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2/25/2021 3:07:39 PM

hi vicki im 13 and my breast was sore so i went into the bathroom and ive got like a white bump on it it doesnt hurt and its not near my nipple its at the side.xx

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2/25/2021 1:43:36 PM

Explanation on why you can be sassy if you are too tired for school

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2/25/2021 12:53:57 PM

1) how do you tell your parents your in your first relationship when you go to an all girls school and never had a boy round 2) do long term relationships work?

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Hi, I am sure it will come up in conversation at some point, but if you want to speak to them directly about this matter, be honest say you have met someone and when lockdown has eased you would like them to meet him. For now they could meet him on Zoom/Facetime or Teams and get to know him via this route.

With regard to long term relationships, if they have lasted for a long time, then I would say yes they do work.


2/25/2021 12:19:14 PM

Hey Vicki, a couple months ago i had sex and then took my pill late (not 24 hours late so apparently it doesnt count as missed) but the next day i had a tiny bit of blood in my underwear however im not sure if this was from my bum or my vagina (im pretty certain i had been abit constipated earlier that day and had abit of blood when i wiped) but even if it was from my vagina do i need to be worried? ive had both my periods on the pill since and ive also taken a pregnancy test which came back negative. Thank you sorry if this is confusing, Charlotte

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2/25/2021 12:13:56 PM

Could you do an advice blog about ways to maybe enjoy your period? Because I dread mine every month.

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2/25/2021 11:36:51 AM

Underbust 28in/71cm Bust 30in/76cm Overbust 29 and half in/75cm

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2/25/2021 10:46:45 AM

Hi vicki I was prescribed the pill diannette which is a contraceptive pill made for treating skin conditions such as acne Ive been on it a month and now on my 7 day break. I had acne before I started this pill this is why I was given it but its been a month and my skin is still bad I have broken out bad mainly around my mouth its making me really depressed and feeling out of luck as this pill was made especially for acne but its not working

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2/25/2021 10:11:26 AM

Help! Im bleeding agian even tho its been only 9/10 days since my last period

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2/25/2021 9:42:38 AM

Hi can you help with my daughter's bra size please. 76cm top 74cm bust 65cm bottom Thank you

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2/25/2021 9:03:46 AM

Hi vicki the fashion mom jeans and flares REM to have become popular and Im wanting to try them but there quite expensive I just dont like Jinny jeans anymore

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