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2/25/2024 8:03:29 PM

Do you have any advice for eating new meals at another persons(friends) house when you are quite a fussy eater and also have emetophobia? I feel like me and my friend are both quite understanding people but I'm just a bit scared as the food we are having is something which I often can't eat or am hesitant to eat because I know that fish which is what we are having, can be quite sensitive to eat in a sense of some people getting upset tummy, pain or cramps if their stomach is very delicate etc. As someone with emetophobia , I get so scared about being physically sick and im sure the meal will be lovely but im just a bit nervous that for whatever reason, I'll get a stomach related reaction from eating the fish

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2/25/2024 6:13:18 PM

what douse it mean when you want to have sex but you are alone

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Hi, see my blog on sexual feelings, it's quite common to find yourself having thoughts of a sexual nature during your teen and even pre-teen years.

Sex and sexual feeling advice (


2/25/2024 3:52:33 PM

Hi Vicki i'm afraid of food as I'm afraid of what it might cause . I don't eat meat or anything I have like 2 meals that are safe foods I don't like eating I find it a chore and I'm pretty sure I have arfid I can't afford to get therapy I just don't know what to do anymore . I've recently become obsessed with calories and counting them I need some advice on what to do, thankyou

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Please don't jump straight into thinking that you may have the medical condition ARFID, there can be lots of reasons why you restrict you diet, such as time, variety of food, or being too busy.

Many people (me included) prefer to eat only  2 meals a day, and if these are nutritious this is fine. So have a think about what you eat daily and possible prep your meals at the weekend so you have something to eat daily that you know will be suitable from a nutritious and calorific status. You could even try some new foods to bring in some variety.


2/25/2024 2:52:03 PM

Hi it's TEC727 again. Are you sure it'll disapear by itself? My mum said I've had it since I was born.

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2/25/2024 2:17:07 PM

Hi this is following my recent enquiry (13 yr old whose upper lip is green) its not COMPLETETLY green, it's like darker than my skin colour which makes it look green-ish and it started when i started shaving with an electric upper lip shaver

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2/25/2024 1:16:31 PM

I have literally every other symptom of PCOS which is listed online but the only thing is that my periods aren't extremely irregular, mabye sometimes delayed by a week but never really longer if that makes sense. I'm almost 25 and I got my first period at 15 so I wouldn't have thought it would take ten years to regulate a cycle

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2/25/2024 8:34:06 AM

Hi so recently I made this friend from my school (she's in a different class but in the same year) we've been texting on and off for the past few days bc we both have the same hobbies. Today I got a text from her saying 'Hi I'm really sorry but my parents saw that I was texting you and they said that I wasn't allowed to anymore' and idk why or what to do abt it. Charlotte :)

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2/24/2024 9:30:17 PM

Hi Vicki, Havent been on here since I was 14- Im 18 now but I feel I really need advice. Ive been with my boyfriend 1 and 1/2 years now, and everythings been perfect- hes so kind and thoughtful and thinks the world of me. We get in together so well and have never had any arguments. However, recently Im starting to have these thoughts that are making my doubt things. He wants to marry me, have children, grow old together. He is so excited for our future together. But idea of that scares me. I dont know if I want to marry him or not. And I dont want to continue on with this relationship and carry this burden and end up marrying him and then live the rest of my life wondering what if? Is he really the one ? Does the one really exist ? Am I really happy ? I just dont know. I feel lost. But I only have these thoughts when Im not with him. When Im with him we are so happy and get on so well. I cant tell if Im just going through a phase, I dont know if having these thoughts are normal or not. I also dont think I find him physically attractive, I find myself wondering if he was better looking, would I still be having these thoughts or not? Which I know is so horribly to say but its a real thought that Im having. He thinks the world of me, that I am his soulmate. If he knew I was writing this or I was having these thoughts he would be DEVASTATED. How can I do this to him ?? To betray him like this? I feel so guilty about all these thoughts. I just dont know what to do. Will I have to live with these thoughts forever? I just dont know. Maybe these thoughts are ok to have, but surely not ? Sorry about the rant, Thanks so much

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2/24/2024 6:30:41 PM

Is it weird that I have a skin tag on my butt/anus. I thought it was normal and everyone had one but turns out it's not. Now I don't like it and wish I didn't have it.

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2/24/2024 3:50:03 PM

My period has became weird, i use to go months w/out getting, i got on bc like 3 years ago and then i stopped, my period stayed irregular but now recently my periods take forever to go away, i think i probably have one week of no period in between my periods , i dont have insurance since im from the states , what could be causing me to have longer periods, im talking about a month long, i also get a lot of blood clots, big and small, whenever im not bleeding bleeding i have brown discharge then i get off of it have my week of no period then start to get brown discharge again and then bleed and its like a same thing over and over and im tired of always wearing a pad, im not comfortable anymore

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