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Looking on the Bright Side

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Sometimes we can get so caught up with the roller coaster of emotions that puberty brings we forget how to be happy. Yes, sometimes we have to focus on our happy thoughts!

  • Keeping smiling; it’s free and whilst it may seem such an insignificant little thing to do, it can make a HUGE difference. Don’t forget the old saying ‘if you see someone without a smile….give them one of yours’. You’ll be surprised how uplifting it is to have someone smile back at you when you feel down.
  • Keep photos of holiday snaps, friends, pets in your purse or school bag, so when you delve inside you get that warm feeling when you think back to when this photo was taken.
  • Cuddly toys are not just for toddlers and there is nothing wrong with keeping your favourite childhood toy on your bed, or even taking it along with you when on school trips or sleepovers if it brings you comfort.
  • During puberty we can often be hard on ourselves, so display any medals, awards or certificates around your bedroom, to constantly remind you how fabulous you are!
  • Put on some music, it doesn’t have to be the most current chart hit, a song you and your family or friends used to love and sing-a-long to can evoke a positive feeling.

Finally, why not get a pad and make a list of all the funny or caring things that have happened during the week. Maybe you went out for something to eat with family, a friend told you a silly joke that made you laugh, a boy smiled at you, your grandparent told you a wonderful story. Then on the days when you feel a little sad, look back on the things that made you happy, memories are not only wonderful for getting us back into a positive frame of mind, they can also help us identify who and what we like and should focus on in life to feel happier.


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Awww this is soo nice.. thanks thanks thanks, no doubt I will do this. I used to keep my certificate In a Dusty old cupboard I will pin it beside my wiwdow or even at the mirror, thank thank your the best. To every one here, you are all fabulous girls your all amazing and you can do anything, just belive in yourself and smile to people around you because a smile in infectionous, if you smile to a person they will smile at you. your all amazing!


I used to suffer from depression and I even thought of taking my own life but I'm a lot better. One advice I would give to other teens is to know that Jesus loves you❤️❤️ remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. xxx


RE:SORRY I know this is pretty simple, but just looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you are awesome, can really help. I don't personally know you, but I am completely sure that you are brave, strong, good hearted and an all round awesome person. Remember this and tell your friend so you both feel confident and more positive. X


I've been feeling kinda depressed recently, both my grandparents died last summer and my dad is really down and gets angry and upset really easily. My mum is very ill l and has been since I was born. This makes staying at home lonely and I end up frustrated. Since going back to school my mood has got worse. X, one of my best friends, has lost her dad and I'm getting paranoid about lockdown cos it means I can't be there for her and she can't be lonely. Y, another one of my friends, is dying from aplastic amnesia. It's unlikely she will get a donor as she is mixed race. Z, who has been my best and first friend since I was a baby, is not as close to me anymore. Her parents seem to hate me as I go to a private school (I'm the scholarship kid) and I haven't been able to talk to her. I don't have anyone to turn to and it's making everything seem impossible. I'm only eleven and it's scary that my friend is dying, and it's overwhelming that I feel I've got to be there for x all the time. Please, some support and advice on how.to get through this would be so amazing. Xx.


These are all really great. Thank You! X


I cried for 3 hours over a piece of cheese I dropped and my dog ate... so yeah My eMOtiOns aRE a roLler cOASter MAN


I started year 10 in September, which Is the year I am working towards my gcse's. All of my year got split up so we are all with new people. I said to myself at the start of term that I wouldn't show myself up, I'd be quiet and stick to myself (so I can get on with work.) But now I feel I'm not being myself and it's annoying. I don't want to seem weak, I want to seem as the girl who is chatty and crazy (who I am normally) but I'm presenting myself the way I was in primary school! But there's this girl called Evie and she is one of my friends and she is lovely, and is always smiling and can talk to anyone. She's basically who I want to be around people. I'm afraid that I come across as unfriendly but it's almost like I've forgotten how to smile at people, and that I'm pushing myself away from new people which I don't want to happen now. I reckon it's all about confidence but I can't find any? Do you have any tips? Also, I can tell when older people (young leaders at guides or teachers) don't like me and it's annoying as they like my friends. I am a friendly person I swear! I love being around people but I don't know how to show it anymore!! X


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