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I haven’t started
my period yet


Don’t worry. The average age for a girl to start her period is 13. But in reality, it is common for girls to start anywhere between the ages of 8 and 18.
As there’s no way of predicting when it'll start, it’s a good idea to keep some pads in your bag when you’re out and about. Lil-Lets Teens day pads are nice and slim and come in discreet packaging so no one will know you've got any in your bag.

what happens
when it
does arrive?


When it does arrive for the first time, for some girls they notice either a tiny bit of blood in their underwear or on some toilet paper. Although it may be an awkward conversation, you need to have the chat with your nearest and dearest (like your mum or sister) so they make sure you have products for this period and the next one.


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I am 12 and I really don't want my period I'm scared of cramps and something embarrassing happening but I'm just lucky that one of my friends has started and I go to a girls school but also everywhere that will give you pads or tampons is on the bottom floor and most of my lessons are on the top floor so if I'm in class and I get it I will have to run down the stairs put it on and run back up


Thank you I am 10 and this has been really helpful

to:ALEXIS from girl321/juju

hi ALEXIS i want to tell you that i get you and also can u be a dear and tell other on here 2 read my not period story thks ALEXIS !!!!!!


I an 14 1/2 and I haven gotten my period yet. I an only just starting to grow. Is there something wrong with me. If anyone has any thing to relate to this please respond. I feel like I am the only one in the world. I feel as if I am stuck in an 11 year olds body. I am only an A cup.


Hey guys every two omnths i repost so you know that i am still here but no currently my mom lost her job and she and my dad our divorced but last night my mom left us alone! And my dad was in the kitchen in the morning i said daddy wheres mommy and he said oh she is still sleeping and he yelled at us not to go in her room luckily riley (my little sister) And i went anyway with our mad daddy chases us behind and all here stuff was gone!!!! when we went around her room there was not one bottle of makeup or anything our daddy said he would take care of us for now on (no offense dad) He can be pretty mean most of the time but my mom? no she was the sweetest mommy but since daddy treated her so badly she left yesterday with out telling me!!!! So that is why i am scared to get my first period because i only have my dad now!!!! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! if you are curious i am crying my head off right now!!!! so thoses emojis are correct!!!! I just wanted to let you guys know but just to say noone cares how every night and morning i cry when i fall asleep and after i wake up and i cry at school!!!! So that is basicly why i am sxcared to get my first period because i dont want my dad to know!!!! Hopfully riley (9 years old) will get it before me but she has not started puberty yet!!!! Oh well ! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! i keep sending crying emojis because that is how sad i am!!!! please anyone help! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭! 😭

hey ??

So, i got my first period halfway through january 2023, it was 10pm at night and i went to the bathroom and it was just there, i told my mom and she got me things i needed, i was luckily at home with supplies but not everyone has that experience, personally, carry at least one with you, it helps


Sigh i am 11 and still have not started my period!!!! Is there something wrong with meeee???? :( 😭


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