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8/12/2022 10:03:15 PM

Hi, (removed)

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Hi, you may be interested to learn that whilst the body is generally mature by your late teens, the brain does not become fully mature until around the ages of 25-27, so it is very normal to still find you are considering a great many scenarios, including mortality.

But as we have discussed several times now, Covid is something we have to live with and not let it get in the way of our daily lives, and I wonder if you may now find it beneficial to have a chat to your GP about your on going fears.


8/12/2022 7:35:42 PM

indecent exposure

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8/12/2022 5:44:40 PM

Hi, my measurements are Top 74cm Full 76 cm Bottom 72cm What size am I please

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8/12/2022 1:39:23 PM

Hi, are you aware if savers sell your light tampons?

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8/12/2022 10:45:13 AM

Hi Vicki what should I do cause the girl I like has kind of got a crush on me but I dont know what to do?

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8/12/2022 10:30:30 AM


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8/12/2022 10:16:45 AM

My daughter is 10 years old and has started her periods but they are quite heavy and she is finding it difficult to find a towel that keeps her feeling comfortable and safe. Are there any maxi pads suited for her size?

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Hi, your daughter may find using our teens night pads in the day are a better option, even overlapping two can often help.

If this is not suitable then our core range of pads should be a better product choice.

It is also important to remember that an ultra pad will be just as absorbent as a maxi pad and less bulky too. See the link below.

Our Products | Lil-Lets


8/12/2022 9:36:13 AM

recently the some of boys in my school have been treating the girls recently like asking inappropriate questions. one day a group of boys were accusing each other of liking me and i knew the most sensible option would be walking away so i did but one boy followed me and said that he didn't like me because of the way i look i don't care about the way i look it seems to be the only way that person thinks of girls next time the girls are treated unfairly what should i do?

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Hi, I think you already did the best thing by walking away and avoiding engaging in conversation.

You cannot change how people act, but you can change how you react to this.


8/12/2022 9:27:17 AM

Hi Vicki someone has kinda got a crush on me and I do on them what do I do?

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If you like this person then chat to them a little more when you see them, ask questions about what they like or have been up to, by doing this it will show you have an interest in them and this is always something people like to know.

After a few weeks if they feel the same they will most likely let you know if they want to date.



8/12/2022 8:02:45 AM

Bottom- 28 Middle-30.5 Top-30

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