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6/18/2024 11:24:39 PM

bra measurements for 13 year old 74cm

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6/18/2024 7:32:59 AM

Bra measurements 72cm 74cm and 62cm

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6/17/2024 8:43:07 PM

Hi Vicki. This might sound weird but under my left armpit it really hurts to prod and I was having a shower and noticed a small hard lump which is where the pain is from. Could this be an ingrown hair or a medical issue or what? Thanks

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6/17/2024 7:56:07 PM

Ive had VERRY light brown discharge for like the past two days, this is my second period. Will my flow get heavier? My first period was much heavier

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6/17/2024 2:13:53 PM

I haven't had my first period yet but I have dark brown discharge what is it and could it be my period it is quite gooey and sticky like discharge too.

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6/16/2024 10:13:10 PM

Im 25 and I still haven't lost my virginity. And haven't even had a proper relationship yet. I have a lot of insecurities with my physical appearance especially my stomach which literally sticks straight out compared to the rest of my figure. The rest of my figure isn't too much of a concern but even over areas like my chest and my legs area I will often regularly use a tape measure to measure my hip and bust size to make sure that they're a size that I feel is satisfying/attractive if that makes sense. It's almost like I feel like I have to justify to myself that I have a somewhat decent figure(170 cm tall, uk size 12/10, about a d/dd cup, )

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6/16/2024 8:11:52 PM

Is it normal to have brown discharge?

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6/16/2024 1:05:23 PM

Hi Vicki, Ive been shaving down there every two - three days for the last few years and Ive recently found out from my friend that its too often. Is this true and how often should i? I also have a boyfriend so Im quite concious of my hair.

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6/15/2024 8:18:33 PM

I'm scared that tampons will hurt me down there (because you're literally putting it INSIDE OF YOU) and my mum's never used one. What do I do? I'm 11.

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Hi, how many periods have you had? I always advise having 5-6 periods before considering using tampons or cups, then you can be sure you are comfortable with your flow and cycle and will use the correct absorbency for your unique period.

When is the right time to use a tampon (


6/15/2024 7:25:32 PM

I was masturbating earlier, but then suddenly my pants got really really wet and I don't know why?

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