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7/11/2024 10:20:23 PM

Hi Vicki I've been getting acne recently which I'm really insecure of but I read online about the 'triangle of death' on your face for acne but I popped a spot in the triangle on the edge of my lip am I going to be okay? Thankyou

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Hi, this is an absolute myth, that I can 100% assure you of. But please don't pick or squeeze acne spots. Instead please try the link below for some great acne cleansing products.

Rescue No. One | Science of Skin


7/11/2024 2:29:35 PM

Hi Vicki, Im 10 years old and have pubic and arm hair as well as size B breasts also I have discharge daily so my question is based on what I said above what stage of puberty to you think Im in am I and when will I get my first period

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Well with so many signs of puberty already noticed I would think you do not have much longer to wait before your first period arrives...maybe later this year, or early in 2025.

But because no one can give an exact date, my tip would be to keep some pads or liners with you when out and about, so you are always prepared.



7/11/2024 10:14:01 AM

Im worried about something but theres nothing I can do about it I dont know what to do anymore I cant stop thinking about it.

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7/11/2024 8:25:02 AM

Hi Vicki I was wondering Why am I so eager to have a baby

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7/11/2024 6:53:43 AM

Sometimes I hate myself. I get angry at my brother all the time because he is annoying, tells lots of lies about stuff i never did and a lot of the time my mum takes his side and says that I am lying. I cry every day because of all this I try to ignore my brother but after a while it gets to much for me and I get angry at him and then my mum gets mad at me . Then I just start crying again hating myself and my life . Sometimes I dread going home to this . Also I don't understand why my brother does this to me when he knows it upsets me and starts mocking me

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7/11/2024 1:29:03 AM

why is my vagina always itchy? i thought it was maybe pubic hair but whenever i trim or shave it get even itchier, and wearing underwear makes it get really irritated. this has been going on for over a year now, what should i do?

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Firstly, stop removing hair down there and let it grow for a few weeks. Try if you can to wear cotton underwear that prevents irritation and sweating. See if this helps. Then in a month or so when you feel ready to remove hair again, follow the tips below.

  1. Warm the area either in the bath or shower or using a flannel.
  2. Use lots of shower gel or hair conditioner.
  3. Using a clean razor, glide in the direction of hair growth ONCE.
  4. Then glide against the direction of hair growth ONCE.
  5. Rinse well.
  6. When out of the shower or bath, pat the area dry and apply Vaseline to help reduce razor burns
  7. Finally exfoliate twice a week with an exfoliating mitt to avoid ingrown hairs.


7/11/2024 1:23:53 AM

hi vicki! so i got my first period about 3 years ago, but it's still extremely light (usually 3-4 days and i only need to use panty liners), and i barely ever have cramps or any other symptoms. is this something to worry about? will it get heavier or worse as i get older (i'm currently 15)?

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7/10/2024 7:50:29 PM

What kind of skincare should you use as an 11 year old girl?

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Hi, I am not sure at the age of 11 you really need to consider any skincare regime, other than sun cream when outside. 

But if you are developing and noticing spots a facial wash such as Simple used twice a day would be more than adequate.


7/10/2024 7:07:40 PM

hiiii, i'm 18 and i have cellulite on my thighs and i am just wondering if this is normal? i do not care about it but it is strange to me as i thought this was something that happened at a later age. thank you~

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7/10/2024 8:14:09 AM

Hi Vicki is it okay to clean with wet tissue after masturbation, thankyou

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