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10 Period Facts

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    Your very first loss of menstrual fluid is called MENARCHE pronounced (me-nar-kay).
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    There are lots of words to describe this release of monthly fluid from your vagina; periods, monthlies, Aunt Flo, time of the month or menses to name but a few.
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    Why is it called a period? Because it is a period of time in your life when something else happens that would not normally do so.
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    Menstrual blood is not the same as the blood you see when you cut yourself elsewhere on the body. Menstrual fluid lines the walls of your uterus and is called endometrium; this is a mixture of blood, tissue cells and natural secretions from the vagina and cervix and is not toxic or harmful in any way.
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    In fact, menstrual fluid is pretty clever and contains all the nutrients a developing foetus would need to keep it nourished and safe when growing inside a female.
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    On average a women can menstruate for up to 40 years, with 13 periods each year, that’s a whopping 520 periods in her lifetime. So now you can see why it’s important to understand your menstrual cycle and use the correct products for your flow.
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    Those little cramps you sometimes notice when on your period are caused by the muscles surrounding your uterus contracting to release your menstrual fluid. And this is done so over a period of days rather than all at once, which is why you may find there are times when no menstrual fluid is lost at all.
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    It can look like there is an awful lot of blood being lost. But, you’ll be surprised to learn that for people with an average menstrual flow, no more than 2.5 tablespoons or an egg cup full of blood is released each month.
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    Lots of women and girls notice clumps of blood being released along with their menstrual fluid, these are commonly known as blood clots, and are generally nothing to be anxious about.
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    Menstrual fluid is not always red in colour – it can vary from very light brown to dark red (almost black) and this is perfectly normal. Some girls notice this lighter colour loss throughout their period, whilst others may only experience this lighter colour on the last couple of days.


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I am bi! …myself

Hey! just a little thingy for anyone who wants to read, if you want to try tampons, with pads you can actually feel the blood come out as such… like with pads you feel it pass ur labia (the flaps of skin down there) but i find with a tampon i can’t feel it come out (i was worried at first thinking i’d stopped bleeding and it would hurt to remove the tampon but it doesnt) so tampons might be good to try

Abdul Malik Fareed

Menstrual fluid is the mixture of blood tissue from the lining of the uterus and cervical and vaginal secretions which are expelled from the body during menstruation. Understanding what menstrual fluid is can help in managing one's period whether someone at home, school or on holiday.

Girl life

I have not started my period yet but I think I have a little bit of discharge going on so maybe soon I will get my first one. Soon I am going to see my friend who lives in Ireland. She is 11 so she may have gotten hers so I can ask her about it.


This blog was so helpful! I love this website so much it’s a real lifesaver


Omg I've just found this website looking through your little book and it's really help ful.


Wow! I thought I knew quite a lot about my period but this was so interesting. Thank u Vicki and the lil lets team. X


Hi poppy! So I just started to use tampons, it can seem a little scary, but the most important thing to do is relax. If your all tense your muscles in your body won't accept the tampon very well and it will be hard to push up there. For me, I just like to sit on the toilet with my legs spread apart, I like that way, but you can also stand. Now also putting in a tampon the very first time you probably won't get it right, so if you put it in and it doesn't feel right or you can feel it in general, don't look at it as a negative experience with a tampon. You probably just put it in wrong. Just take that one out and try again with a new one. Vicki also has a how-to video on this website of how to put in a tampon if you need it. After a couple of times, you'll be a pro. ;)I hope this helped and good luck!! :))))


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