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12/5/2023 7:36:45 AM

My period was a week late and then I got it but it has been very heavy and it's lasted 8 days and mine usually only last about 2-4 I've only had my period for a few months- I got my first in august- why is my period so strange?

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12/5/2023 4:43:00 AM

can you request a pelvic exam at your doctors at any age?

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12/5/2023 4:33:09 AM

hi vicki, im 19 and now anytime i have sex i bleed. Im quite concerned about it and dont know what to do. Do you have any advice or suggestions on who i could talk to in more depth about this?

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12/5/2023 1:12:54 AM

Hi Vicki! Im just starting to develop my boobs I had one to begin with and now Im developing two! One of my breast buds is stiff is that normal? I just got the boob two days ago? Also I lost my mother to cancer and we dont stay in contact with her side of the family.. but I live with my dad and my grandparents is there a chance I could get my grandma breast size?

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12/4/2023 8:54:53 PM

Hey Vicki, I would love some advice about my friend. We have been friends since we were 11 and now I am 16 and she is 15. I used to like her a lot but this year she is really making me feel bad. I started running a few months and can do 5k in 28 minutes and I am proud of that and she started running a few weeks ago and she got a recent time of 26 which I am very happy for her. I walked into school this morning after the weekend and she said to me "still havent beat me at running yet. I said no i havent but then she went on and said to me - your time is great and so is mine but I think I know what your problem is, you just dont try hard enough This made me feel really unhappy because she is always doing things like this now and I know that I always try my best at everything I do. Another example is when she was asking us to rate each other in certain skills out of ten. Revising was one of them and rated me a 3/5 while i rated her a 5/5 and she said again you just dont revise hard enough - I felt so bad again. In pe classes we did fitness tests and I achieved very high scores. My friend had already done them and decided that she would repeat the tests again just to beat me - and she did. I was happy for her again but she just put me down again with a massive smirk on her face and said beat you. That same day she got put out in dodgeball and denied it and started shouting at the other girls on the other side - her behaviour is so childish and I did not like the way she acted just because of a game that was meant to be fun. There is a difference between friendly competition and boasting. Any achievements she makes I celebrate them. However, when I achieve something all she says is good and changes the subject to how amazing she is at swimming or maths and how im not good at those things. When I try to tell her something she butts in and talks about all the things she did. She is constantly comparing the two of us to each other. It is exhausting and I am tired of it. A friend is someone that makes you feel good about your self and not bad about yourself. She always thinks that her way is the right way and thinks she knows what is best for me. I am sick of it. I dont know what to do. Am I being silly and paranoid? I dont like being around her. I only have one other really good friend but she is unfortunately friends with her too as we are a trio. Can you give me some advice? Thank you

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It sounds like your friend maybe insecure and finds boasting and comparing her way of feeling better about herself, whilst not taking into account anyone else's feelings. 

So in future when she makes an unkind remark, stop her and say," I am not in a competition with you or anyone, I am not trying to to better, I am simply doing my best and that's enough for me". Reiterate that being competitive can take the joy out of life and is not for you.

If you say this enough times I am hopeful she gets the message and keeps her thoughts to herself.


12/3/2023 10:26:11 PM

I have sort of medium to occasionally heavy periods, and I was considering trying tampons (btw I started my periods at 15 and I'm now 24) but if I'm honest I feel really freaked out by the concept of sticking something up "there". Like it just doesnt feel natural. Any other tips? There isn't nesescarily a vitally important reason as to why I would need to use tampons (I don't go swimming very often etc.) But sometimes I kind of feel nauseous whilst changing pads in terms of seeing the blood

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Like anything new using tampons can take a little practice, but they do offer freedom if you sometimes on your heavier days do not want to see blood on a pad.

Try with a lite absorbency, relax, insert in slanting direction towards the base of your spine and there should be no discomfort at all.


12/3/2023 10:07:34 PM

I just read you think about swimming on your period. What will happen you do don't wear a tampon? I went swimming on my period the other day without period products how is that possible!? What could've happened

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If your flow is light then the period blood will simply disperse in the water, which is fine but not very nice for others in the pool.

If you flow is heavy then you may see the blood leaving the body as it disperses again in the water.


12/3/2023 10:03:09 PM

Why are tampons so hard? I thought they'd be soft! How do you put that thing in you? Wouldn't it hurt? I tried but I got to scared

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Hi, a tampon is compressed to when you insert it, it is hard and easy to get into place. Once inserted it gently expands and on removal will be very soft.

And if inserted correctly should not be painful at all.


12/3/2023 9:58:57 PM

HI Vicki!! What kind of texture is lubricant (if that's what it's called) like the stuff that comes out when you're aroused

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12/3/2023 6:00:26 PM

Hi, I am Beth and I am being assessed for autism. I still dont know if I have it but I can relate to pretty much all of the symptoms. This is making me struggle at school. I have noise-cancelling headphones which helps but I am still finding everything really overwhelming. I dont always pick up on jokes/sarcasm/facial expressions. People treat me like a small child even though I am above average intelligence. Is there anything I can do to help with everything?

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Hi Beth, I am so glad to hear you are getting assessed professionally to ascertain if you are on the Autism spectrum. My advice is to continue being you and trying not to change to fit in. if you find there are certain jokes or facial expressions you struggle to understand or read, simply ask the person to explain how they feel, of just smile at the joke, rather than laugh.

I am sure once you have been assessed you will get lots of advice and support from medical professionals, teachers and family.