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Tell Us Your First Kiss Story…


Lots of us dread our first kiss…some of us can’t wait and practice on the back of our hands. What was your first kiss like? We’d love to hear your story to help other girls feel less anxious or pressured into something that should be a very special moment.

See our blog entitled First Kiss for some tips on what to expect.


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My first kiss…. So for context, it was technically my second but I didn’t even like the guy that I kissed first, so I’m not counting it as my first kiss. Picture this: dating for 7 weeks, two thirteen year olds, both pratically in love, have been talking about having their first kiss for a while now. And one day, me, the girl, decided I’m going to kiss him. She spend 3 days thinking about how it’ll work and then tells asks her boyfriend “can we kiss tomorrow” He said “yeah sure. “ And then the girl realised she couldn’t go back on her word now. So the next day, absolutely terrified, she endures one class with him before heading out to break only where all her friends come up to her and start screaming and gossiping about how she was planning to kiss him. She’d thought it through the night before. Head up from the oval ten minutes till the end of break, talk to her boyfriend and the BOOM… she’d kiss him. If only it was so easy. At ten minutes till the end of break she gathered three of her friends. Two of her may-as-well be sisters and one girl that just gave excellent advice. That three soon multiplied into 7, much to everyone’s annoyance. They all walked up to were the girls boyfriend was hanging out. Holding every few steps and trying not to chicken out she soon arrived. Her friends got her to get closer to him. All together there was maybe 25 people, not to mention anyone who was nearby. The girl was right about needing ten minutes. She tried making conversation and ignoring to awkwardness. And then his friends kept making silly comments. On the other hand the girls friends played romantic music, took videos and yelled about us hurrying up. Two minutes till the end of break. There was hardly any time left. She was so scared. And an dead silence came over everyone. Breaking the silence, her boyfriend said “alright” and they both knew what the alright meant. It was about to happen. They leaned in and pecked for like one second. The one thought She had that entire one second was, this is so wet. And then we pulled away and She walked off to her sister-like-friends and screaming girls. She blushed so hard. And her boyfriend wiped his lips- rude. Then they barely spoke the rest of the day. But they did text later and they were both really happy about it. And all her friends had pics and vids of it. Much to her annoyance. Her boyfriend is gonna be a really good kisser. And she was so happy that it happened. He wore braces and had gum whilst they kissed…. Really awkward. But in the photo it looks like it was cut from a movie! I say go for it if your not sure about having your first kiss or not!


Okay, I had my (F 19) first kiss with my boyfriend (M 18) the other night in his college dorm room and it was amazing. Neither of us had kissed anyone or really wanted to kiss anyone before, but I was sleeping over in his dorm for the second time, and I asked him out. I asked him how he felt about our relationship and if he thought about me platonically or romantically. He got VERY visibly nervous and asked me to tell him how I felt first, so I did, and he said that he felt the same way and that he had been freaking out the last while trying to figure out if I liked him back. Then we laughed about how silly it was for us to be nervous about asking each other out when we were literally cuddling on his bed watching YouTube together, and then we cuddled pretty intimately together for a bit. He then asked me if he could kiss me on the forehead, to which I obviously said yes, and then I asked him if I could kiss him on the lips. We did a little nervous peck on the lips and laughed about it, but then as the night went on, we got more and more comfortable with kissing each other. Between spells of us just admiring each other's faces and talking about just whatever popped up in our minds, we'd kiss for a minute or so, each time being more and more intimate and us getting more and more in sync with each other. Then the kissing started to go for and bit longer and we started to add tongue. At like 4 am, we even ended up making out with each other for about 30 minutes straight and it was probably the best experience of my life so far.


I had my first kiss with my boyfriend I'd been dating for 6 months. We had wanted to kiss for a while and we had just went out together but I said I had to go. We hugged and then kissed straight after. It was on the corner of the street. It was only quick but was amazing. I was 13

Basically Wattpad at this point

!!!!ALL FANTASY!!!! IMAGINE WITH YOU AND YOUR CRUSH/PARTNER cp/n = crush/ partners name You are at a theme park, you are somehow allowed on a rollercoaster both on your own... its a scary rollercoaster and theres a vertical climb to get to the first hill... you are scared and rethinking your desicions to get on the ride, cp/n noticies you are scared and grabs your hand. By this point you are at the top of the coaster and suddenly everything feels ok. You feel like your flying and the rollercoaster is still slowly making its way along the top of it. You turn to them and smile, wondering whats going on, but before you know it the ride is falling and your hands are clasped together and you feel closer then ever before... the ride slows and everything around you seems to dissapear... you lean in and go for it. It feels like heaven. Their lips are so soft you want to kiss them all day, but people swim into focus and you remember your in public so you hop off the ride and find a quiet place to spend time together. 😉😉😉


I kiss my love


I had my first kiss with the guy i'd been crushing on for 2 years. We were at sleepaway camp. He took me into the woods and asked to kiss me. I said yes and i was the best 3 seconds of my 14 year old life. We're still friends to this day.


I had my first kiss and first makeout at 11. 14 now and still the same 🤷‍♀️ didn’t last with my first kiss but that’s okay, you usually don’t. It’s definitely worth the wait though so don’t feel like you have to rush into it.


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