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Tips for managing your period

  • Try wearing a liner on a daily basis. They're great for absorbing discharge and if your period starts unexpectedly, you won’t ruin your underwear.
  • Carry some pads with you so you’re always prepared.
  • Mark the date in your diary when your period starts. Once your period becomes regular you'll start to notice it follows a pattern.
  • Set up reminders on your phone as to when to expect your next period. There are free period tracker apps especially for doing this.


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Hewo! Ummmm....just letting you know about irregular periods. I got my first period in 7th grade, eight days before I turned 13. It was not very enjoyable. Then I waited 6 WHOLE months before I got my second period. So don't worry if your takes a long time because mine took a very long time to come back.

Strawberry 3

Hi, my periods are so irregular too, Princess. Well so far. I started my period in late April this year and I have only just got my second period now, in mid June. It is sooo annoying, why can't they be regular? But the main sign I would look out for is a change in discharge, it should turn more white and also jelly like and thicker. You can read my first period story on the Tell us your first period story blog. I recommend that you check it out. Ciao for now - Strawberry 3 xx


My period is sooo irregular!!!!


It's crazy that I've already had 6 periods since my first. Life goes by quickly yall enjoy the moment. :))))

period app

I started to use the period tracker app called Clue on my phone. It's really easy to use and it's also free which is nice. I really recommend it!

i started

I started my period yesterday (am 13) and I just marked my calendar in my room since I don't have a phone. I'm kinda scared though that my period will be irregular, I hope not!

Little pug

I am 10 In a few weeks it is my birthday and have not actually started my periods yet but need advice on it, this helped. Also should I now use liners every day? I am also bad at telling my parents things like when I want liners I go all shy so can some people reply on this comment I need advice fast as I am going back to school soon so I need help. Thanks, little pug


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