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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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My story!

Well, I have been reading some of the comments saying that they don't know how to ask for their first bra, when I wanted nothing less, my mum always asked me and I was like "No thanks, I'm good." I just kept putting it off, but like a week before I started secondary she just dragged me out to the shops and I got fitted. It was so confusing and I didn't understand a word the fitter was saying like, do you want racer back, wired, a, b? and I'm like what the- I don't understand! It was so confusing at first but now it feels like nothing compared to most other things! Bye, My Story! <3

Pandas rule

Hi eswims, I know it can be difficult during puberty, and I found it difficult to ask for a first bra too. Maybe try to talk to your mum when she's cooking or driving as she will be preoccupied to reduce embarrassment. Just ask her as this is the easiest way to get what you want. Just to say, I also don't understand the need to boast about puberty Hope this helps 😊


Hi, I just want to say that I am not a girly-girl, in fact quite the opposite. I have 3 brothers and I live on a farm, I am also a competitive swimmer, so that means training eight days a week. I always wear a blue hat to hide my hair, witch to my annoyance, is blonde and curly. Some of my friends love it and say its stunning and gorgeous. Honestly why is everyone obsessed with looks, periods, getting their periods and Bras? I think I will start my period soon and am absolutely horrified because I will have to start right off with tampons, because you cant wear a pad to swim practice! I cant stand bras but plan to ask my mom for a sports bra soon. any advice on that?


Hi guys! So this is just a question but who here got shamed about wearing a bra? I can really relate to be honest. My cousins called me sexy when I got one, and my brothers call it a super short shirt. And everytime I visit my aunty she rubs the strap:( I just don't wanna feel alone so Can you please share your story?


Hey, Strawberry 3 , SuperKiwi, and Nyung, thanks for your great posts and comments! And also for answering my questions too! A big hug to you all! About what surprised me most about my first bra (at first, not in really good way) was how tight it felt around my body. It wasn't really uncomfortable, just very, very snug. For about the first couple of weeks, I was always aware that I had it on, especially when I stretched, twisted, bent over or moved a lot. I asked my mom about it and she said that was how bras feel - snug around your body - and that I'd get used to it. She was right- after about 3 or 4 of weeks I was so used to it, I didn't really notice the snugness and wearing a bra started to just felt normal. So normal that sometimes I could almost forget that I had it on. The other thing that surprised me, (again, at first, not in the best way) - was doing up the clips in the back. At first I couldn't do it that way at all. Instead, I would put the bra on backwards around my body. And the I'd hook the clips in the front and then twist it around my body until the clips were at the back. Then I'd pull it up and put my arms through the straps and my buds into the cups. I asked my mom about this too and she told me how she does it. Here's how to do it. Put your arms through the straps and grab the bra in the front with your fingers and pull the cups down over (and as the case may be depending on how big they are) your buds or boobs. Then with your thumbs and forefingers of each hand gripping the bottom band of your bra, starting from just behind the cups, slowly slide your fingers fingers along the bottom band, around the sides and towards the back, pulling the bottom of the bra down slightly, but more and as you go. Stop for bit if you need to. but do not let go or you'll need to start all over again. When you're ready to continue, just keep sliding your fingers along the sides, moving toward the back, while continuing to pull the bottom band of your bra down as you go. When your fingers reach the back where the hooks are, pull the back of the bra down even more, bend forward slightly, pull the side with the hooks on over the side with clips, press them together, and when you feel them hook, release and you're done! It took me a bit of practice, but after a couple of weeks or so, I could usually hook my bra in the back on the first or second try. One thing that surprised me in a really good way, right from the first time I tried it on in the store even, were the cups. The cups in my bra were what are called "grow-cups", which meant instead of being "cup-shaped", they were completely flat and made of a soft stretchy elastic fabric that would stretch and grow with me as I developed and got bigger.. When I got measured for it in the store, I found out that I was a size 30AA, so my buds were still pretty small. But because the cups were stretchy, the cups fit and covered my buds perfectly right from the first time I put it on. And because they were "grow-cups", even though the bra was a size 30AA, it actually still fit me and I could still wear it almost a year later when I was by then a size 32A and wearing actual A-cup 'cup' bras. I also really liked the fact that cups kept my buds and nipples from showing through my tops, meaning I didn't have to wear an undershirt anymore. And even though the bra didn't make my buds look any bigger (especially at first, I didn't want them to look bigger anyway!) I liked the fact that that my buds looked and felt just slightly higher and didn't look quite so pointy and the feeling of my buds being gently supported and just slightly 'held in'. I really liked that. Sorry for writing such a long post, but I hope it helps and inspires other girls here when they get their first bra.


Thank You Strawberry 3!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry 3

Hi SuperKiwi, Nyung and GradyGirl! I am so touched and glad that u liked reading my story! Thank you! To Nyung : I got the M and S bras on their website they have a really wide selection but I suggest the angel range! And also, in answer to GradyGirl first bra questions, it did take me a few weeks to get used to my bras. As I was one of the last in my class, I felt excited and grown up wearing them, though I did try to hide them in the wash from my brother! Thanks, if u have anymore questions then just ask - Strawberry 3 xx


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