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Don’t confuse loving who you are with being arrogant or a show off. There is a bit difference between being kind to yourself and ‘bigging’ yourself up in front of others.

Stop Being Mean To Yourself! Worthless, ugly, stupid… if these are some of the words you use to describe yourself or even how you think, then you are setting your day up to be a disaster, creating misery all around you and quite frankly it must be exhausting being so down on life all the time.

Of course you’re not perfect…none of us are, but you don’t have to be perfect to be happy. So stop putting pressure on yourself and most importantly stop being your own worst critic. Learn to focus on what you do have and appreciate what is good about your life.

Easier said than done some would say, so here are some examples:

  • If you have a pet, picture how much they love you, want to spend time with you and always have a warm welcome for you when you get home.
  • How great is it to walk to school with friends, even if you are the quieter member of your group, it’s still great to be part of something so special.
  • How cool is it when all of your family get together and eat a meal.
  • How fabulous is your hair, your smile, your eyes, your hands.

Don’t be a Scaredy Cat! If you’re someone who can take the smallest of thoughts or situations and turn them into a huge monster of a problem going over them time and time again, then take a few moments to think of something you really like. Keep a small photo album of happy times in your life, have a list of tunes that make you feel happy, keep a copy of a favourite and funny film in your room. Go for a walk in the sun, or even in the rain, take your wellies and jump in puddles. Keeping busy and taking your mind off the problem will quickly break these habits of negative thinking.

Take care of the skin you’re in! There is a clear link between a healthy attitude and a healthy body. So ditch the junk food, eat well and do something every day that makes you a little out of breath.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? It should be you! So get into the habit of looking in the mirror every morning, say “I love you and I’m going to prove it to you today”. Sounds silly I know, but by saying the words you are already making a conscious promise to have a good day. Have a little conversation with yourself, ensuring only positive feedback is given.

You say... “Think, I’ll put my hair up today.”

You reply with... ”You should it’s a really nice look on you.”

If something happens during the day that leaves you in a negative groove, go to the loo, look in the mirror and say to yourself; “Oh well, I still love you, let’s move on, enjoy what’s left of the day.”


Love, love me do! Don’t feel guilty for loving yourself, and remember until you learn to love yourself you probably won’t be able to love someone else. Being kind to oneself and offering praise and positive thoughts are a great way to teach yourself to give love and accept love from others.

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This is helping a lot, cause I am really self conscious about this one tiny thing. When I smile in pictures underneath one of my eyes kinda crinkles up and I feel so so so self conscious about it.


I forgot to add @Hey Pandas I totally agree and I love what you are doing. Love is a super power that anyone can have so make it yours - Kamila


You are amazing! You are incredible! You are brave! You are powerful! You are an absolutely wonderful and blessed human being who is smart, special and sparkly. You shine so bright that the stars seem barely visible. Please remember to never give up, you have got this, you can do anything you want and if someone tells you that you can't then you just have to go out there and prove them wrong. The grass is NOT greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. So start watering your own grass. I believe in you. Please pass this message on and give someone hope in the dark x


I think that If you learn to love yourself your life is going to be a lot easier

Learning to love myself

Recently I have been really fed up with how down I am being and started trying to become more confident in myself and my appearance. This blog helped so much! For anyone trying to love themselves more, the first step is to commit to doing it. The hardest thing for me is that I have like a moustache. Like top lip hair. I have been really brave saying that so please don't judge me. Yes, I am a girl and I have a moustache and I hate myself for it but I just need to be strong and accept I wasn't born perfect. If anyone else finds themselves in a position like me, having top lip hair then please comment to let others feel like they are not alone. I am only posting this so that if you are reading this then you know you are not alone. Thank you girls ( and maybe guys) for reading my super long message and please comment to let others know they are not alone and can get over it xxx

Hey Pandas (you are mazing)

you guys are all AMAZING your all AWESOME you should love yourself. Your all girls going true puberty, a time to socialise, make friends, feel attractions, find your career, and also learn about yourself. Don't go saying your stupid, because you aren't good a one thing. Remenber, if your not good at one thing, you must be good at something else, it's like superpowers every one has their own. So love yourself for me! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Invisible but "popular & perfect"

Girls stop comparing your self to thise pretty popular girls you see their not perfect i know because i am one . Us popular girls have it worse we act all perfect princesses . You see ypu compare yourself to us but we secretly cimpare our self ro you . See we akways look on point as we spend hours on our appereance we civer up all our imperfections im not the true me im fake . Everybidy see the beutufal smiling cool me but im reall y depresed i really feel inivasble i hate all of me . Even thoughwere perfect we feel invusble . We are so insecure and low self esteem we pretend to be perfect we are not mentallyor physically . We just want toserm okay we hate ourselfs


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