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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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I am from the US too! I figured out that a crop top is a under shirt in the UK! Have a good day girls Xxx Abby

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@Just a little confused : a crop top can be two things. It can be a top which shows your belly button, but on here, when most girls say crop top they kind of mean a small bra, a bit like a sports bra. It is basically like a vest, which only covers the boob area, so a modesty thing for when you are not yet ready for a bra. Hope that helped you - Cassie Coconut xx

just a little confused

Hi so i am american which i do not know if this actually affects my question but what is a crop top? is it like the shirt type of crop top or like the longer bras or maybe like athletic tops i am kinda confused and the internet is not helping any. also i am not like a little kid or anything i wear bras i am just curious reading all of your post.


Hey Rabbit lover, great story.! I think your mum is really cool the way she handled getting your first bra! First, for asking you, rather than you having to ask her for a bra. And secondly, for measuring you herself to find out what size you needed. It's not big deal for me now, but for my very first bra, I had to get measured in the store by the sales lady and that was a bit of an awkward and a somewhat 'red faced' moment for me! LOL! Also, I think the the way you handled the whole thing was really cool as well! Wondering, what kind of bras did you get... like a small, actual 'cup bra', or like a 'sports bra', or like me, for my first bra, a stretchy ''grow-cup' style training bra? Regardless of the size, the type or the style, a girl's very first bra is always quite special and something to be proud of!


Nowww 😒😡🤮


sooper bored keep storys comin. Btw make them intresting

tip 4 u

ever wonder how to ask your mom for a bra, do this. Get one of your mums bras and make sure your mum is alone. then go into her room with your chest stuck out and say to her. Mum I found this in my dresser, is it yours? she will probably say yes and look at your chest. Then she will notice that you need a bra hope this helps xxx


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