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Why do some of us need glasses?

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Why do some of us need glasses?

Our eyes are a little bit like cameras taking pictures all the time and then sending these pictures to your brain so you can understand the world around you in all its glory. For our eyes to take great pictures all of the parts that make up the eye such as the cornea, iris, pupil and the retina (that’s the part at the back of the eye) all need to work together.

For some of us they don’t! And this is when we need a little help in the form of glasses or contact lenses. Some of us will need them all the time, whilst others will only need to wear them whilst they correct a problem, and for others they will only be required for specific times in the day such as reading or seeing far away.

If you are experiencing problems seeing the blackboard and other objects far away you are said to be nearsighted.

If you can see the blackboard but have trouble reading a book at your desk, you are said to be farsighted.

What do Glasses or Contact Lenses Do?

Your eyes bend light so an image can be seen clearly, it’s called refracting. For those of us who have problems with our vision it’s usually refracting that is responsible for making images blurred. Glasses or contact lenses are designed to help our eyes bend light for a sharper image to be seen.

Eye Examination

If you think that you may need glasses or contact lenses, ask your parents to pop you along to your local optician for an eye test. If you do need your vision corrected the optician will write you a prescription and the information held in this piece of paper will let the person manufacturing your glasses or lenses make a unique set just for you.

At your eye exam, you're optician will most likely ask you to read from a chart on the wall. The letters and numbers will differ in size and once you have done this, your optician may put some lenses into a machine and then ask you to look at the chart again through these special lenses to see if there is a difference or a clearer image viewed. Don’t worry if he swaps them over from time to time, this is just the best method for finding the right prescription for you. Don’t be tempted to make up letters and numbers and be honest if you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean you are stupid if you admit you still can’t see the chart, but just that you need a different lens.

What Happens Then?

If you do need glasses then it’s time to have some fun and pick some frames. Think about what you do every day and how much work your glasses are going to be going through. If you are sporty then consider some sturdy frames made from a robust material that will not break if dropped.

It may also be worth paying a little more for a covering to be put onto the lenses to prevent scratching.

When your glasses are ready to be collected the optician or assistant will ensure they fit you correctly and do not slip or hurt the back or your ears. And then you are ready to show them off to the world.

What will my friends think?

Wearing glasses can take a while to get used to and it’s not unusual for people to make comments when they first see you wearing them. This is only natural and does not always mean they are being unkind.

If it makes you feel better wear them around the house and at weekends for a week or so and then start to introduce them into your school day.

And if you do come across someone who is less than positive about your new eye wear, remind them that they only have to look in any magazine or watch a TV show to see the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Cheryl V F and Ann Hathaway proudly showing off their glasses in public, often wearing them as a fashion accessory to complete their look. And let’s not forget that Harry Potter is responsible for making even the most old fashioned of glasses look super cool.

The Do’s and Don’ts of wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses

Don’t be tempted to wear your friends glasses if you are having trouble seeing, their sight will be very different to yours and could make things worse for you.

Do read instructions on how to clean and protect your glasses as throwing them into your school bag or blazer pocket may cause damage.

Don’t worry if your glasses feel a little uncomfortable at first, like anything new they can take a while to get used to.

Do take your parents or friends along with you when trying on lenses so they can give you their opinion on which frame shapes suits you best.

Do keep a cleaning cloth handing when in the shower or bath as glasses can steam up and if you need to wipe them it should be with a specialist cloth given to you by the optician.

Don’t be tempted to go for the most fashionable glasses in the store, fashions change and glasses are expensive so opting for a classic but pretty frame is a better idea.

Do keep your contact lenses scrupulously clean, they are inserted in the eye and if you do not adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and times of use, you could end up with an eye infection.


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Strawberry 3

I wish I had glasses. Did you know that if both your parents were glasses that you will probably need them too. My mum and dad both wear glasses but got them late teens so that's probably when I will need them. I hope I will. To all glasses seared, glasses look really cool I think. BTW I am new to this website ) blog and I really love them so thanks Vicki and everyone who leaves comments. They are so supportive. Have a great day girls and embrace your glasses xx

Cherry ??

I have to wear glasses because I'm short sighted. But what I never understand is why people with glasses are always at the back of the class! Idk why😂


Glasses are cool!1 This sounds cheesy but in some shops you can buy ones with just normal lenses as a fashion item!!


Hey I have been wearing my glasses since I was a toddler I am twelve my glasses are thick and heavy and I have to wear them all the time you are very lucky if u just wear them for reading


I love my glasses, I’ve had them for just under a year and they have been Soooooo helpful, also mine where pretty cheap and they look cool (I think 🤞🏻) and you can get some really fun cases as well!


My best friend has had glasses since she was 2 (9 now) and she hates them I think she looks better with glasses. So if you hate your gasses your best friend might like them. Est.


I used to hate my glasses, especially since I got a LOT of comments (they were quite colourful) but now, with a change of hairstyle, I love them! If you don't like them at first don't worry, it takes some to get used to and I'm sure other people like them.


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