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Be Skincare Savvy!

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Isn’t it enough that you have to juggle school life, boys and parents during puberty! When out of the blue your face erupts into an outbreak of those dreaded spots.

Clever girls know that a beautiful complexion is not just about how you clean your face or how often and good habits started now will ensure when you are older you remain wrinkle free and fabulous.

Here are Vicki’s top tips for a great skincare routine:

  • Be sure to wash your hands during the day, so germs are not passed from the hand to the face.
  • NEVER squeeze a spot or blackhead it will almost certainly become infected and look worse.
  • Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive and it pays to shop around for the product that suits you best.
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise should be your beauty mantra and water is one of the best toners around.
  • Exfoliate twice a week to remove any dead skin cells and stop your skin from looking dull.
  • Never go to bed without removing your make-up. Your skin really does need time off so it can breathe.
  • Always wear sunscreen on your face, even in the winter months, you will be so glad you did when you are older and any good moisturiser will have this built-in.
  • Always moisturise in an upwards motions, never dragging the skin in downward.
  • You are what you eat – and greasy foods such as burgers and French fries will inevitably lead to greasy skin.
  • If you have a fringe tie it back when at home to avoid natural oils from your hair being left on your forehead.
  • Drink plenty of water, hydrated skin tends to look healthier.
  • If you asked any top model what is her key to a clear complexion she will almost always say 8 hours sleep…so try to avoid too many late nights.
  • If you do want to wear make-up, remember less is more and it pays to play up your best feature rather than pile on the foundation and concealer.

Finally, most teenagers will experience spots during puberty so don’t stress if you have the occasional outbreak, it happens to us all!


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Totally no one

Thank you! This was very helpful.


same here


I dream of having spotless, hairless, shiny skin

Dat Lgbtq+ kid

Me and my 12 step skin care regime struggleing to clear my pores lol

to kerry

1 you are not to young 2 you do not have to wear a bra


Hi i have boobs and am only 12 but my mum wont buy me a bra because she says im too young but im getting bullied at school . Someone please help!!


Sleep… when you have insomnia: :/


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