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Tampons don’t need plastic applicators

Did you know that non-applicator tampons contain up to 97% less plastic than their plastic cousins. That's because they're still a tampon inside, but without the plastic casing (applicator) outside.

They're also conveniently small, so can easily fit into a pocket or purse


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Reply to welp

If only applicator tampons work for you I suggest using a reusable tampon applicator. That way you can be good for the environment and still use an applicator. Li lets do really good reusable tampon applicators. But that is my personal opinion. I hope I maybe helped.


I care about the environment a lot so it is breath that there are blogs like this. I personally use reusable pads to be good for the environment since I don’t want to use tampons yet.

Cassie Coconut

I am unbelievably passionate about the environment my mum is too so I guess I was brought up with this mindset. You need tampons sometimes, like for going swimming but then if you wanna be more eco friendly then you could try period pants. They are super comfy, and you don't have to change them so perfect for school. I don't know whether they can manage heavy flow as mine is medium but they are so practical you should just Google them at least! Plus, at night I wear pads made of fabric so they are reusable as well. That was quite long, oops. But just a few more plastic alternatives you could at least consider. I mean... Do the future generations mean nothing to you???


Sorry, but I've tried non applicator tampons MANY times and it just doesn't work. the applicator is the way for me. :/


I really want to try tampons myself. I've also had 4 periods so far. I think you should give it a try if ur mom okay with it, I'm still trying to convince my mom to let me try them. ;p


You can actually get tampons with a paper applicator from Lil-Lets and other companies. I haven't tried them but they seem good. If you don't want to give up plastic applicators then maybe lessen your plastic use in some other way? Never used a tampon because I don't know how. I'm quite active so should I? I've only had 4 periods.


I just wish people would stop littering as it's dangerous for the animals. Think about the fox and squirrels 😭


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