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Your first period can arrive at any time and quite unexpectedly too, so it is worth keeping a couple of pads, also known as sanitary towels, in your school or sports bag.

And if you think your period may not be too far away, then like many girls, you may find wearing a liner every day is a good idea, that way if your period does arrive you and your underwear will be protected until you can get to the toilet to swap your liner for a teen pad or tampon.

Lil-lets teens have a super cute starter pack that comes with everything you need for getting a period in school.


78% of girls admit feeling
worried about
starting their period


What happens if you haven't got any
sanitary towels or
tampons with me?


  • Ask one of your friends. If it was the other way round, you'd want to help them.
  • Your teacher, school nurse and school secretary are likely to have supplies and they'll be happy to help too.
  • If you need an immediate solution to protecting your underwear, fold some tissue up and place it in your underwear. It's just a temporary fix but it'll work until you find a pad to wear.

How often should
I change my pad or
tampon in school?


A teen pad can be worn for up to 8 hours, but most people change every 3-5 hours, so there is no need to ask to be excused from class, it will be fine to wait until break time.

Tampons, whether they are applicator or non-applicator, can be worn for between 4 - 8 hours. If you need to go to the loo but don't want to remove your tampon, just move the cord to the side to avoid it getting wet.

Extra helpful
period tips for

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  • If you're worried about making a noise when you open the wrapper in the school toilet, it's a relief to know that lots of products, like our Lil-lets teens pads, now come with specially designed quiet wrappers to stop you feeling self-conscious.
  • Don’t be tempted to flush your used pad down the toilet as it might block it. Instead, wrap it up and put it in the specially provided bin inside the toilet cubicle, or if there isn’t one, in the general rubbish bin in the main area of the toilets.
  • Periods are completely natural and there is no need for you to go home if your period starts when you are in school. If you get upset, your teacher may let you call your mum to make you feel better.

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TO Strawberry 3

Thank you sooooo much! Those tips are really helpful! 😁 Period pants sound good, especially cause they're eco friendly. Thanks again! You've been so helpful 🙃

To Gigi

Hi, Gigi, this is Strawberry 3, here are some answers... Firstly, we made a pact with my friends. We'd already known each other for afew months and then one of my friends started her period and wanted us to help each other. Secondly, a cute little bag to hold your pads is a great idea! You could always tell people it was a make up bag or a purse. If you tuck it into your pocket, you could carry it in that way. I put mine in my blazer pocket. Finally, I personally love period pants, check them out they are eco friendly and don't need any fussy changing in the day. Sorry that's so long but hopefully that helped. Strawberry 3 xx p.s. good luck at starting your new school x


I've realised a few people on here say that they have made pacts with their friends though always help each other out if they don't have pads/tampons. How did you do this? Did you do it once u made friends and then had the talk about it in school?


My mum was really awesome with telling me about my period, she gave me tampons and pads and a cute little bag to put them in for school and when I'm out and about. What do I do if someone asks me what it is? Also how do I discreetly bring it to the bathroom without anyone noticing? Thanks!


This website is super helpful because I'm going into secondary school soon. I love that I can talk about boobs, periods and puberty comfortably. I'm probably getting my period soon and this blog especially, helps. Does anyone have any other tips on periods?

Strawberry 3

I love that I come on here and realise I am not alone there are loads of other girls in my position too. Also, we can talk about stuff like boobs and periods that I would never talk about in person. This website is sooooo helpful x

Rabbit lover

This is super helpful. I’m going to start my period soon and I was looking for someone to post something like this. I’m moving up to secondary school so want to be prepared for every eventuality. You are all amazing, be strong. Xx


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