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First Period Stories:
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We’d love to hear all about your first period stories to help other girls who have started or are just about to start their period. Tell us your story today in the comments section below.

Whether you are the first or the last one in your friendship group to start their period, there will be another girl who has been in the same situation as you. Share your period story today and provide others with an understanding of how you came to terms with your first period.

This is vicky’s story

I was the last of my friendship group to get my period. I was 14, woke-up and went to the loo one morning, only to find my first period had arrived. Luckily my nan left me some pads in my room and I had learned all I needed to know about periods from my friends. It did take me a while to get used to wearing a pad as they felt so bulky. I thought everyone would see it through my clothes, or if a boy pinched my bottom he would feel it. So I quickly moved on to tampons.


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Jingle bells

My first period happened when I was 11 and I woke up to brown stuff in my pants and I did not tell my mum to the next day and she told me to put a pad on . I am on my second period now and it is red.

Lily to cat lover twenty twenty three

Hi cat lover thx sper hlpfl i wll try that next time I get my period in school 🎒. Thx from lily


Hi there, luv this site btw Vicki. Its great! So, I got my period yesterday, and the few days before i had had a cramp and i also felt really hungry, even though I ate the same amount as usual. Then that evening after dinner, I went upstairs to shower, but first went to the toilet and when I wiped my vagina I realized that dark brown stuff was blood! I checked my pants and they had it too, so I called to my mum quickly and she went out and bought me some pads. When I first put it on it was uncomfortable and itchy, but when I woke up the next morning I found it felt normal. I packed a few for school the next day, and was surprised at the amount of blood. I thought it would be worse tbh. So far, I hav just found it a bit tedious. I have a good trick for sneeking pads to the toilet... just hide it up your sleeve! Hope this is helpful and if anyone is worrying about their periods, don't because everyone gets it and it is normal.


@<3 you girly I WISH my teacher world never but I am a band kid to!

Isabella flye

I started today 07/11/23 and I had really bad cramps in design technology class and at lunch I said to my friend come here for a second it is kind of private and then told her and asked for a pad and she said she would check 2 minutes later she comes back with a liner and I slip it down my skirt and go to the toilet to use it luckily I already kew how

To your girly

I love your story awes,some site vicki

<3 you girly

Ok so not a horror story it is actually really sweet but some background I got my period in 6th grade. I play the flute with a male band teacher (he is so amazing) I have also always dreamed of marching band anyway I did not feel good on my period and he noticed he has girls at home and let me go to the bathroom and He let me lay on the floor and watch a movie with my class that entire week with the other is instrements in the hour I have now moved on and have better control but we got the entire week of before the end of school even though we were supposed to play He is now my favorite teacher and he will be my teacher in high school. 💛 In addition he inspired me to play and now wants me to play a solo and try out for a audition only band!


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