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Tell Us Your First Kiss Story…


Lots of us dread our first kiss…some of us can’t wait and practice on the back of our hands. What was your first kiss like? We’d love to hear your story to help other girls feel less anxious or pressured into something that should be a very special moment.

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It was magical

So, my boyfriend and I had been dating for about 2 months (i was 14 and he was 14 and a bit) and we were walking round the school grounds, which are super pretty. It was in lesson time and we both didn’t show up to them. He had is arm around me and we stopped to look at this tree where everyone rights there names and there partners or whoever. So we wrote ours, then he tipped my chin up with his fingers and we looked at each other and we both knew it was right. We kissed gently for not that long but it was magical. I’m still together with him, 9 months 💪🏼


I've had many crushes in my life that have all evaporated because of my friends. My first crush I liked for a year but my BFF was crushing on him 2 he really liked her but then she moved away, he did not really talk to me after that. A year later another boy moved to my school that I really, really liked, but I kept it a secret, and told no body, witch kind of back fired when he asked my friend to be his girlfriend. The next year I went back to crushing on the first boy, but we were really weird and could barely talk, now he likes a girl in my class named Grace, well I think. This same year I switched to liking his friend but it turns out he only likes me as a friend, but we still talk. Now I like my friends older brother, thats one year older than us, he does not have a girlfriend and he is really cute. I still have not had my first kiss yet!


Here is my first kiss story! :) So this boy I like, we both really like horses. He has a horse, I have a horse. It's just something we have in common. We are both 16, he invited me over to his house one day to ride. I thought nothing of it we were pretty good friends and probably would end up dating. So I get there and we ride for a little bit. Out in the field, there is a tree that we were just chilling under while on our horses. All of a sudden he get's off his horse and I ask him what he is doing. He doesn't say anything and comes over to me and gives his hands to me to help me get off my horse. I was confused but just went along with it. When he gets me off my horse he brings me over to the tree and he goes in for the kiss! I just want to say I am very lucky for my first kiss was quite nice. It wasn't weird or awkward at all. I honestly felt like I have kissed him before it was just so natural. Now we are dating and are 1 year strong. I think he is the one!!!


So, I'm not popular, or pretty in any way, and I'm a giant compared to most guys in my grade, and I don't think I like anyone. But, I occasionally have suspicions that some guys like me, but then I think that I'm very wrong. My point is, I would love to kiss someone, but I want it to be special, so let me just tell you not to rush it, you want your first kiss to be memorable, so don't go wasting it on some worthless guy. You deserve better. Keep shining!


The boy I liked had told me one time that he’d never tasted honey before. I was shocked, so the next time he was at my house I put honey on my lips and asked if he wanted to taste it. We kissed for hours.


I'm not sure if it counts and it isn't the sterio type and at the time I was in year 2 I was lining up for lunch an he was sitting in front of me and I went to look at him and at that moment he turned around and then our lips touch then after that he kept kissing my hand and then we sorta stopped but we technicly didn't break up but I don't really like him any more though. so it isn't your fantasy that you see in films.


I am 13 and still haven't had my first kiss : - (


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