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Getting Braces Fitted

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Girl With Braces

Ever wondered what you might have in common with Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé…? Well braces is the answer! If you have them or are soon to be fitted with them, you’re in good company with celebrities now rushing to their dentist for this most unlikely of accessories. Once only reserved for teenagers, braces have become the most unlikely ‘must-have’ for celebrities looking for that Hollywood smile.

Studies have shown that in the past, up to 85% of people believed that a less than perfect smile ruined their appearance, but most were against wearing braces.

Well not anymore… orthodontic technology has moved on considerably over the last few years, with braces coming in a range of styles and colours, with the latest products offering almost total invisibility.

Why do we need braces?

Braces offer an ideal solution for an ‘overbite’ or ‘underbite’, are ideal if you have large gaps, crooked teeth or your mouth is overcrowded.

Do braces hurt?

Any discomfort noticed immediately after your braces have been fitted or when they’ve been adjusted tends to quickly subside. Your dentist will speak to your parents or guardian with regard to any pain relief required for these first few days when your mouth may feel a little tender.

How do braces work?

Braces correct any position problems you may have. By applying steady pressure on your teeth, this pressure eventually straightens and aligns your teeth for a perfect smile.

How long do I have to wear braces for?

Anything between 12 -36 months is normal and well worth the inconvenience for lovely straight teeth.

Caring for your braces.

Braces can trap food and cause a build-up of plaque so careful cleaning is really important and regular check-ups with your dentist are useful to not only check on your progress but also to ensure complete hygiene is being maintained.

If you can, try to avoid sugary drinks and chewy or sticky food such as toffees or popcorn.

How can I avoid being teased about my new braces?

Chances are your parents will make the decision as to whether you need braces or not. It’s far better to accept their decision rather than spend hours arguing over what is going to be; after all they are simply ensuring you have the very best oral health. And, if you’re main concern is what others may think, then give yourself a little pep talk.

  • Think nice thoughts about yourself and how fabulous your teeth will look in a few months’ time and how you will be the envy of all your friends.
  • Be polite and confident letting others know you think your braces are pretty cool and that even the trendiest of people now have them.
  • And finally if someone says you can’t kiss when wearing braces, laugh this off… letting them know you kiss with your lips and not your teeth!


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I have no idea why I am here

I have not got anything that needs braces so I idk why I am here lol just to say hello by the way say a friend has got braces and their teasing her... what should u do thx


Thanks for this post, I found it really helpful as I am getting brace in July. ☺😄😁


My dentist recommends I have them but I can't go at the moment. Can I?


hi i have braces and you should not worry about them because they do not hurt

Brace Questioner

Hi to anyone reading this, has anyone ever had the Twin Block braves/removable braces? I have to get them for a year at most and I’m super worried about how they’ll affect my speech especially with the list as I think I’m going to be made fun of at school. I’m also worried about having to read out infront of my classes.


I'm a tween and my dentist said that I am gonna get my braces after my 9 baby teethxome out now 4 came out sorry wanted to share idk why😳😬


I've had braces for about 4 months, only a few more moths to go until I get them off. Can't wait!


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