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First kiss

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If like many other girls you are waiting for your first kiss, you’ll know it can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. Lots of girls worry about what technique to use, being really nervous or that your special someone will fall into fits of laughter. Here are some tips that should make this very special moment in your life memorable:

  • Kissing is the most natural pastime in the world and whilst it’s ok to practice on your pillow when the time comes you will instinctively know what to do.
  • Being nervous can make lips dry so moisturise with a lip balm or clear gloss.
  • Don’t rush it. Relax and take your time and you could even let the other person take the lead.
  • A first kiss is a very personal moment in anyone’s life so don’t be afraid to tell your date that you would prefer NOT to do it in front of a group of friends.
  • Whilst it can be fun to gaze into someone’s eyes when kissing, some people find it uncomfortable. So, just as your lips are about to touch, gently close your eyes and enjoy the moment.
  • Turn your head slightly to the right or left to ensure noses don’t bump. Don’t worry if they do - it’s ok to laugh and it takes time to get to know what the other person likes.
  • You may ask yourself what do I do with the rest of my body… a good tip is to lightly place your arms around the other person’s neck or waist.
  • If you’re a little taller than someone, don’t worry, you can just bend your head a little.
  • Don’t feel pressured into French kissing (when the tongue is placed gently in the mouth). But if you feel that this is something you would like to try, slowly open your mouth and gently touch the other person’s lips with your tongue, they will get the hint and respond.
  • We all like encouragement but very often moaning or sighing is difficult when your lips are locked, so instead gently squeeze the other person’s arm, or simply stop, give them a smile and continue.
  • Finally, when the moment has ended don’t be tempted to pull away, instead rest your head on the other person’s shoulder and give them a hug so they understand you enjoyed your first kiss.

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I am 13 and a lesbian and me and my gf wanna kiss but we haven’t and I am nervous because I’ve never kissed anyone before.


My first kiss was a foreign boy I'd just met and he barely spoke a word of English


It's me again a few months later and I'm basically dating a different girl now we are very happy and we have started tell people :) (she is my first kiss)

Snogger Muggs

I've only ever met one boy in my life and I have no feelings towards him whatsoever since I go to b all girls school. I'm 11 and all use r saying how u already have a f****** partner!! What's up there!? And in guessing uve ad a big ol snog er


all these comments from 11 year olds worrying they haven't had their first kiss yet, guys i'm 16 and I've never even hugged or held hands with a guy let alone kiss them.

To chimpanzees

Hi like I mean just take ur time and eventually ul have a crush and then u may want to ask them if they like u back and if they do u can take it from there, if they don’t that’s just a part of life and ul eventually find someone 4 u hope this helped xoxo


I've never had a first kiss before but I love reading all your stories! Do you have any tips on how I can find the right person for me? (I'm in year 8)


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