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Getting to know
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From the time you were born your reproductive organs have been fully formed. However, they stay inactive (like being asleep) with very little change until a girl is around 10 years old. Around that age, little chemicals called hormones are sent by the brain to the reproductive system, letting it know that it’s time to ‘wake-up’ and start maturing, in preparation for one day when a woman might want to have a baby. Here’s what you need to know about your internal reproductive system:


  • You can see the entrance to your vagina if you take a mirror and look between your legs.
  • Did you know that by the time you reach puberty this part of your body (shaped a little bit like a tube) will start to increase in length and when fully grown will be anything from 6-12cm long?
  • The inside of your vagina is not as smooth as you may think too. It can almost feel a little spongy with ridges and an elastic structure.


  • Your vagina is linked to the uterus by your cervix. Think of this as a little bit like a canal linking one part of your body (the vagina) to your uterus and is no more than 2-3cm long.
  • The opening to the cervix is no larger than the head of a matchstick. Many girls are worried that if they use a tampon, it will travel up inside their body but there is no way a tampon could get lost from the vagina as the entrance to the cervix is so small.
  • The cervix also has a big part to play in fertilisation. For an ovum (egg) to be fertilised by a male’s sperm, it will need to travel through the cervix to reach the rest of your reproductive organs.
  • This part of your body is very clever too and, when needed, will open to allow a baby to pass through, only to close up again afterwards.


  • The uterus is sometimes called the womb and has one of the most important roles to play in your reproductive system.
  • It’s shaped a little bit like a pear and when fully developed will be about 7.5cm long.
  • This is where a baby would grow if an egg had been fertilised and where your menstrual fluid is found.
  • It is surrounded by some of the strongest muscles in a female’s body and it is these muscles that can help push a baby out when it is ready to be born. For females who have periods, it is these muscles that contract to allow menstrual fluid to leave the body and can sometimes be responsible for period cramps too.


  • These are two very fine tubes that lead from the ovaries and into the uterus. They are about 10cm long and have at one end a section that looks like a ‘frilly skirt’. This section is situated very close to the ovary, so when an egg is released it can catch it.
  • It is inside the fallopian tube, that as the egg travels down it to the uterus, that fertilisation can take place.


  • Just like the fallopian tubes, you have two ovaries and even before you were born they will have stored all the eggs you needed to make a baby…more than a million!
  • Your ovaries are oval in shape and about 4-5cm long. They hold within them ovum (eggs) that if fertilised could make a baby. Those little chemicals called hormones tell the ova (egg) when to mature and get ready for release.
  • During your menstrual life you will release approximately 400 ova and even though they are very small, they are visible with the naked eye.
  • Generally the ovaries take it in turn from month to month to release an egg.


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To whoever helped me From cassie coconut

Dear whomever helped me, thank you that was helpful! I hope we can chat soon xxxx cassie coconut

Reply to Cassie Coconut

There are 3 holds altogether but in the vulva/vagina area u only have 2. You have your urethra (Lee hole), your vagina (blood/baby hole) and then I have your anus (hurt hole) hope that helped!😁

Cassie Coconut

Yep it's me again I comment quite a lot. Sorry, I'm still confused, are there two holes or three down there??


Our vaginas are like SO complicate my goodness


If you look in a mirror the big hole down there is your volva . Of you sit naked the flabby part you can easky see is your pee hole it isnt a large hole lolike the volva it is super tiny and on the flabby part


Your first couple of times using a tampon probably won't be easy, just make sure u learn the proper technique. As you get older you'll be less afraid and test out different products. How do you put a tampon in?? IMPORTANT: WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER! I don't recommend trying unless ur actually on ur period cuz it might hurt to get cotton up there dry. First, just relax. Ur body is tense because this is new and u may be scared so it'll be hard to get anything up there if ur clenching. Relax, trust your body. Either sitting or standing find a comfortable position. Second, get a tampon that matches ur flow. Light or medium flow might require a "regular" tampon and heavy flow might require "super". Everyone's body is different so if u notice leaks then maybe go up from regular to super but if it's too dry or hurts when you pull it out then go down from super to regular or switch back to pads. Third, open the package, take out the tampon, find the hole, with ur thumb and middle finger hold the applicator and slowly push the larger part up of the applicator into the vagina (not all the way), then once it's in a little push the stick with ur pointer finger to release the tampon until you feel the tampon is in place, then pull the applicator out. The tampon is in ur body! I also recommend wearing a liner or pad while you have the tampon in, just in case you leak. It may feel weird so stand up and make sure it feels okay to move around in. It may be uncomfortable the first couple times but uncomfortable doesn't always mean you did it wrong. If it hurts to bad gently take it out and try again another day. Clean up: Put the applicator back in the package then throw it away. DO NOT flush the applicator. NEVER flush the tampon when you take it out! The tampon cannot get lost in ur vagina. If it gets stuck or you pull the string out and the rest doesn't come out either ask an adult u trust to help u or wash ur hands and gently go get it urself. It may hurt a little taking it out but that isn't bad, just be gentle.

reply to; MII

i've the same question,how do you pt a tampon in without hurting urself??!!


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