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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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I was nervous but my mom said too much was showing through my shirts. When I was 11. So we went to the bra store and was measured (embarrassing), and was told I was a 32a. Anyway, I wore it home and hated it. Especially with my Hello Kitty underwear, I thought I looked ridiculous. Now I am 16 and wear a 34c cup (( and thongs!)


Hi Guys!! Me again. That last story was about me getting my first training bra, but just a few days ago I got my first real bra. I'm Asian BTW. So my mom took me to the mall on monday (Holiday) she said there was a department for preteen undergarments. We picked out 2 everyday bras from sorella and Sabrini (Recomendation) And for only equivalent to two dollars! Really reasonable and not to mention good quality. We also got 2 sports bra (I do gymnastics). Also a question for anyone to answer............ 1. Were you excited to get a first bra? or were you hesitant? 2. What's your favourite brand of bras and why?


To answer @Grady Girls questions, 1. When I got my first real bra, I got used to it very quickly as I do dance and have to wear sports bras during tap and Acro class. 2. My friends are all from dance since I am homeschooled they all already wore bras so no problems were made.


One day my dad picked me up from school, he said that his sister and her kids had just gotten back from a long trip and that all my cousins were in her house so I could play with them (I was 8). When I got there there were a bunch of training bras all layed out on the table. But I didn't think it was for me. My older cousins were already wearing bras and so maybe she bought some on her trip. I was busy playing with my cousins, and didn't hear my dad talking to my aunty. My dad called me back in the room and told me to try on a bra. I was shocked. Nobody told me about trying it on. I went to the bathroom with my older cousin and I tried it on for the first time. When I got out my aunty just asked me questions about how well it fit. I started playing with my cousins while my older cousin, dad and aunt got the sizing. We ended up getting around 3. When I got home my mom explained that these were for later on when I need them. I honestly wish mom came with me instead because atleast she's been through it before.

Random girl

I got my first bra at age 13.Honestly, the first time I asked my mum she gave me a stern no so I knew it wouldn't be possible.So one day my mom was on her way to the mall so I asked her if I could come and she agreed.I had taken some money from my savings to buy the bra.When we got to the mall I told my mother that I wanted to buy it and she said no again but I showed her the money I brought and convinced her.She was like since we are already at the mall we might as well go check it out.So finallyyy.I bought my first bra and it was white and pink. Tip: when your mom says no ask her regular and explain to her why you really need it


I started wearing bras at eight and a half. I was wearing training bras till nine. Now I’m turning ten and need to wear bras with little more support. I just have to tell my mom that😂


Hey Strawberry 3 , in answer to your question, yes, my mom asked me if I wanted to get a training bra, which totally blew me away! (in a good way!) . First, until she explained what a training bra was, I hadn't even heard the term "training bra" before! It was just 4 days before the start of fifth grade and the night before we were going shopping for some new some new school clothes for me.. She caught me completely off guard while we talking about what clothes I wanted to get, when totally out of the blue, she asked me if I'd like to start wearing a bra! I was just 10 and a half, and I had only just started getting buds about two months before and because my buds were still really small (when I got measured in the store, I found out that I was a size 30 AA) I hadn't even thought about getting a bra yet. I ended up with 3 "grow-cup" style training bras that I loved and thought were cute, not to mention, very cool and even though they were training bras, also very grown up! LOL! Also I was the very first girl in my fifth grade class to have a bra which made me feel kind of special and the envy of some my friends. Thanks mom, you were so cool about how you handled this!


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