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Do you feel like your bedroom walls look a little bit too empty? Or you want a complete new makeover? How about following some of these small tips to decorate without having to beg your parents for a completely new interior which can be very expensive!

  • Pictures. If your walls are empty and need filling, buy a disposable camera and take some cool snaps with your friends. Then when they’re made, stick them on your walls or put them in picture frames. It will immediately make your room look more decorative. Or if you’re not allowed to stick on walls, why not get some string and little pegs and hang pictures around your room, or perhaps even buy a pin board and add all your little memories to your walls this way.
  • Fairy lights. They add light and colour to your room! They come in all shapes and sizes so you can chose what’s best for you and your colour scheme. They can be hung above your bed, window, wardrobe, anywhere you think suitable. They can also be very festive when it comes to Christmas and New Year.
  • Posters are often very big but there are thousands to choose from online, in shops and of anything you want. You can get posters of your favourite band, musician, dog, flower, TV show etc. Either blu-tack them to the wall or put them in picture frames to protect your walls.
  • Dream catchers/ hanging objects. This type of thing will make your walls look more interesting and less empty, hang a dream catcher above your bed or a hanging heart bought from a local home store. Loads of shops sell this sort of thing if you look hard enough and quite cheap too!
  • Paint. This isn’t too expensive and you can buy any colour you want. Invite a few friends over and paint one or two of your walls a bright colour. A feature wall will immediately make your bedroom look more colourful and bright. It’s fun too.
  • Cushions. To brighten up your bed or if you have a small armchair, buy some rainbow or patterned cushions. It will make it look more interesting and stand out more.
  • We hope these tips have helped, let us know what ideas you have used to decorate your bedroom! Have fun!


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And decluttering tips

Joyful Jackie

I rlly wanna redo my room so thx for the tips

Strawberry 3

Pom pom strings! I love to hang those. The idea of taking photos is cool too, you can make or buy cute frames for them. Again with the make or buy positivity quote posters are really cute and a pin board is useful to pin stuff to, and it looks so sweet. Just some extra tips, Strawberry 3 xx


This was SO useful I literally just moved house and all my stuff seems so babyish 👶🏼


my rooms are just covered in animal posters:):):):):):):)::)


Just found this site, but it's really helpful so thank you . Plus i will use some of these in my room! :)


Hi Dancinglife, maybe a blue and white scheme might work? Dunelm sell some really pretty duck-egg-and-white single bed sets with duvet cover/ pillow cases for about £25-£35, I know it's an investment but your side would look classy while his would look..... Whatever boys want their rooms to be described as!!


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