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Studies have shown that there is a huge difference between the numbers of women taking part in sports when compared to men.

It is believed that ‘us’ females are keen to get fit but often feel we may be judged if we do take up a sport.

The campaign has stories by real girls and women who tell us how they feel about exercising.

If you’re not sure what sport is right for you the Discover tab takes you through a wide variety of sports, such as cycling, football, boxing, climbing and netball to name but a few and each sport includes full details about the following:-

  • 1. Is this activity right for me?
  • 2. Why is it good for me?
  • 3. How much will it cost?
  • 4. What equipment, if any will I need?

Here at Lil-Lets we know being active can beat those puberty blues, so come girls what are you waiting for, let’s show the boys we can be great at sports too!


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Bobeth to skatergirl

What these people did was wrong. Please carry on with the story.


I feel the same way you go girl!!!! I skateboard and apperently it is for "boys only" but i do it anyway and this mean group of boys tried to rip my off of my skateboard so they snuck up behind me when i was skateboarding and yanked my board out from under my and threw it on the road!!!! A car hit it of course and i was lying on the ground then i saw it a big gash right on my lower..... Please i need at least 5 comments for me to tell the rest of my story even if they are from the same person!!!! If i don't get 5 comments over the course of the next 3-5 days them unforchanetly i wont be able to tell the next part of my story even one comment is good anyone say they want to here the rest please!!!! Xoxo skatergirl FIND OUT IN PART 2 after i get at least 1-2 comments pelase Xoxo skatergirl!!!!

You Go Girl!

So, my teacher, who is a male, said, Boys are better at sport than girls. This might be physically true cause of puberty, but 3 quarters of the girls in my class can outrun the boys in class and probably play more sports too, like this one girl does rugby, football, netball and horseriding. You're all amazing and beautiful in your own way!🤩⭐




They were all jiggling


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