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First Period Stories:
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We’d love to hear all about your first period stories to help other girls who have started or are just about to start their period. Tell us your story today in the comments section below.

Whether you are the first or the last one in your friendship group to start their period, there will be another girl who has been in the same situation as you. Share your period story today and provide others with an understanding of how you came to terms with your first period.

This is vicky’s story

I was the last of my friendship group to get my period. I was 14, woke-up and went to the loo one morning, only to find my first period had arrived. Luckily my nan left me some pads in my room and I had learned all I needed to know about periods from my friends. It did take me a while to get used to wearing a pad as they felt so bulky. I thought everyone would see it through my clothes, or if a boy pinched my bottom he would feel it. So I quickly moved on to tampons.


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I was 10 years old when I started my first period. I was going to the toilet and pulled down my underwear to find a kind of reddish-brown stain on my underwear. I decided to wait until my mum got home before telling her. Then, she just got her shoes back on and dragged me around to the supermarket, and bought me about three packets of sanitary towels. I'm 11 now, and I'm doing fine.

Tips baby

Hi I don’t got my period yet but her are some tips!First try not to wear light colored underwear/trousers/or knickers.2PERIOD KIT I see a lot of people using a punch but I prefer a mini backpack becuas ei can walk around school with mines so I won’t have to go back to class and then leave again if I gte my period byeeee more tips coming soon :)

Hola again

Another tip : don't let your period hold you back from doing your every day stuff, I know they can be painful and annoying but taking your mind off it is a good way to cure the cramps, and with the correct protection, you can still have fun x

Another girl here.

Hi! I was at school, and having my lunch and I felt something go in my knickers! I went to my next lesson then asked to leave, at which point I went to the loo and realised I had my period. I was shaking even though I was 13 and had wanted this for sooooo long! I went to the reception and they gave me a pad and new clothes then I sat with the receptionist all afternoon and had tea and a biscuit, then my mum who worked at my school came and got me. I had to go to a hot tub party the next day though, so I had to use a tampon straight away! The sleepover was fun, but I was so worried the whole entire time. I am now having my second period but I am on holiday. I have very bad cramps too. But don’t worry- and use a tracker app so you know when to expect a period! xxx


I had my first period when I was 10. I found some red liquid on the bottom of my underwear and was a little bit concerned. Luckily, we had talked about puberty and periods in school just a day before, so I told my mum and we immediately went round to the shops and bought some pads.


Just a tip : try not to wear light coloured trousers or skirts while on your period if you can help it, as it makes you feel less self conscious and if you do bleed through, it will be less obvious. Xx

DJ Cinderella

To all those girls who are starting their periods, just so you know, they aren’t that bad once you get used to them, do I really do hate them


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