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How to avoid being a clumsy teenager!

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Last week we discussed growing pains and how quickly the body can change over a short period of time during puberty.

Did you know that this growth spurt is also responsible for clumsiness in teens too? So if you have found yourself tripping over or bumping into things it’s good to know that this is quite normal.

As your height increases it is only natural that your centre of gravity will change too, often leaving teenagers feeling awkward, with legs and arms feeling too long and spindly for their body. This can happen so quickly that the brain does not always keep up keep up with your new size and cannot calculate your surroundings as well as it did before, leaving you feeling self-conscious, accident prone and even a little heavy handed.

Here are some tips to reduce any clumsy episodes in the future and until your brain has matured in line with your body.

Don’t think too much!

Feeling self-conscious is normal for teenagers and a sign you are becoming aware or yourself and where you fit in this world. But often we can overthink things and the moment you say to yourself, “I can’t run for the bus, people will see me” or “I’m going to look silly in PE” the brain starts to focus on these thoughts rather than the task ahead, such as running or jumping. So get into the habit of clearing your head and concentrating on the activity you are doing at the time. Chances are everyone else feels the same and will not even notice what you’re up to.

Remove Obstructions

We all like to have our favourite things in our bedroom, but don’t let them start to take over your space and put clothes, shoes, bags away to avoid tripping over them.

Stop & Look

It seems obvious, but how many times have you got up from the sofa and tripped over something because you did not take the time to view your surroundings. So take a few seconds to see what’s around you, has anything changed, has something new been added that was not there before that could cause you to trip, or knock over.

Keep your feet on the ground

Yes, we all love some killer heels but if your body is still adjusting to your new height and ever changing shape, it may be a good idea to switch to flats for a while.

Get a good night’s sleep

Research has shown than not getting a good night’s sleep can leave people accident prone and clumsy.

Get to the core of it!

Exercise is a great way to increase your balance so consider doing these two simple exercises when you have a few spare minutes.

  • Sway from side to side whilst standing on one foot for a minute, then switch to the other foot.
  • Daily stretches will increase blood flow to the muscles and help with your flexibility.

Finally, remember that everyone has the occasional mishap and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, so don’t beat yourself up about the odd trip or if you knock something over it will only ruin your day if you do!

Yes it can be a little embarrassing, but if you laugh it off, take a few deep breaths to focus on what you are doing, you will feel calmer and able to carry on with your day.


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I always keep tripping on the stairs at school


I do pointe like the person in the photo :)


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hi mia xxxxx love this bblog im too tall but ill try to be more careful


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