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Growing up


When you're growing up you might make decisions without thinking of the impact it has on others and you might react badly when your parents question your actions. This is what can lead to falling out with them. Don’t worry, this is normal and puberty is hard for parents too.


As the journey from childhood to adulthood might start and end between the ages of 12 - 25 (adolescence), the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on may continue into your twenties causing frustration to you and your parents.


This is normal and as you get older you may start to consider others and see things from their point of view. You may feel more able to take responsibility for your actions and there'll be times when you feel comfortable saying sorry to those around you and admitting mistakes have happened.


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Girl life

I am 10. I got my first bra at 9 and haven't started my period yet. Boobs are big but not too big and hair is everywhere. Cramps come out of the blue all the time and I have a crush and a girlfriend. Everyone is different because one of my friend's got their first bra at 7 and is 11 and hasn't started their period. Whereas another of my friends doesn't have a bra or period but has loads of hair. It all depends on when your body thinks it is a good time to start puberty. Bye


it'd be cool if the rest of the comments are the heart glasses avatar. :P


I started puberty when I was 8 actually and just started my period at 13, everyone is different :)


I was about 9 years old and we went to my uncles house and I gave mt mum a hug but she was like uhh you smell of sweat (she said it in a nice way) and I was so embarrassed but she got me my first deodorant, I was 11 when I got my first bra but it wasnt padded and I had discharge for 10 months ,I am 12 now and I started my period just over 2 months ago.


Reply to someone. Nah not everyones a british here. Im australian and its spelled as 'mum' here too


Hey Patricia! Maybe it's time to have a big sister chat. She needs to know about puberty.


I’m 12 and only just starting to notice stuff.


If you have a question about periods, changes to your body or how you're feeling and can’t find the answer on here, ask Vicki for some advice. Just type in your question and press submit.


If Vicki can help you, she'll post an answer in the ‘Your questions answered’ page, so don't forget to keep checking it
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