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Getting Ready for
the End of Year School Prom

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As school draws to a close for the summer, some of you may be preparing for your end of year school prom. As well as being an exciting time for girls, it can be a little daunting too, so here are my Top 5 Tips for making your prom the best ever.

  1. The first thing to remember is that the school prom is not just about going on a date with that special boy, it’s also about having a fun time with your friends (some of whom may not be going to the same school as you in September). The prom is an excellent place for friends to have fun and look back on all the great times they have shared over the years.
  2. Now what to wear!? Make sure that you have chosen your outfit a few weeks before the prom so you feel comfortable and are not rushing around a few hours before it starts. If you can, add some special touches that makes it individual to you, for instance jewellery, belts or the trend of the moment, flower chains in your hair. If you are going as a group of girls, then you may all want to wear something identical such as a special piece of jewellery or even give yourselves a group name and add it to a badge!
  3. Let’s talk about that all important date. I imagine lots of you already have someone in mind that you would like to go to the Prom with. So what do you do? Do you ask him or wait for him to ask you?
    My top tip is to be fairly relaxed about this, if it looks like the boy is not going to ask you to be his partner you could innocently ask him if he plans to go and if he says yes, casually say, “We could go together if you like, I have made no real plans yet?” If he declines, don’t be offended. It may be he is not yet ready for that kind of commitment or plans to go with his friends instead, so simply say “no worries, it was just an idea.” This will avoid any embarrassment and you should still be able to chat as friends when you are at the dance.
  4. If you are taking a date to the prom, it’s okay to be a little nervous about what is expected of you. As a general rule, most couples will have a slow dance at the end of the night that may lead to a first kiss. But, it really is up to you whether you want this to happen or not and if you are not comfortable being this intimate, then keep the date light hearted and dance to the faster tracks and offer to chat during the slower songs. This will show your date you are still keen to be with him but not yet ready for anything more at this time.
  5. Finally, take a camera as you will want to capture all of the great moments you are going to have on this most special of nights and some students like to organise an after prom get-together so they can all share their photos and experiences of the evening. This also gives you a great opportunity to meet up with someone special too and can be quite informal, for instance in your local coffee shop.


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cottage cheese

Very helpful can't wait for my prom


At my end of year disco everything one just hanged out with their friends and sat on the floor eating pizza.LOL


Just say,"Can I talk to you alone?" when you next see him. Then ask him if he is going to the prom with anyone and if not KABOOM ask him hon xx

The legend

You know how it says "might lead to your first kiss"... What about the teachers watching? I would never have the guts it would be WAYYY to awkward with them there 😂


My year six prom is tonight and I'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Lolly pop girl

There is this boy I wanna ask but I don't know if he likes me back, in the past there were rumour that he liked me and wanted to ask me, but I don't really believe them. Should I just ask him and see what happens? And if so HOW?!?! Someone help me pls!!! -Lolly pop girl


I can't get a date to anything. I'm in an all girls school and we have a prom shared with an all boys school. I like this boy who sometimes gets the same bus as me and he was in my primary school and I have seen him looking at me with this expression on his face a few times. I want to ask him but he is always with a friend and it might be uncomfortable talking to him after a few years. HOW CAN I ASK HIM OUT?!


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