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11/26/2020 8:50:25 PM

Hi Vicki, There was this boy I really liked and I thought he may have liked me a lot to, but I am not sure anymore because he messed up really bad and hurt me a lot. I found out through a text on his phone that he was part of this thing going around school wear boys sleep with girls for points. It was disgusting and they had a score book and everything. Different girls had a different amount of points and the winner was the person who got 100 points the fastest. This had been going on for ages so they had lots of points and he was really close to winning with around 80 points. It turns out he was sleeping with multiple girls including me, but he hadn't slept with anybody apart from for a three months. I found out and obviously broke things off with him. He keeps begging me to give him another chance, but this time "properly". I'm not sure what he means by that. I want to give him another chance, but what he did was horrible and I don't think I could ever give him another chance. he used me and he might do it again. What do you think I should do?

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11/26/2020 8:36:48 PM

Hi Vikci, I made a fake account to talk to a boy and now I really like him as a friend and he said i was one of his closest friend, but he is going to be really upset later when he realises that it's just a fake account. I don't know what to do.

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11/26/2020 8:33:28 PM

hi vicki ive been advised to go in the combination contraceptive pill by my doctor (im 15) to help with my acne. Im really nervous though because of the side effects, especially weight gain. Will i him loads of weight if i go on it?

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11/26/2020 7:35:20 PM

Is it okay to flush the hairs down the toilet after waxing instead of putting them in the bin?

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11/26/2020 7:31:52 PM

Ive got everything from the lil lets teens range :)( well almost everything I just dont have the wipes )

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Hi, the wipes are very good, even I keep a pack in my handbag at all times.


11/26/2020 6:59:02 PM

Wow nice webiste

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11/26/2020 6:58:46 PM

Who are you

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11/26/2020 5:11:22 PM

hey Vicki? So Ive wanted to use tampons for a few days now. I started my period in may this year and have had atleast 13 till now. The pads are like diapers and I have sensitive skin so i want to use tampons. So the thing is......I am not really active or swim but still. Anyway, the thing is, I JUST casually brought it up with my mom (who has used OB tampons a few times and is nearly menopausal) and she said "The hymen can break dear, it can also happen during playing or any other activity but doesnt mean you have to break it on purpose". I was like atleast lemme try and she said I wont be able to "endure' it because when you first insert it it feels like a sharp rock, you cant sit etc later when it absorbs blood, it softens. When I tried to argue, she said "Take it from an experienced." And shut me up. How can I convince her to let me try it atleast ONCE. I am really nervous and cant really argue with her cos of lack of confidence, but i feel like its my body so i should have the freedom to do that.

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Hi, some people find they can use tampons easily and the tampon can pass through the hymen without issue. Others it may take some practice. Why not let your mum know that Lil-Lets have a range of tampons for those new to this format and is something you would like to try.

Lil-lets Teens Non-applicator Regular Tampons


11/26/2020 4:11:50 PM

Im really upset. I got my braces on two years ago in October. And when I went to the orthodontist they said another nine months. All of my friends have had them off. Im really fed up. They always hurt and the elastic bands rub

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11/26/2020 3:47:39 PM

Hi vicki About a week ago i got a small orange red stain in my underwear. I told my mum i got my period and we got pads. But there has been nothing yet, i am confused!!,

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