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How to Survive a Summer Romance

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If this sounds familiar then you’re not alone, thousands of girls will find they’ve been bitten by the ‘summer love bug’ this year, but with a little careful planning you can have a great time without the tears.

  • 1. Prepare for fun Summer break should be a time when you relax and have fun and it pays to remember that a summer romance will only last for a couple of weeks and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. So don’t spend every minute of your holiday hanging out with that special someone; have some breathing space with your family or friends. Plus, this will make you look mysterious and even more fun to be around.
  • 2. Be realistic It’s highly unlikely that this boy or girl will be local to you when you get home and even if you both swear to stay in touch the chances are you won’t! For this reason don’t feel too disheartened if they promise to call, text or come and visit and then don’t. Instead end your last day together on a positive note, letting them know how much fun it’s been sharing the summer with them and wish them all the best for the future and when they go back to school.
  • 3. Set Boundaries It can be easy to get carried away in the moment and you should make it clear to someone what you are prepared to do… and a stolen kiss, cuddle or holding each other’s hand is more than enough to set your heart a flutter. If someone pressures you to do more, say NO, and don’t be fooled by the line “oh but we will never see each other again”!
  • 4. Making memories Of course it’s great to take photos of you and your summer love and to even buy each other little love tokens. But don’t go home and spend time looking over these items time and time again, it will only make you sad. Instead, pop them away in a cupboard or box and think of them as a great, but one in a lifetime meeting that was great fun but has now passed. There will be plenty more summer romances for future holidays.
  • 5. Don’t be a love struck bore! Remember as much as your friend’s love you, incessantly chatting about someone they have never met will eventually become boring and could come between you. So share your pictures just once and keep any references to who you met and what you did to the first couple of days.


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To Mae from Crocodile2

Hi Mae, my bff also likes my crush and she keeps on trying to squeeze her way into my crush and my conversations. I suggest that maybe you tell your bff the truth? Like 'do you mind if you give my bf and I a bit of space.' Also, at the disco, don't be afraid to make your first move! If you are dating it will probably fine, I can't see anything going wrong. I hope this helps! Have a great evening!

Girl life

My girlfriend literally lives round the corner and I SEE HER EVERY WEEK. What is it with you guys saying they live so far away. I do not know. Well, have great summer.

Rabbit lover

I wish I had a boyfriend. According to my friends I’m really pretty. I have long golden hair, bright blue eyes and i sometimes get freckles. According to my ballet teacher I have “brilliant posture”. I’m not showing off because I don’t believe that I’m pretty because I don’t have much self confidence. Xx

Summer romances

I was in a summer romance last summer, I was 15 and am now 16. It was so much fun, we didn't do anything sexual but we had one kiss and we also went surfing and scooba diving together.s at the end we said we would stay in touch and did for a few weeks but then lost touch. I wasnt that sad because we weren't all I love you so much. So my tip is don't go to far and just make sure you have fun. :)

camping cween

I like only girls and over the summer I had a few guys ask me out (some close friends others kids from the resort) I felt bad telling them I wasn’t into them. Can u help me to break it to them nicely and not feel so guilty? Becca. England x


Okay IG Im Prepared Now .


Hi I really want my first kiss and I have a boyfriend but my bff loves him as well I try to tell her me and him will always be together but she keeps flirting and hanging around him and I feel like me and him never have any privacy but were having a leavers party this year and I think we're having a disco so hopefully he will ask me out to it.Anyway please help I don't know what to do about my bff she's not getting my hint


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