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Here are some examples of negative thinking and how to turn them around:

“My mock exam results were awful, I’m such a failure!”

"If you focus on feeling like a failure, then it's difficult to focus on improving. But that's all you need to do. Work out what went wrong or ask for help if you don't know what you need to do. Just make it your mission to improve and you will. Ta Dah!"

“Boys always fancy my friend … I’ll never get a boyfriend”

“If you say things like ‘never’, ‘won't’ and 'can't' you're forming a really negative opinion of yourself. As soon as you hear yourself saying these things, either in your head or out loud, change it to something positive. ‘Ok, he doesn't like me, but I'm having a laugh with my friends anyway’. As soon as you act more positively, it may change how you feel and how others see you too”

"What if my period starts in school, I’d be so embarrassed!”

“There are just sooo many ‘what ifs’ you could come up with. Think about something you worried about recently. Did it turn out ok? Instead of worrying about things going wrong. Imagine what it's like for things to go really well. Say to yourself ‘I can cope if this happens, I just have to be prepared’.

Your friend says … “Wow you did great in the Art exam”
You say…”yeah but I'm rubbish at PE”

We can’t be great at everything. Don’t play down what you're good at when people say well done. Say thanks with a smile and make sure you compliment others when they do well too!“

“I should have spoken up in class now I’ve missed my chance"

"You can’t change the past, only the future. If you wish you'd acted in a certain way and didn't, learn from this and try a different approach next time."

"I hate my boobs, thighs, skin, hair….”

“Really? What's wrong with them? Even that girl in the corridor you think looks amazing, is stressing over something! Focus on what you do like about yourself and that'll give you confidence to walk tall....er, you know what we mean! ;) That's what people find attractive."

“I feel like people are always talking about me”

“That's a hard one. Just because someone whispers when you walk past does not mean you are at the heart of their conversation. So, rather than second guess what others may be saying, join in the chat or ask them what’s on their minds. Chances are you were wrong and there really was nothing to be worried about.”


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I am very nihilistic and sceptical this can be a good thing, and a bad thing.


Just think about all the worse off people.


I particularly like the one about taking compliments. So often when people compliment each other, the other person does it down. Just say thanks and be pleased with yourself. Yeah, you don't have to go round shouting out your achievements but be proud within yourself xx you go girls!!!


how am I suppose to shake off anxiety but then again this helps


realy helpful (-:

Cool cat

Helpful thank you😺😺😺😺😺😺


I'm so insecure and have a really low self esteem and this has helped me so much already!! Just knowing that I'm not the only girl who stresses over the way they look is so good. Of course I don't want this to happen to others but it's good to know I'm not alone and even the girls I think are gorgeous don't see themselves that way! Xxx


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