped having discharge or is it a thing I should be worried about Lots of love Tween

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Yes this is your period, as was the orange fluid noticed a few weeks ago. Please share this news with your mum, or the person who cares for you and they will ensure you have pads or liners to help protect your underwear.


12/5/2019 5:45:38 PM

I'm sitting really stressful exams right now and i'm so beyond stressed that im literally permanently on edge and nippy. I really don't want to be and I'm trying my absolute best to stay calm but ultimately sometimes stress just gets the better of me and i end up snapping. I feel so awful about it, particularly as my mum keeps telling me what a horrible person I'm being 24/7 . I really try not to but I'm just so stressed it sometimes just happens and her ranting about me doesn't make it better. I've apologised so many times about how i don't mean to and that i literally can't help it but she doesn't understand and just shouts. It's really frustrating because no one gets the message and I just don't know what to do.

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12/5/2019 5:40:45 PM

when ever a boy touches me intimately me i get this horrible sick feeling in my stomach for days after and go off all my food. what could this be? Xx

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12/5/2019 4:55:58 PM

What happens if you start your period in an exam and it's really heavy but you're not allowed to go to the toilet?

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