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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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Hi, I'm new here! I just wanted to share my story with you all! So I was kind of a very late bloomer. I was remember that when I was 9 my parents took me to get a few sets of bras. Of course I didn't need it yet, but my mom said it's good to have them early. I waited years after that. Eventually, when I was 11, my mom said it was time to wear a bra. I was a little embarrassed and scared. But I got by. I admit I was excited, every girl in school had a bra. So I still remember the first bra I wore, it was this grey sport bra.


Hey Strawberry3, great story, both parts! I can't wait 'for the part part 3 of your story, when get your 30a M&S bras! I hope they fit and feel better than the too small 28a bras you got from John Lewis! (P.S. - I'm sure they will!) You asked about how many bras you need and if two is enough. I think two is ok, but four is probably better. When I got my first bra(s) my mom bought me four because I'd be wearing them every day. I would wear one bra for one or two days, and then one or two days for the next one and so on,until Sunday when we would do laundry. That way I always had a clean fresh bra to wear. One other thing, when you wash your bras don't put them in the dryer. Just wring them out by hand and hang them up to dry. The heat from the dryer is really bad for the fabric of your bras.

Strawberry 3

Hey! Me again, my bras arrived today so I can finish off part three of my story ... When my bras arrived I took off my t shirt and tried it on - embarrassingly my mum had to help me do the hooks up again! They fitted really well and I love them! I definitely recommend the M and S angel range for first bra buyers! Also, I recommend white bras for school as they will be less obvious through your uniform. I am a bit worried about my sister seeing them and asking questions though. I figured out a way to get my bra on - do up the straps first and then squeeze it over my head. Lol! It works for now though till I learn to do the straps. Thanks for reading my story, sorry it's a long one and with lots of exclamation marks!!!! Lol! Bye for now - Strawberry 3 xx

Strawberry 3

Hi, me again and the next part of my story... So cos of covid, we couldn't go to a shop so we ordered online, a pack of 2 pink and white 28a bras from John Lewis. When they arrived, I tried them on. My mum had to help me do up the hooks on the back as embarrassingly, I didn't know how! But it was too small around the bust it was sooo tight. So my mum said, right then we'll send them back. She did and then we looked at M and S and ordered a pack of 2 white bras from M and S, this time ordering a 30a. I can't wait for them to arrive! They haven't yet, but I will fill you in on the news when they do! Please comment as well on your first bra stories or what you think of mine x And also, how many bras do you recommend me having, is two enough or should I get more? I'll write part 3 when it comes so bye for now - Strawberry 3 xx

Strawberry 3

I have been waiting for ages to write my first bra story in here and now finally I can... I am 15 years old, quite a late developer I know and I started my period afew months ago when I was 14 still. I thought I was ready for a bra and also my little sister who is 12 is almost ready for one and I wanted one before her. Here's the bit a lot of girls ask about, how to ask for a bra: I know that some girls are lucky enough to have their mums approach them and ask them if they want one, but no such luck for me, my mum never talks about puberty stuff, so I wrote her a note instead, simply saying, Hi mum, I think I am ready for a bra, perhaps we could measure me up and see??? Xxx. Next day, we talked about it and she said yeah I could have one. We measured and I was 28a. Now I'm conscious that this is getting quite long so I will pause here and continue reading in my next comment x


A couple of "first bra" questions for anybody here who wants to reply. 1) When you got your first bra, and especially for the first few times that you wore it, how did it feel? Were you a bit surprised, either in good or a not so good way how it felt? And 2) How long did it take before you got used to it?


I am from the US too! I figured out that a crop top is a under shirt in the UK! Have a good day girls Xxx Abby


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