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and exercise
on your period


Just because it’s your time of the month, doesn’t mean you have to cancel what you like doing.

Tampons allow you to go swimming and give you the confidence to carry on with all your normal activities such as going to your dance class, school trip, sleep overs and exercise too, so you’ve got no excuses to sit out!


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there is no way I would be able to run around and exercise in a pad. Tampons are great, you just have to try out and test different brands and get the right absorbency for your flow. :)

Period new girl

Girls, I really suggest period pants. You don't need to change them throughout the day so there is no stress going to the school toilets! Also, they are reusable- you can wash them and use them again and again like normal knickers, so better for the environment too. I was worried about leakage ( this is my first period and my first PE lesson today) but my mum reassured me that unless it is a really heavy period then I would be fine. I'm still a bit worried but remember that bleeding is normal, there is no need to be embarrassed. You could also ask your mum to write your teacher a note explaining that you are getting bad cramps ( no need to say period) and that you will try your best to get involved but you may not be on your best that day. Sorry that message is so long and have a great day ;) x

help me please

Hi, Im 12 and startend on Christmas day and I was on the other Side of the country so I couldnt do anything. At school I leaked and I was really embarrassed but gladly no one saw but I had no spear pad on me. If anyone knows how to help me get through this please help xx


I'm too lazy to exercise :(


Hi i dont want to scare anyone but it hurts doing exercuse especially at school if your not able to take pain killers . And if your not comftorable wearing tampons yet , it can be very uncomfortable . It is also stressful as you are worred about leaking But if you can wear a tampon, take pain killers it is an enjoyable experience that can help you feel more confident with exercising on your period


I am 11 and have started my period. Just a few weeks ago, I had lots of discharge which made me feel wet and uncomfortable. You can wear liners as soon as you start getting discharge, and there is not correct age for it. The same applies for pads, but I wouldn't find a reason to wear pads if you're not on your period yet. Just be careful not to wear tampons before at least your second or third period, since taking out tampons dry can be really painful.


Hi ’Lazycow’, why not ask your mum for a tampon as you need to do swimming at school? Your mum should understand how you feel especially if she already uses tampons, if she says no respect her wishes but ask her to write you a note so that you don’t have to swim. Alternatively you could speak to another female family member and ask them to use tampons if you are ready or just for advice if you don’t feel ready! Good luck xx


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