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6/29/2022 8:02:40 AM

How many periods should you have a year, my first one came in March but I have only had one more in May, is this normal?

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Once puberty has ended a regular period cycle can vary from 21-34 days, this means some people will have 12 periods in a year, others 13.

But for now and as your body is getting used to a menstrual cycle it is very normal to have long gaps in between each one and this could go on for a few more years yet.


6/29/2022 8:02:10 AM

What if one boobie grows and the other one is flat, will it always be like this, I look silly and can't wear a bra as only one boobie fits.

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6/29/2022 8:01:37 AM

My BF wants to kiss me and touch my boobs we are 13 and I don't want to but he will break up with me if I don't let him, pls help and give advice.

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6/29/2022 8:00:56 AM

If I never have discharge will I never get a period do you think...worried girl.

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Some people never notice discharge and this has no impact on the arrival of their first period.

It is also true that discharge can often discharge can be clear in colour and barely even noticeable.


6/29/2022 8:00:34 AM

If my discharge is greeny yellow should I be worried, it also breaks off in my pants.

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If this green tinge occurs towards the end of the day it could simply be a build up of bacteria as the discharge comes into contact with the air.

However, if it is clump like cottage cheese and always green even when first released, you may have an infection that requires treatment with over the counter creams or tablets.

Have a chat to your mum or the person who cares for you and they will advise you further.


6/28/2022 10:28:57 PM

Does Odabam help for sweat?

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I have not trialled this product myself, but I have looked at the reviews and it seems to be a good choice.

However, as we are all different it will be a case of trialling the product to see if it suits your skin.


6/28/2022 6:15:52 PM

I have clear watery discharge (wee constituency) and I am just wondering when my 1st period will be on its way.

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Hi, the colour and texture of discharge will vary from day to day and it is not always a sign of when a first period is due to arrive.

However, what is a good sign, is discharge itself and most people notice this about 6-12 months before their first period.

I would now say it's time to keep some pads or liners with you when out and about so you are always prepared.


6/28/2022 6:10:45 PM

When do I get a proper bra? My bra tops/sports bras or about 13/14 years and I haven't got a period yet.

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Why not measure around the body as shown in the diagram below and I can then give you a guide to your bra size. 

You can then decide if you feel you now need a first bra.


6/28/2022 6:09:09 PM

I have had discharge for at least four or three months and I have had breasts for 2/3 years and I have had MOOD SWInGS for an extremely long time. When do I get a period? (I know I can't guess the exact date!)

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Well with so many signs already noticed I would say your first period cannot be too far away...maybe even this year.

And remember any brown fluid you notice is not discharge at all, but rather your see menstrual fluid is not always red in colour.


6/28/2022 4:42:52 PM

Hiya Vicki Im having a very difficult love life right now cause the girl I like did like me but doesnt now and she like someone else but not me but theres about a 00000000.1% percent chance I can be with her do u think?

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In life there is always a chance something may happen in the future.

But for now you have to respect this girl's choice and move on. I know that is hard to hear, but it really is for the best.