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We've all had those mornings where we've pressed the snooze button on our alarms over a zillion times and are left with 5 minutes to get ready before school! Here I've made a list of five easy hairstyles that will take you less than 5 minutes to create.

Braided Front

Take the front two sections of your hair by your face, twist them and connect them to the middle of the back of your head with hair grips. This style keeps your hair out of your face and tames down any craziness and could be topped off with a bow to make it even cuter. If you're looking for a more boho effect, you can braid the two sections of hair by your face. If you have a side parting, you can braid/twist that one section.

Simple Top Knot

Simple Top Knot

Gather all your hair on the top of your head like you are tying a ponytail and twist the hair around itself, securing it with a hair bobble. This can also be called just a high bun and looks great with little bits of hair pulled out around your face to frame it. You can make your hair look more casual by using your fingers and gently loosen the tightness of the bun on your head by pushing out your hair a little around where the bun is tied.

Classic Side Braid

Classic Side Braid

I'm sure you've all come across or seen this style. You gather all your hair onto one side and do a basic braid/plait until you reach the ends of your hair and secure it with a hair bobble. This is a great way to speedily make your hair look cute and that you put a lot of time and effort into it. If you have a fringe of any sort, you can either pull it into the braid/plait or leave it out depending on whether you want a more causal or formal look. If you're looking to be a little more adventurous and have mastered the fishtail braid/plait (there are millions of tutorials on YouTube to help) then you can fishtail braid/plait your hair instead. To make this look more casual you can loosen the braid/plait by gently using your fingers and pulling outwards from inside of your braid/plait as shown in the photo.

Braided Low Side Bun

Braided Low Side Bun

This may sound complicated and looks it too! However, it uses the exact same steps as the classic side braid. Once you have tied your braid with a bobble, you simply wrap the braid around itself and use hair grips to secure it to your head and voila.

Half Up, Half Down

This hairstyle is famously worn by Ariana Grande and is a really quick way to hide greasy roots and add life to flat hair. A teasing brush and hairspray can be used to add volume to the root of your hair or the same result can be achieved with a spray of dry shampoo. For this hairstyle you're going to separate the top section of your hair by guiding your thumbs around your head, starting above your ears. You then comb the top section of your hair backwards, adding hairspray to control any flyaway hair and pull it straight back into a hair bobble. If you like, you can also go that extra bit further and take a small section of hair in the ponytail and wrap it round the hair bobble and then hide it under the ponytail with a hair grip. This hairstyle looks really cute with naturally curly or wavy hair as it gives it added texture.

Half Up Half Down


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Love these they look so cute! I always wear my hair down anyway though, lol. Xx


I know all of these


What about for people with a bob?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Reply to ?...?

These hair styles aren't just for Europeans there is Australians Asians and Americans on this site too. Also my friend has African hair and can easily do plaits and half up half downs and some of the other things


where are the styles for africans vicki? or is it just for the europeans. i would like african ones. cos most things on here are for european people vicki. dont deem it in appropriate cos i will complain on ask vicki and to the lilets customer board


these are so beautiful. please do more xx

k is for kitkat

Love these hairstyles. Can't wait to try it out but can you do some more plz? ;)


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