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Sleepover Part 1:
Survival guide

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Whether you’ve been invited to a sleepover party or are hosting your own, that initial moment of excitement can soon be replaced with dread… especially if you’re worried about being on your period or stressing about whether everyone will have a good time.

Girls have been having sleepovers or slumber parties for many years and with just a little bit of thought you can turn yours into the ultimate event everyone remembers.

Sleepover Tip #1

Make your sleepover invitations unique by designing them yourself; find a theme and use glitter and stickers to make them stand out.

Sleepover Tip #2

Decorate your room with homemade banners, fairy lights and extra cushions or bean bags if you have them…and don’t forget to leave space on the floor for games.

Sleepover Tip #3

Why not ask your guests to bring one item of food, such as popcorn, fun bars or marshmallows. And if you are allowed, ask if you can order a pizza in. Even better… one of your party games could be making your own pizzas!

Sleepover Tip #4

Brothers and sisters can often feel left out so why not ask your parents or the person who cares for you if they can stay with a relative or adult. This will make the night special for them too!

Sleepover Tip #5

Remember that your room is not Dr Who’s Tardis, so limit the amount of people you invite… 5 is a good number. If you’re worried about leaving someone out, explain that you are only allowed a small number of attendees and that you will organise something in the summer months for everyone to attend in your garden for example.

Sleepover Tip #6

If you’ve been invited to a sleepover and are worried about starting your period or being on your period, here are some tips.

  • If you feel uncomfortable using someone else’s rubbish bin, put a plastic bag or old PE kit in your overnight bag and simply wrap and place used pads or tampons in it. And don’t worry, people won’t notice if you take your overnight bag into the bathroom to get changed.
  • To avoid staining your bed clothes and bed linen, make sure you have some night time pads with you.
  • If your period has not yet arrived but you are anxious it may start when away from home, consider wearing a pant liner during your stay.
  • You may even like to take our Lil-Lets Teens starter pack with you. It contains everything you need for your period and because it looks like a cosmetic bag, no one will know what’s inside.

Sleepover Tip #7

It’s great to be organised but remember that sleepovers should be fun too. Don’t be upset if not everyone wants to take part in the games or you don’t have enough time to fit everything in.

Sleepover Tip #8

Sleepovers can easily get out of hand. So, why not put a poster on your bedroom door letting everyone know that it’s not a night for teasing or being unkind to people who are either there or who have not been invited. And, if you feel uncomfortable with any conversations or games on offer, tell someone; there really is nothing wrong with saying NO and most likely if you feel uncomfortable, someone else will too.

Watch out for the Sleepover blog part two where we will have share some great ideas and activities to do on the night.

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ok so i am having a sleepover with my bestfriends this friday and they are triplets. they have a brother that is my age and i am terrified that he might find my pad in the trash can or sees a blood stain before i do. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

To Plsreply700

Hi, if I were you then I would not tell anyone else about your sleepover and if someone does find out then tell them that you can only have limited number of guests due to space issues. You could also find a compromise and have more guests during the day, but some go home after tea, while your closer friends stay on and sleep over. Hope that helps xx


I found this so helpful.Next friday I'm having my first sleepover the only sleepover I had were at my family's and I dont consider that a sleepover cause it was casual,but on Friday I will be having my first sleepover at a friend's house and tip #6 is very helpful to me. XOXO,el


When I have a sleepover I will use the tips. Is it OK to have only 3 people on? If someone else finds out I have a sleepover, and they can'take join, and they get upset, how do you tell then that you don't want to? Or should you lie and say your not allowed? I don't want other people butting in in my party. I really don't, I want it betweends the people of my trust bond. Please help me, every thing I do like parties, clubs, walks, shoping, someone needs to join in. At my b-day party, (at 2019) I wanted to have 4 people I ended up with 7. Also, every ones like to enter in other people's stuff one day a girl was trying to get in my private stuff my frI ends said should we tell her And she was so desperate that we needed to lie like we where joking I don't have a _____ at all but I do. Sometimes I lie I have no choice if I tell the truth i will get in trouble and if someone told me not to come because they did't want to I would be upset would't I? Help me. Pls reply.


i strat my period today im 13 and onyl have 1 pad left i am scared to ask my mom for more bc im going to a sleepover friday and don't know if she will let me go becaise she will be scared i will leak. help


i have only had my period twice and am currently going through spotting and plz help im meant to be going on a sleepover on day 2 with a friend that doesnt understand periods yet help me


I had a sleepover. My friend Olivia came over for my b day. My lil sister came in. Olivia is a only child and started playing with her. I was SO left out. Then, we slept. I did not get see her at all! Now, my sister thinks she is BFFs with her. :(


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