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5/19/2022 7:07:31 AM

A lot of my tops have no back to them, and so if I wear a bra then you can see it- and my mum said she doesnt think that looks very nice. But she loves all of my clothes, as I chose them with her. I dont want to not wear a bra bc then my nips can be seen from the front. I want to ask her to buy nipple covers but Im 15 and i dont know how to ask.

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5/19/2022 1:47:20 AM

Hey Vicki, just wondering is it normal to see a small pinkish line on my boob? Like a stretch mark?

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Hi and yes, it could be a vein, this is very common or it could be a little stretchmark, that will fade over time.

See my blog below.

Stretchmarks (


5/19/2022 12:07:59 AM

do you think we see ourselves as less attractive than others

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5/18/2022 10:02:54 PM

Hi vicki I was wondering if you have any advice about being in a toxic friend group and what to do thx x

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Hi, in any friendship group there will be people we do not get along with as well as we do with other members, this is fine and you can be polite to these people.

If however, you find that your friends are being unkind or mean to others in and out of the group you can do one of two things. You can gently say something positive to discourage the negative thinking, this can then be habit forming and I would hope others try to be nice and positive too.

Or you can be honest when someone is unkind and let them know that their words or actions are not how friends should be.

Or finally, you can start to slowly move away from this group, spend less time with them and possibly make new friends.

Keeping and making friends (

Peer pressure (


5/18/2022 9:57:40 PM

Hey Vicki! Im a bit perplexed with this one. Ill tell you what has happened as clearly as I can, but Im not the best at describing things. I have this friend, and hes really nice we hang out loads. We talk every evening and sometimes we call when we can, he always starts the conversation as, as much as i want to remember stuff like this and be a good friend, I have not got the best memory, I have to admit. Anyway, hes recently started to not talk to me or even look at me. When 2 weeks ago he would try and open every door for me there was. At our scouts (were both 14) his friend told me he knows his biggest secret and that I would find out on Friday. But only he told everyone else the secret and not me. Then as I was collecting the archery sets his friend came up to me and said What are you doing Friday, hanging out with ______, the one that is currently ghosting me. Im so confused and hes sending me really mixed messages as to what is going to happen. Ive tried talking to him. Asking whats wrong. Messaging. Nothing works and none of his friends will tell me anything. Im really worried and I cant seem to get anything done.

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Why not give this boy some space, it may be that he is building up the courage to ask you out, but at the moment is not yet ready.

In a few days send him a funny meme of gif and keep things light without asking questions.

I am sure over the coming weeks he will start chatting to you again.


5/18/2022 7:01:43 PM

My bra size are top 72cm, middle is 72cm and bottom is 67cm what is my bra size

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5/17/2022 7:50:09 PM

My bra measurements are top 82cm, middle 84cm and bottom 76cm. What bra size do I need?

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5/17/2022 4:36:54 PM

Hey vicki idk if u ever recieved this message but i am DLY238 but it wont let me see ur answer. In case u didnt see it i was asking if you knew how to stop itching in the private area because i know its not an std or sti so i dont know who to stop. (Ive never had sex btw)

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5/17/2022 12:47:44 PM

Hi Vicki, when do you answer questions. I was just wondering because I think I need to ask you something if thats okay

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5/17/2022 10:34:04 AM

I sometimes get pretty big blood clots on my period, that are about a 50p size or maybe just slightly smaller, especially the first day or 2, but my period isn't particularly heavy I wouldn't say. I also get big mood changes, feeling depressed and loss of appetite, and sometimes diaorrhea. Is this normal?

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